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  1. punt return avg

    Cincinnati definitely has the best punt returns. I started using this guy later in the season, and he got 3 td returns.
  2. Dalton Hilliard

    Hilliard vs Johnson: Johnson: 214 carries 1376 yards 28 tds 26 rec 393 yards 4 tds 10 fumbles (not counting playoffs) & 7 drops. Hilliard: 232 carries 1999 yards 41 tds 38 rec 585 yards 6 tds 6 fumbles (not counting playoffs) & 2 drops. I played both backs exclusively in the first RB position. Hilliard missed 1 & 1/2 games, Johnson missed about 2 & 1/2 games. The drop off from Hilliard in the missed games was much more significant. Fenerty came in in average condition (44 MS) Wolfley in good condition (44 MS) Wolfley: 35 carries 249 yards 6 tds Fenerty 18 carries 54 yards 2 tds Through the entire regular season, Hilliard only had 3 games under 100 yards. After week 10, Johnson never made 100 yards again (he wasn't injured in this time frame either). On 270 touches, Hilliard only fumbled 6 times, Johnson fumbled 10 times on 240 touches. I generally stayed in bounds with both runners, only running out of bounds to stop the clock. As a receiver, Hilliard was far better. He had 38 catches vs only two drops. JJ had 26 catches vs 7 drops. I only counted it as a drop if the receiver was wide open and standing still. Both players had 44 PC QBs passing to them (Fourcade & Rosenbach) I had a better season with Hilliard, but I will admit, this doesn't prove he's the better player. I think it does prove that players play within their attributes. It shows that any MS 50 back can be ridden to a winning season & a playoff appearance.
  3. Dalton Hilliard

    Game1: N.O. 56 Seattle 0 14 carries 187yards 5 tds 2 rec 28 yards Heyward returned 2 kickoffs for tds Game2: N.O. 44 K.C. 19 13 carries 88 yards 2 tds 5 rec 109 yards 2 tds 1 drop Heyward returned 2 kickoffs for tds Game3: N.O. 42 Rams 0 13 carries 283 yards 5 tds 2 rec 52 yards 1 td Game4: N.O. 58 Minnesota 7 13 carries 221 yards 3 tds 4 rec 38 yards 1 td 1 fumble 1 drop Game5: N.O. 21 Atlanta 7 14 carries 194 yards 3 tds 1 rec 47 yards 2 fumble Game6: N.O. 24 Philadelphia 21 12 carries 98 yards 2 tds 1 rec 10 yards Heyward returned a kickoffs for a td Game7: N.O. 58 TB 0 11 carries 120 yards 4 tds 3 rec 43 yards Fenerty 4 carries 0 yards 1 td Hilliard injured 1st offensive play 3rd quarter Heyward injured 1st play Game8: N.O, 21 Chicago 14 Hilliard & Heyward out Fenerty 14 carries 54 yards 1 Td 2 rec 36 yards Game9: N.O. 46 Rams 7 22 carries 87 yards 4 tds 7 rec 136 yards Game 10: S.F. 28 N.O. 21 16 carries 130 yards 2 tds 1 rec 9 yards I accidently left Walsh in, and he threw 2 INTs Heyward returned a kickoffs for a td Game11: N.O. 42 S.D. 0 21 carries 114 yards 3 tds 1 rec 11 yards 1 fumble Game12: N.O, 44 Atlanta 14 12 carries 135 yards 2 tds 1 rec 23 yards 1 td Heyward returned a kickoffs for a td Game13: S.F. 17 N.O. 13 15 carries 55 yards 1 td 1 rec 6 yards 1 fumble Game14: N.O. 25 Dallas 7 17 carries 122 yards 1 td 2 rec 17 yards Game15: N.O. 29 Raiders 7 17 carries 15 yards 1 td 4 rec 27 yards 1 td Heyward returned a kickoffs for a td Game16: N.O. 31 Phoenix 0 22 carries 150 yards 3 tds 3 rec 29 yards 1 fumble Season Totals: 232 carries 1999 yards 41 tds 38 rec 585 yards 6 tds 6 fumbles 2 drops Playoff Divisional Round: N.O. 10 Minnesota 7 16 carries 79 yards 1 td 3 rec 22 yards NFC Championship N.O. 33 N.Y. 21 Hilliard was injured in 2nd QTR, put in Fenerty in excellent condition. Fenerty had more Rush yards - no stats I fumbled 3 time in this game, once on a long Hilliard run, one with Fourcade in the red zone and one on a punt return, which the Giants returned for a TD. The Giants also returned a Kickoff for a TD and had one long breakaway TD run with Meggett. I threw an INT where the DB jumped to catch it. I forced one fumble late in the game on the flea flicker. Super Bowl N.O. 58 Cincinnati 14 Hilliard back from injury 21 carries 194 yards 4 TDs In this game I forced 3 fumbles on the flea flicker, scoring TDs on all three, but two were at the end of the fourth quarter.
  4. Dalton Hilliard

