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  1. It's possible he could move into good condition
  2. Knobbe

    Atlanta, GA - 6/8/2018 - Tecmo Atlanta

    How many guys played in the event?
  3. Knobbe

    Editing TSB Intro

    This isn't necessarily a trivial thing Check out the following thread Taken from here. Almost everything you'll need to get you up to speed will come from this thread.
  4. My service provider offered larger disk space for free so obviously I took up this offer. During the transfer somehow my certs because corrupted which meant the web server wouldn't start up. I was able to finally resolve the issue on Saturday morning. Long story short if the site is unresponsive for more than 30 minutes you'll probably see me tweet about it https://twitter.com/tecmogodfather
  5. Grogan held the season record for years until Cam Newton finally broke it
  6. Knobbe

    Atlanta, GA - 6/8/2018 - Tecmo Atlanta

    Maybe revisit this thread
  7. Knobbe

    online play through retropie

    Yes but I think you can only play with others using retropie https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/netplay It looks like it's peer to peer so you can use the network guide on this site in addition to their wiki
  8. Knobbe

    Columbus, OH - 05/19/18 - Tupa Bowl IV

    Give me whoever wins that power glove
  9. Knobbe

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Big update - In addition to the stuff you don't see behind the scenes Moar emojis Member cover photos can now be clicked to see the full image. Twitch.tv embed support Any item with a poll now has a symbol on the list view
  10. Knobbe

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    All-aboard the Barkley wagon!
  11. Knobbe

    Trying out a topic

    Possible to show up as "a forum" now
  12. Knobbe

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Not real sure how I feel about the Giants going running back with the 2nd overall pick given how short the shelf-life tends to be.
  13. Knobbe

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    I feel like QB Josh Allen from Wyoming is going to be a bust.