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  1. Has Vegas established an over/under number for the number of people sporting pastel shirts worn under a suit?
  2. My apologies for overlooking posting this but This is the Tecmo Madison "Last Chance" Event This means that the winner Guaranteed a top 6 seed in the upcoming Tecmo Madison Last Chance to get some seeding point for the tourney - Current seed standings
  3. Gonna do a get out and practice night on Monday, Feb 19th. I'm going to plan on showing up at Lucky's Lounge in NW Lincoln (by the airport) as they have TVs in their booths. I'll plan to be there between 7:30-8pm until 11 or so. Whoever wants to show and get in some games please do.
  4. Slow going...up to 15. It's possible that my emails go to spam these days and/or people dragging feet. Time to start hunting down dudes. I just got Craig to register by texting him....lol. I suspect I'll get it up to 32.
  5. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    That was one the most fun Super Bowls and games this season that I've watched.
  6. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    This seems like taking the effect and making it the cause. Home teams have the advantage in the first place. In the playoffs, the teams with the best records (which typically means they're the better teams) have the homefield advantage. Thus a statement like "we haven't seen a team win a conference championship game on the road in 5 years" is another way of saying "we haven't seen an underdog win a conference championship game in 5 years". What does that prove? To me the theory that a coach as obsessive about details as Belichek values not getting penalties and does leg work to avoid them makes a lot more sense than itimitaded refs.
  7. Supa Bo, pick that

  8. Bummer but I understand. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. You still have that TV you want to unload?
  11. Starting 10 strong I hope to get one pre-game going before the event and also will plan on that Friday night somewhere. Once I know something more I'll make it public.
  12. Jamminnummaone

    It's gotten to the point that not only have I not seen the new star wars, I had to ask if one had come out in December
  13. Fun fact: Ahman and I lived in the same dorm in college. I know he's a legend in Wisconsin for his play with the Packers but he was a big deal in Nebraska even in high school.
  14. Jamminnummaone

    Why is the detergent of choice for teens to eat Tide? We are an All Free and Clear household