    I decided to do a Dalton Hilliard season to compare against my Johnny Johnson season. Both are 50 MS backs playing on weak teams. They also play two of the toughest schedules. The only attribute differences are Receptions & hitting power. JJ has a 38 in both Hilliard has a 25 in both. Earnest Byner, Mike Rozier & Cleveland Gary have more similar attributes, but they have better offensive firepower around them. The QBs on both teams are quite similar. Rosenbach has an MS of 19 & a PS of 31 and APB of 31. Fourcade has an MS of 13 PS of 44 & APB of 38. The only difference between Tupa & Walsh is APB Walsh is 50 & Tupa is 38. THE WRs are quite similar as well, with New Orleans having the best overall receiver in Eric Martin, but Phoenix having a better overall receiving corps. New Orleans: Eric Martin Rec 69 MS 38 RS 31 Brent Perriman Rec 50 MS 25 RS 25 Floyd Turner Rec 44 MS 31 RS 31 Lonzell Hill Rec 44 MS 19 RS 25 Phoenix: Ricky Proehl Rec 69 MS 19 RS 25 Roy Green Rec 56 MS 44 RS 38 Ernie Jones Rec 56 MS 38 RS 31 JT Smith Rec 50 MS 25 RS 25 Tight End is identical except Tice has a Rec of 31 vs Jordan at 25. Both are backups though. The Saints backup RBs are as follows both Mayes & Fenerty as backups with both having MS 44 RS 38 HP 25 & Rec 25. Heyward has MS 25 RS 44 HP 94 Rec 31 For Phoenix Wolfley & Thompson both have MS 38 RS 38 HP 38 Rec 25. Sikahema has MS 38 RS 44 HP 25 Rec 31. Mayes & Fenerty are 1 level faster than Wolfley & Thompson, but Wolfley & Thompson are 1 level better at blocking. Heyward is a superior blocker to Sikahema, but Sikahema is faster. The Saints do have a better O-line, but this mainly comes into play on passing plays, as both line seem to hold blocks on running plays equally. The verdict: Both teams are pretty equal on offense. As far as special teams, advantage Saints. Having a 44 MS Right Tackle gives them a big advantage on kick returns, combined with Heyward that's huge. Anderson is a superior kicker to Del Greco. Defense: Defensive Line: The Saints have a better overall defensive line, but Freddie Joe Nunn is more likely to break through the O-line of either teams players. This is due to Right Guard generally being the weakest O-lineman on most teams. Small advantage to the Cardinals Linebackers: The Saints are definitely better at LB than the Cardinals. With Phoenix you only have one useable LB, Ken Harvey. Harvey has the same attributes as Swilling except he has an MS 0f 56 vs Swilling at 50. The rest of the Cardinals LBs are duds. With New Orleans you can choose Johnson as well, as he has the same attributes as Swilling. Sam Mills is even useable in Good or Excellent Condition. Advantage Saints Defensive Backs: The Cardinals have much better defensive backs. Young & McDonald are one of the better Safety duos in the game. Toi Cook is a liability in the defensive backfield. The Saints also have their two weaker DBs at the top of the field, leaving a weak spot that can be exploited. The INT numbers are as follows: Cards: 50, 44, 56, 56 Saints: 44, 56, 44, 44 Advantage: Cardinals. Overall, I don't think you could pick a team that is as equal to the Cardinals as the Saints are and get a 50 MS back.
  5. Johnny Johnson Season

