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  1. What color of sharpie should I bring?
  2. I do this because they run to the endzone faster
  3. All things equal health-wise I'm taking Fournette. If a team checks him out and has any reservations about his ability to stay healthy, it's a lot safer to go Cook. People overlook the ability to stay on the field Emmett Smith brought to the table when evaluating his greatness.
  4. This is a NFL Memes facebook page masquerading as a 2017-18 discussion thread.
  5. Congrats @duecethasa1nt
  6. I couldn't get this to work in time for the release.
  7. It's half of the second half. The quality is sketch. I provided some very light commentary in the background as not to intrude too much into the game https://www.periscope.tv/w/1vAxRdQkNeZGl#
  8. I'll have single elim tourney results live here when they happen http://challonge.com/tecmolnk7
  9. List updated. 3 added, 3 removed. The Moulds Bros out due to a family thing.
  10. For future reference, it makes a bit more sense to list pick matchup as 1) and choose controller as 2) as most people will want to control the matchup pick either way and player one is a consolation prize.
  11. Removed the rule about limiting the amount of times you can access the change players screen as it didn't seem necessary and I've never seen it talked about.
  12. The venue will be is use on Friday Night but Andy, Richie, and Justin from Omaha (TECMO OMAHA) will be getting some hotel rooms and will host the official Friday Night Let's Get Some Practice In So We're Not Terrible Jamboree. It will be at the Downtown Marriott catercorner from the venue.at approximately 7pm until they tell you to leave.
  13. If you haven't noticed...this event hasn't made this site's calendar yet.