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  1. Just wait until Lady Gaga comes out in a Bombjack outfit...
  2. If Ice-T or Gary Busey isn't involved, big miss
  3. The highlights of the annual simulation View full article
  4. Super Bowl 51 according to Tecmo

    The highlights of the annual simulation
  5. It's possible that the version of Super Mario Bros for the Wii's Virtual Console was downloaded by Nintendo off the internet. The video will explain the nuts and bolts of this.
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. That was pretty sweet!
  7. A special treat this lieu of constructing a crappy trophy I am instead purchasing one! I'll post pictures when it arrives.
  8. What is the domain of matchup where one might choose P1 over picking the two teams. I'm struggling to think of many matchups where I wouldn't want to pick my team.
  9. Running a 256 person tournament is completely different from a sub 64 man. I would run it that way in Madison because it's simpler and it's marginally different.
  10. Of what games? I can't think that TSB and its NFL players would be on any list
  11. Rules at the top updated I didn't due a great job of cutting and pasting my rules from the signup page. Here they are. Same deal with the email out so I'll send out an update later. IF you have any suggestions about the rules and/or improvement of how things have gone over the last few years, you've go my ear.
  12. Sort of a large blade cut here as I do not mind people giving me feedback for the tourney but I get it though because cheese and Jerry Rice guys. Maybe instead of golden showering all over each other wait for me to chime in about my own tourney. #Topical BTW, the link to Tecmo Madison was actually there to give them credit for coming up with rules, not as the goto
  13. Three questions off the top of my mind 1. What exactly does "originally defined" mean? 2. What does it say at 3. What is the historical rate of @Knobbe having to clarify something that he's posted without double checking it? Any input on any sort of rule changes open still open until the end of the week
  14. As I said, I'll take input and make some sort of decision this week either way. I could basically have people draw names out of a hat and use that team the entire time or have everyone play NFC vs AFC so you might want to re-calibrate the phrase "beyond unreasonable"