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  1. Has anyone here built the actually rom editor tools such as an easy way to choose players or numbers and update the hex code automatically? I would like to be able to build a tool to do this for CFB '96 for the genesis or NBA Action '94 but not sure where to start. I have done a little bit of programming but have not build a full application. Is this done in the .NET environment using C# or can it be done in Python then build an .exe. I am looking for some advice from smarter people than myself. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone thought of doing a ROM edit for College Football USA '96. The hex offsets are easy enough to find for player numbers and attributes. I just do not know a simple way of inputting the attribute ratings of other college football games into the ROM and there is no ROM editor for the game except for editing via hex. HEX CODE = 12 3C BB 75 C7 12 = NUMBER 3 = DETERMINES WEIGHT SOMEHOW C = QUICKNESS B = SPEED B = INTELLIGENCE 7 = RANGE 5 = POWER C = ???? 7 = ????
  3. Hello: I am looking for help from people who have much more experience in modding than I do. I am working on editing the Atp Championship ROM for the genesis to include players nowadays (e.g. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, etc as well as the legends.) I have located the hex code to update attribution and textual values, however I have not been able to find images. The ROM itself contains black and white images for all the players that already in the game. I would need to create my own bitmaps and update the images. Does anyone have any ideas on how to find the location of these images, how to find and/or edit images in TM? I would appreciate any assistance.