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  1. ok lets run these guys past the BO-ometer: ATL: more like HARDLY Nickerson CIN: more like Jessi TuGGle RAI: more like Lickey Slackson #unstoppaBO
  2. let's run the numbers here and see: CHI: nope DET: nope MIA: nope SEA: nope #unstoppaBO
  3. WOW!!!... them is sum BOLD words, cottonmouth... esp. when you KNOW you have no possible way to stop rufus porter from entering your backfield at WILL and fucking! johnnys! world! UP! SCARED??!!! chortle chortle chortle... quit frontin', gomez... u know whats in store for U!!!!!! at CFT2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #unstoppaBO
  4. and dont forget Season 23's 1,000+ yd campaign, where Johnny J was half (really, 7/8)---alongside Johnny Hector---of the vaunted "Johnny's Magical Mystery Tour" offensive juGGernaut..... Raiders ran the ball every play, and they still couldn't stop Johnny(s) from getting his...... just goes to show, it aint the size of the stats, it's knowin' how to use him that counts.
  5. still undefeated, still...... ~Tha King~
  6. ABOUT PRESEASON GAMES PLAYED BY THE COMPUTER!!! That shit <unofficial> af... shitz and giGGlez. whereas I played JPSnatches (who btw is a better passer than TBK) in Games #1 and #2 in the \OFFICIAL\ Cheefs Preseason Games as such:
  7. or should I say........ BO DOWN
  8. that feeling when you play a ~CHUKKA~ with their weak-azz strategy of praying/preying on the CC/JJ game..... but then they SEE you got Richard Johnson on D, and then they REALIZE -- yep, they about to eat that phat <DICK DICK>.................... and THEN, as the Sun of Hope slowly dims in their tecmo soul, and the gods begin to withdraw a little bit --- a terrible thought suddenly stretches dark fingers around those hopes, completely engulfing and snuffing them out in the absolute blackness of a CRIPPLING and TOTAL Tecmo Despair......... AS THEY REMEMBER: you got BO! FUCKING! JACKSON! and not only are they about to get skull-fukk*d by you picking half their plays when they're on offense, and the other half gonna be sword to sword vs. the Anti-Chukka himself, aka Da ~REAL~ Dick DIck..... but ALSO, holy shit the fatal fact: they don't stand a chance of stopping UN-STOPPA-BO Himself!!!------------------and then, and then, and then: there is NO hope.... NO HOPE, none at all....... (AND, of course: NO MONEY set down on top of the TV when you offer to make the game a little more interesting but he declines out of sheer futility of trying to even imagine himself having a chance to defeat you....... BOW DOWN.~~~).
  9. that moment when CFT teams realize the Bo Train is in the offset-I and coming straight at 'em while they are stalled on the tracks with bargain basement LBs {also the moment when DAL feels like making a smart retort here and realizes Bo and Anthony Munoz comin' straight at LT's muth*phuckin' face!}
  10. edit: MAKE THAT $5-$20 PER GAME... SO PACK YOUR $TACKS BITCHEZZZ!!! ~AAAAND~... you know I be runnin' that Tecmo Skip-Season Lottery on the side: $5 entry, draw one team out of a hat, will skip a season and if your team wins the super bowl you get the POT... and if no one wins, money carries over--- ---AND--- I second the motion and got $10+ for whatever ~TBK~ is clamoring on about as well