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  1. Ha, that's an old Maddox page
  2. To me the body hair is the haunting part of the image
  3. This is a site still pumping out birther stories
  4. You're allowed 1 piece of life validation from me every 6 months
  5. We're talking about Brady jerseys; any used ones will be covered in semen stains.
  6. I don't see this as something that needs to be a binary issue.
  7. The FAA has guidelines. The city of Lincoln has added their own. At this point and time airspace isn't necessarily a highly regulated space unless it's over an airport. They still haven't exactly figured out what caused a home to completely explode. The home owners are in critical condition. This has been front page news and the local topic of conversation here since Monday.
  8. I'm citing a news source that gives reliable insight into the white supremacist movement so as not to run into the issue of citing a "biased media". They're quite black and white. I think you could say that the voices behind the BLM movement were emboldened under the Obama administration and that the voices behind the White supremacy movement were and are emboldened under the Trump administration. The big difference you're overlooking when you're telling me I can't just condemn one group and not the other is their ethos; The point of BLM is to fight Institutional racism. The point of White Supremacy is to promote Institutional racism. I am against groups that promote industrial racism, especially when it's driven by feelings of racial superiority. We're not arguing about whether or not White Supremacy is wrong here; if we're arguing about anything it's whether or not activism to counter something is warranted. There is not much personally I would go to protest. I believe I would go to protest at the site of a rally the day following a group of racists marching down the street in my town.
  9. A house blew up in Lincoln, probably a natural gas explosion. It was felt at least a mile away. One thing I've noticed is that the evolution of drone cameras have allowed for a type of bird's eye view you wouldn't have seen even 3-4 years ago.
  10. could try E-bay. Unless I'm wrong $100 is the going rate for an official NFL Jersey
  11. Not legally
  12. take solace in the fact that I share your burden of the hidden costs of free services
  13. “News is something somebody doesn't want printed; all else is advertising.” - William Randolph Hearst The danger in blaming everything someone doesn't want to hear onto something just called "media" is what fills the absence of reported news?
  14. We're talking about public property. The question of who gets to decide the line is an academic question because that's already known. It's the jurisdiction of whatever government entity controls that particular piece of property and the decision of whomever you and I elected to regulate that property. You're absolutely right though that the statue here isn't the important part; It's simply something that's tangible so it's easy to focus on. It was just a rallying point for a white supremacy meeting.
  15. I'm legitimately trying to make a point about something. If you're just fucking with me that isn't a shared emotion.