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  1. Ken49ers

    (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL MVPS (3.2)

    I can see where you're coming from. Romo definitely has the stats, but Roger had the rings. Very tough call, and neither is really a wrong answer. Thanks again for the updates, again very much appreciated. Going back to the first request, Pierce Holt was actually a very good DL, but Justin Smith was arguably one of the best. He helped SF get to the Super Bowl a few years back. Again, tough call but Justin Smith is the right call. It's all just splitting hairs with a lot of these players, and I'm absolutely not trying to nit pick your work here at all. It's just fun to talk about more than anything. Again thanks, and keep up the good work good sir.
  2. Ken49ers

    (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL MVPS (3.2)

    Thanks a lot sir. Justin Smith is #94 Just fyi. Other than that the 49ers are perfect. One more quick question from my cousin who is a Dallas fan: just wondering why you chose to leave Roger Staubach out as one of the Dallas QBs and went with Romo. Aikman is and should be the starter, but he was just curious. Thanks again.
  3. Ken49ers

    (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL MVPS (3.2)

    Just want to say that your MVP rom is awesome, I've really enjoyed it so far. If I could suggest just a couple of minor things for the next update, I would ask that Frank Gore have his number changed to 21, and that maybe Pierce Holt on the 49ers be swapped out for Justin Smith. Aside from that, keep up the great work. Very much appreciated.