    I actually sat Marcus Allen in favor of Steve Smith for blocking purposes. Tim Brown is a backup WR and returner, but I went with Bell for KR & Dyal for PR. Bo carried the ball on most plays, he ran it 271 times vs 45 passes with Beuerlein. I never threw a pass with Schroeder. I ran exclusively with Bo except QB scrambles when he wasn't injured.
  6. I have to admit, I might have been wrong on this one. I finished a season with him & fumbled 10 time in 240 touches, which is 4.17%, I believe that's the same fumble percentage Bruddog said a 50 BC player would have. If JJ has 24 touches a game, by odds he should have 1 fumble.
  7. Johnny Johnson Season

    For Comparison I did a Bo Jackson season Game 1: 10 carries 328 yards 6 tds 1 fumble Game 2: 17 carries 448 yards 8 tds Game 3: 5 carries 225 yards 3 tds Injured in second quarter Game 4: 19 carries 370 yards 7 tds Game 5: 17 carries 317 yards 5 tds 1 rec 18 yards Game 6: 29 carries 376 yards 8 tds Game 7: 17 carries 333 yards 6 tds Game 8: 24 carries 329 yards 5 tds 1 fumble Game 9: 25 carries 361 yards 6 tds Game 10: 1 carry 89 yards injured on first play Game 11: Bo missed game Game 12: 23 carries 270 yards 5 tds 1 fumble Game 13: 25 carries 226 yards 2 tds 3 res 126 yards 2 tds Game 14: 28 carries 146 yards 4 tds 1 fumble Game 15: 11 carries 289 yards 3 tds Game 16: 27 carries 251 yards 2 tds 2 fumbles Playoff game 1: LA 36 Houston 10 20 carries 166 yards 2 tds 1 rec 23 yards 1 td Bo returned an on sides kick for a td playoff game 2: LA 38 Buffalo 14 20 carries 247 yards 4 tds 2 rec 53 yards 1 TD Superbowl LA 24 Washington 23 23 carries 70 yards 2 tds I was able to block an extra point, which was the difference in the game I finished the season 16-0 Led the league in Points for & against, offensive total & rushing yards Defensive total pass & rush yards Bo Jackson dropped only 1 pass, in the playoffs, though I threw very few to him. Season totals 278 carries 4358 yards 71 tds 4 rec 144 yards 2 tds 6 fumbles Bo Jackson is definitely the better runningback. JJ might be a better receiver, but with Fernandez, Gault, Brown Horton & Allen, do you really need him to be a receiver? On Phoenix, the receivers don't have the speed, but they have the hands. Beuerlein had a very good season, but he wasn't asked to do much. Oddly, both INTs occurred in the same game as the last plays of each half in the game Bo missed on deep bombs hoping for a long catch. Those two INTs really shouldn't count against him, he threw no INTs in the playoffs. His rating of 226.4 may be one of the highest I ever had in a season. I played four seasons recently keep track of stats & it's better than what I did with Buffalo, Houston or Phoenix. I never threw a pass with Jay Schroeder.
  8. Johnny Johnson Season

