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  1. LincolnHawk

    Chicago Tecmo meetup

    Oh I wasn't good. But he was worse...
  2. LincolnHawk

    Chicago Tecmo meetup

    I want to play NBA Jam again with a different partner lol
  3. LincolnHawk

    Chicago Tecmo meetup

    Hell ya I'm down
  4. LincolnHawk

    Minnesota Get Together or Tournament on August 12 or 19

    I'm totally down
  5. LincolnHawk

    Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    Madison WI area
  6. LincolnHawk

    Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    Thanks for the info. I'm all signed up and registered for Tecmo Cleveland!
  7. LincolnHawk

    Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    I should be coming to this, I will know by the end of the week. I may make it a trip with the wife and kids. Recommendations on stuff to do? I have three daughters, 11, 10 and 9.
  8. LincolnHawk

    Northeast Ohio Tecmo Quarterly Meetup Group

    I can't make the one (family obligations) but definitely keep us posted for the future.
  9. I lied. I was using a composite hookup not component. I got confused bc Im using component labeled cables.
  10. Is the lag on the flat-screen because of the hdmi hookup? I'm asking because as you know I have my nes hooked up to a flat screen using component cables and there is no lag at all.
  11. Imo Tecmo is only going to get bigger and better. The intricacies of the game are astounding imo. The more I play and the more research I do it's almost like a real time strategy based board game of sorts. The announcing on the steam was top notch, and it was an overall great experience. You deserve to have it in a bigger venue to showcase everything. I didn't want to come across like I was talking smack about the venue (it's all love here), my thought process is the success that has been built could make it so it's at a convention center like the Monona Terrace.
  12. Good job Dave! However I agree about the space situation. I'm not sure about the pricing, but for next year definitely check out the Monona Terrace convention center. It's great Tecmo Madison has grown to be this big. https://www.mononaterrace.com
  13. LincolnHawk

    Tecmobowl.org TecmoMadison Roll Call

    Here I am. And I'll be decked out in Lincoln Hawk/Over the Top gear.
  14. 90% chance another buddy of mine will be coming along to the NBA jam stuff on Friday. He won't have a partner but if there is another walk in who doesn't have one can they just sign up on the spot that day?
  15. On his Tecmo 101 site Mort has a pre snap diagram with labels for the r & s lineup. That's what I needed.