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  1. HughMillenation

    HSTL S45 Draft

    Nobody needs DL before me, so I select PHX DL
  2. HughMillenation

    HSTL S45 Draft

    Everyone ahead of me has RBs. I'll take PHI rbs
  3. HughMillenation

    HSTL S45 Draft

    CIN lbs
  4. HughMillenation

    HSTL S45 Draft

    CIN Oline and TE
  5. HughMillenation

    HSTL S45 Draft

    KC Wrs
  6. HughMillenation

    HSTL S45 Draft

    Seattle QBs
  7. HughMillenation

    HSTL S45 Draft

    PIT dbs Hoff up
  8. HughMillenation

    HSTL S45 Round 0

    I'll take earliest available, pretty sure that's 13 at this point.
  9. HughMillenation

    Fargo, ND - 03/31/2018 - Tecmo Fargo 2018

    This is the weekend before Madison, so I'm not expecting a huge turnout. Should be pretty casual, but if you are in the area and heading to Madison (or not) this will be a good opportunity to get some console practice in. Registration begins at 1 P.M. and closes at 2 P.M. $10 buy-in (cash only; in person) The format is going to depend on how many folks show up. Theoretically everyone gets at least two preliminary (or group stage) games and we go double elimination bracket from there. Single if we get a big turn out. All Madison rules apply If you want to pre-register, you can just say so on here or email me at joshua.dullea@gmail.com or DM via Facebook: Joshua Timothy Dullea There is a retro swap meet taking place in the same area that starts at 1 P.M., so bring any retro gems you want to show off and/or potentially trade. Hope to see some of y'all there!