    Playoffs - This game made me mad. Washington broke 2 long runs with Byner in regulation , where I was thrown or knocked off for the two touchdowns. I had broken a long run with JJ and was weaving towards the end zone when he fumbled at the two yard line. Washington picked the ball up and returned it 30-40 yards. I was able to hold them and force overtime. I won the coin toss, Washington called my first two plays. On third down I throw an INT on an overthrown pass & Washington kicks a field goal for the win. That fumble on the two easily cost me the game. Season Recap: Johnson Finished with 214 carries 1376 yards & 28 TDs 26 Receptions 393 yards & 4 TDs 10 fumbles (not counting playoffs) & 7 drops. 10 fumbles on 240 touches probably isn't that bad, but it also counts TDS & plays that went out of bounds. I would say JJ is a good running back, but not the best player in the game. I went to him as much as possible to see how much he could do, including on passes. Rosenbach had a decent season: 105/179 2218 yards 25 TD 13 INT 24 carries 140 yards. The bulk of Rosenbach's carries were at the end of the season as were the INTs. Roy Green was the top receiver at 20 Rec 835 yards 10 TDs. Proehl, JT Smith & Ernie Jones all had decent seasons as well. If there is a weakness to this team, it is having a weak QB duo. The receivers may be slow outside of Green (44 MS) but they can catch (all have 50 rec except Proehl at 69) JJ is a good, but not great RB, Wolfley was a good backup, but he was in good or excellent condition when I used him. The Defense surprised me, it was quite solid. One of the best safety duos in the game with Young & McDonald, and solid CBs. I was able to hold every team in regular season below 100 passing yards. Monk hit a long JJ catch in the playoff game, putting the skins above 100. Ken Harvey is a good LB, but the other three are terrible. Nunn helps to disrupt along the D-line. The defense could use a second good LB, but other than that it was quite good.
  9. Johnny Johnson Season

    Game 14: Beat Washington, it took a fourth quarter game winning drive to set up a FG try for the win. JJ stats: 13 carries 76 yards 1 TD 2 rec 67 yards. JJ did fumble once in this game Game 15: Close loss to Denver. JJ stats 13 carries -7 yards 1 TD 4 catches 45 yards 1 fumble 1 drop Game 16 Beat the Saints. Don't let the score fool you, I scored 14 the unconventional way with 4 field goals and a safety JJ stats: 14 carries 9 yards 3 rec 30 yards 2 drops & 2 fumbles
  10. Johnny Johnson Season

    The challenge was to see if JJ is a top player, not a PHX challenge. I changed to the plays that work the best. I wont do a "keep the original plays challenge" because I like changing the playbooks. It's part of the game and it doesn't make sense to handicap yourself.
  11. Johnny Johnson Season

    I generally pass more, but I have been running more this season. I put in passes that put the first running back in a good position to catch. Since he came back from his second injury he has caught the ball pretty well.
  12. punt return avg

    I know it's hard coded, that's why I put White back there. I figured it was the only place he'd be useful. I also didn't want to beat up a good player on punt returns. I thought it was good for a punt returner to make it through a whole season without fumbling or getting injured. He had a nice return average to boot.
  13. punt return avg

    I know this is an old thread, but I decided to answer anyway. I recently finished a season with Houston, and averaged 10.6 yards per return with Lorenzo White. I put him in at punt returner because of his poor ball control, and he never fumbled and never got injured.
  14. Johnny Johnson Season

    Avenged my only loss of the season quite easily. Took a completely different approach to defense this game, using the safeties mainly rather than Linebackers. Johnson fumbled, which was returned to the 2 yard line. I held the Eagles to a Field Goal. Vai Sikahema fumbled the ensuing kickoff, I held the Eagles to a long FG try, which they missed. JJ stats: 19 carries 89 yards 2 tds 1 rec 35 yards
  15. Johnny Johnson Season

    Game 11: I forgot to screen shot JJ stats: 13 carries 56 yards 1 TD 4 rec 31 yards 2 TDs. Johnson is finally starting to pay dividends as a receiver. This game was against the Giants, I forced 2 more fumbles on their flea flicker Game 12: A hard fought match against the 49ers. I was losing 16-3 after Rice recovered a Rathman fumble behind the line of scrimmage and went 50 plus yards for a touchdown. JJ stats 16 carries 37 yards 1 td 3 rec 62 yards 1 td