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  1. Random Thoughts

    The argument is that Hill, a media personality, said something that you thought to be an un-provable allegation against Trump. My point was that Trump is notorious for this and picked the one that seemed most apt. How about where the allegation that our current president wasn't born in this country and wasn't a legit president? My point was retort to "how some assholes can just sit and throw around the evidence-free damning accusations" applies to your definition of an asshole who throws around evidence-free damning accusations. But I get the sort of drift here that pinning that "white supremacy" pin on Trump can then puts the onus of that label on whoever voted for him. FWIW I think that's been legislated already and this isn't going to change the minds of people who throw out that sort of stuff. I think we would all agree with your thought that justice should be color-blind. If you feel that way, why make the affirmative action crack? What does Hill's race have to do with your belief in justice? Forget that though...sclunt? Like Hill is a slut and a cunt? You have some sort of prove she sleeps with a bunch of guys? Can you think of a worse word than cunt to use on women? Do you see that my problem was with the way you chose to voice you anger over Hill than what you were angry about?
  2. Random Thoughts

    or gets you elected President
  3. Random Thoughts

    ESPN is a corporation that does corporation things. They probably shouldn't have suspended Cohn for....wait for it.....criticizing ESPN. If Hill had thrown out shade on ESPN during her tweets she probably would have been suspended for....wait for it.....criticizing ESPN. They just fired a bunch of people not because they should be fired but because people are cord cutting and stock shareholders don't like it when you lose money and don't do anything. But yeah...liberal conspiracy. Wtih Clay you are basically watching the "Buy Chewlie's Gum" scene from Clerks....he's railing against the evils of cancer from smoking but it's just to sell gum. There are a lot of things you could have said about Hill that would have gotten zero reaction from me..... 'Hill is a no talent ass clown who just doubled-down' 'Hill should be fired for saying what she did' Etc You would have gotten zero reaction because those are statements that don't attack a person for who they are as opposed to what they said. Your post was vicious and I wanted clarification on it. Is that what you'd call an attack?
  4. Random Thoughts

    Clay Travis is a hammer where every problem is a liberal agenda nail except he's actually a tape measure duct taped to a wrench.
  5. Random Thoughts

    Sure if you get the point that your jokes aren't actually jokes.
  6. Random Thoughts

    People did care about Tim Tebow a lot 3-5 years ago.
  7. Random Thoughts

    So the joke is that since she said something so 'unprofessional' it makes sense because they probably just gave her the job because she is an African American woman?
  8. Random Thoughts

    What part(s) were the joke?
  9. Sure. Maybe next time you should write down when the tournament starts so you can show up on time.
  10. Random Thoughts

    Maybe I don't get it. Please explain it to me.
  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I had the wrong team...it's the Rams that beat the Seahawks
  12. Random Thoughts

    The problem with this is that no one else here seems to have issue with you thinking Hill was in the wrong; the issue is that it seems like you're using her statement to justify not wanting to see this type of person on your TV. So it's more like if Neil Everett had tweeted out all of this stuff would you have posted 'Hey neil everett, how about you stick to your limey sports job and stay out of politics, you ignorant man whore.' or would those insults on the top simply not occurred to you because to you Neil Everett doesn't look like a British theater major?
  13. WEEK 2 Predictions

    No. The Bengals are at home.
  14. WEEK 2 Predictions

    Thursday, 9/14 8:25pmE.T. Houston @ Cincinnati Sunday, 9/17 1:00pmE.T. Buffalo @ Carolina Chicago @ Tampa Bay Minnesota @ Pittsburgh Arizona @ Indianapolis New England @ New Orleans Cleveland @ Baltimore Philadelphia @ Kansas City Tennessee @ Jacksonville 4:05pmE.T. NYJets @ Oakland Miami @ LAChargers 4:25pmE.T. Dallas @ Denver San Francisco @ Seattle Washington @ LARams 8:30pmE.T. Green Bay @ Atlanta Monday, 9/18 8:30pmE.T. Detroit @ NYGiants