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  1. "Chip" Tanaka Album

    OG Nintendo chiptunes composer Hirokazu "Chip" Tanaka put out a new chiptunes album. You can hit it up on the link below. He did the music for Metroid, Earthbound, and Dr Mario among others. https://chiptanaka.bandcamp.com/releases There is also a video for one of them
  2. Firefox Quantum

    I use firefox for one-off deals where I don't want to open an incognito browser in Chrome. Does all of this exist for mobile because that's where I'd care about this type of performance. On my desktops with ram and bandwidth to burn these types of improvements don't motivate me to change what I'm doing. On my phone I don't want to burn up my battery or kill my data when I'm not on wifi.
  3. Random Thoughts

    It wasn't a protest image, it was a plant at a protest. Identity politics = someone trying to make people think that somewhere out there pro-pedophila groups are proudly marching. Does that make sense at all? Here it is on this site being used to prove a point based on it being real. Neat. The guy won't sell them a wedding cake because he believes a marriage should only be between a man and woman. He will sell anyone else getting married a wedding cake. Thus, he won't sell to certain people based on their beliefs. At no point was the actual cake design or message discussed.
  4. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    He might serve that 6 game suspension 5 years from now.
  5. Random Thoughts

    Ah. I recognized the cake part but didn't know any of the particulars. So: Two guys walk into a bakery. They ask for a cake to be made to celebrate their marriage. The baker refuses. This case has made it's way to the supreme court. There is a very compelling argument here that the baker's first amendment rights are being violated. Would he be sued if someone came in wearing no shoes and he refused to give them service? Should he be required also to make a cake to celebrate a divorce? An execution? etc? At what point is in unreasonable to turn down business? There is a very compelling argument here that this baker is discriminating against these people. If he can refuse to sell to them, can every business in the area do the same so that "those people" will just go away? TBH I don't know. Either decision involves all us gaining and losing something. Here's been my issue for the last couple of pages: at no point did it seem like Buck was arguing about the legality of denying service to a person based on their identity...his argument has been that people are being forced to make things they consider obscene which are two very different things. The first amendment is under fire, I"m told, because of stuff like the following scenarios that I assume aren't actual issues. Thus my asking for a link....maybe there is some dumb court case that is debating the above (or the even more implausible things) . I doubt it. I don't necessarily think that Buck is trying to make inauthentic arguments as much as he's simply reading too much news that presents him with commentary on news masquerading as news...especially if it's about an issue he's particularly passionate about (This is true to some level for all of us). The Mike Cernovich pedo nambla antifa poster that was a plant at some Mike Ceronvich protest? Does that make sense or does that serve to confirm a believe that an identity is under attack? A pro-pedophile group has come to attack a guy speaking on a campus? A guy known for planting false flags and conspiracies? Do you even know who Mike Cernovich is? (I didn't until I saw people pointing out what had happened well before this was posted here) Circling back to the big problem of identity politics...the issue I see is how easy it is currently to manipulate us into thinking that the purpose of other groups is to destroy the group one might associate with.
  6. Random Thoughts

    Please post the relevant news articles
  7. Random Thoughts

    Where did this happen?
  8. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    It's really jarring when you see a guy like Jay Ajari, a guy that blew up as RB last year, get traded for a 4th round draft pick as RBs are so relatively less valuable than other positions
  9. Random Thoughts

    Tip of the hat to the intellectually dishonest arguments that lead to literally and figurative black and white posts.
  10. Random Thoughts

    Oh man, what a great question. We sure get a lot of characters into the ol' store so let's see. Mr Spacey, boy I loved you in K-Pax. Were you really an alien in that movie? Don't answer, I don't want to get you deported. So what can I do for you. Shirt, huh. Here's the message. That's certainly on the nose. Let me check in the back. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that this isn't a t-shirt store. The good news is that we're the number one seller of unicorn blood in the entire tri-state area. We have a special going on. If you're Kevin Spacey do you 1. Purchase the unicorn blood because you know that it has rejuvenate powers that are twice the power of Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver 2. Do you ask the purveyor of the store if the conjoined twin next to him could google the nearest pointless scenario to illustrate how hyperbolic i'm will to go in order to feed my own fears t-shirt store 3. Do you sprout wings and fly into the night sky ?
  11. WEEK 9 Picks!

    Thursday, 11/2 8:25pmE.T. Buffalo @ NYJets -------------------------------------------- Sunday, 11/5 1:00pmE.T. Tampa Bay @ New Orleans Atlanta @ Carolina LARams @ NYGiants Baltimore @ Tennessee Cincinnati @ Jacksonville Denver @ Philadelphia Indianapolis @ Houston 4:05pmE.T. Washington @ Seattle Arizona @ San Francisco 4:25pmE.T. Kansas City @ Dallas 8:30pmE.T. Oakland @ Miami -------------------------------------------- Monday, 11/6 8:30pmE.T. Detroit @ Green Bay
  12. Random Thoughts

    You are asking hyperbolic rhetorical questions where the only two answer seem to be conformity or hellscape. Choose: 1st amendment or forced to make Nazi shirts? None of this stuff is so binary. You're commenting about being insulted while making a joke that others are offended because they offend easily. It's ok because you're just joking or not joking about it. Everything is ok if you just say it's a joke. Ha. Ha. Ha. This is ok and everyone else is the problem. This is also a joke so it's ok. Ha. ha. ha.
  13. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Looks like they didn't want to trade for Hoyer because of $$. Brady is the new Blonda
  14. Random Thoughts

    It seems as though you're taking the issue of not providing service for someone because you don't like them and portraying it as being forced to provide a service that someone doesn't want to provide. I won't sell you a cake because your marriage is abomination unto the lord VS I'm not willing to sell you what you want written on your cake are very two different things that easily can be constructed to look the same because at the end of the day you have no cake. Trying to drown the nuance in scenarios meant to overwhelm logic with emotion is often very effective.