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  1. The MVP of the entire tournament might have been @arncoem and his universal remote. Switching TVs from Coax to AV so we could use more Retrons = Legendary.
  2. Here's a writeup from Jimmie. I had spent time with him early and had no idea he was sick. Great guy.
  3. As a note, if one of your upcoming wedding photos isn't successfully recreating your avatar, you're doing it wrong.
  4. No reason you can't do this now...makes you seem like an elite daylight drinker. Glad we got to continue our annual running into each other after being fingered by the Madison Airport security tradition alive!
  5. I didn't know Odell owned Husker gear!
  6. I have a Coconuts Instagram filter
  7. You Canadian Ponce!





    Sorry. Had to do that.

  8. In Wisconsin this is known as Bontempo-ing
  9. This is a replica of the shirt Flo lost his virginity in
  10. I don't necessarily know a lot of the new guys so I'm having a hard time putting together nicknames/names I try to put a face to a name when I can. Thus, if you're going to be in attendance, drop a line here. Please say hi, especially later in the day when I have been eliminated Also, I'm going to forget people's name just because I don't see them enough. I'll try and fight through my natural tendency to be embarrassed by this. Matt (Knobbe) (I am on the left. On the right is Josh (Coconuts) )
  11. This is amazing. Thanks for sharing
  12. when you look under the joystick control panel do the controllers show up? If windows recognizes them, they should work. Should look something like this (this isn't the same controller)
  13. Did you get hooked up?
  14. What color of sharpie should I bring?