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  1. Stat Goals

    I accomplished my goal of getting all 10 eligible receivers over 1,000 yards I was the 49ers on the original rom It wasn't easy at all. It came down to completing an 80+ yard bomb to Rice on the very last play after a fumble recovery. The Bears made it difficult because they were covering Rice and Taylor (the only 2 guys I had left to get over 1,000) deep pretty well most of the game. I had to get Taylor about 240 yards and Rice about 300 yards. I thought it'd be easier (since I average over 600 yards passing a game easily), but it was harder when you have to keep all your focus on 2 WR's and refrain from using the check downs. To make matters worse, Rice was in bad condition. But I did it. And I'll probably take a break now since that was my 6th try. I'll either try to do it with a different team or come up with a new goal. In any case, that one was fun and I'd encourage others to try.
  2. Stat Goals

    I didn't want to use a 'same' team again So I switched back to the old Rom and am using the 49ers. I've got a few games to go and am on track barring injury.
  3. Stat Goals

    I fell short yet again. I had 9 players over 1,000 But Rex Burkhead fell just under 200 yards short I probably should have played him more earlier in the season. He was in bad condition during the last game when I needed him to get about 500 yards, haha The crazy thing is I was going pretty strong through 3 quarters. But the 4th quarter was terrible.
  4. Stat Goals

    I failed again (this time with the Falcons) I had 8 players over 1,000. The backup TE was 31 yards away And I put Julio Jones in too late, he ended up about 165 yards short It's definitely doable, so I'm going to keep working at it till I get it. Ryan was pretty inaccurate compared to Brady, so I'm switching back to NE A new strategy I developed is to run out of bounds at the 1 sometimes and kick a field goal. This allows me to keep the score close and try to manipulate overtime. I found it's actually pretty hard to force overtime, but it does add another element of 'fun' trying to stay tied all the time.
  5. Stat Goals

    I finished my season with the Saints just now I was able to get 9 receivers over 1,000 yards Only Adrian Peterson was left, with about 350 yards. i went over, with other receivers, by about 750 yards total. So the goal is doable. I just need to be more careful. I was using the nose tackle to make things a bit easier in the 2nd half of the season I also purposefully missed a lot of extra points to force some overtimes which gave me more time to gain yards I wasn't really trying to win, but I went 12-2-2
  6. Stat Goals

    Hey Bodom! Glad someone else tried this! I still think it might be possible to get 10 if everything went perfectly. I'm going to keep trying. I agree with your tips 1) I am only going to try with Brady, Rodgers, Brees probably 2) I basically use 2-3 pass plays all season long 3) I, too, start with the worst players 4) I, too, go backwards on kickoffs (to about the 6 yard line usually) 5) I learned early to get out of bounds once i knew I couldn't score What was your kickoff strategy? I basically onside kick every time and hope to either recover OR have them return it for a touchdown What was your defensive strategy? I basically tried to sack (though I haven't been using the Nose Tackle) the QB every play to force punts. If I failed, I preferred to allow quick TD's. I didn't get to play much on vacation, but I plan to get back into my attempt with the Saints soon
  7. Stat Goals

    Thanks... I definitely noticed it getting harder and harder as the season went on. But I never actually knew that for sure about the AI I will try again with the Saints I think.
  8. Stat Goals

    I failed again I only got 6 eligible receivers to 1,000 with Green Bay But I was actually closer than I was with New England because I had two guys in the 900's and two other guys in the 700's And I still made mistakes (I accidently got one guy over 1,100 yards I had one really terrible game where I didn't even throw for 300 yards. Everyone was almost always covered.
  9. Stat Goals

    I'm going to try to get all 10 eligible receivers over 1,000 yards. I'm going to work with Green Bay first. I think the right strategy is to get some of the terrible players mixed in early in the season so they're not the lone options late in the year.
  10. Stat Goals

    Haha, good luck!!!
  11. Stat Goals

    I find it fun to play a season of TSB with particular (and hopefully challenging) goals in mind. I just finished a season with New England (on the new updated rosters rom) trying to get as many players over 1,000 yards receiving as possible. I got to 7, but I had 2 other players very close (maybe 1 game away). I made some mistakes during the year, so I think it is possible to get all 10 eligible receivers over 1,000 (though that would be extremely challenging I think). Has anyone else tried (accomplished?) that?