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  1. On his Tecmo 101 site Mort has a pre snap diagram with labels for the r & s lineup. That's what I needed.
  2. This is awesome. Thanks!
  3. And by fine I mean I'll be ok to play. I have no delusions of grandeur like I'm sure a lot of tournament n00bs have that think they are going to kick ass in the tournament. Since I've become serious about playing I've gotten a lot better but I certainly have a long way to go. My goal this year is to win one game. Anything else is just house money.
  4. As long as I know who is lining up where I'll be fine. I always thought WR1 was at the top of the screen but im not 100% sure of that.
  5. I have one more strategy question. Is there a diagram somewhere that maybe bruddog made that shows where each wr and rb is lined up preplay? I know I should probably know this already and eventually I will, but sometimes if I want to throw to a particular receiver I'm not sure of which route they were on to start the play, thus not knowing exactly who I'm throwing to. For example, does WR1 always lineup at the top of the screen in every formation?
  6. Hell ya! Thanks Dave! I just assumed it was bruddog who posted it since he's like Moneyball for Tecmo. I figured out why I couldn't find it either. I'm looking at the site from my phone and didn't notice the "older posts" link at the bottom left.
  7. So not to long ago bruddog posted on the Tecmo Madison XIII page a list of every team and the top players on each team. It was actually a really helpful list which I printed off. My papers have waaaaay to many notes on them now and I wanted to print out a new list and redo my notes but for some reason I can't find that posting anymore. Do you guys know what I'm talking about, and if you see it can you post the link?
  8. Im all setup online and had my first online match today (against War Machine). Fucking sweeeeeet
  9. If you guys tell me what kind of food you like I can recommend the best places. I've lived in this area pretty much all my life.
  10. How do you guys recommend training against the computer? When my buddies aren't around I have no choice but to play that way. I'm honestly not going to setup the rom and play online, I'm only interested in playing the console directly. Should I just play top tier teams like the 49ers or Bills in preseason mode or should I go through full seasons? Should I edit the computer teams playbook to mirror a tournament player? Thanks for the info.
  11. The best place for a burrito in Madison is Habaneros BY FAR. They are authentic and inexpensive. It's a hole in the way place on the east side. You can't even see it from the main road. I'm from the Madison area so I know a lot of the good spots like that.
  12. Drinking the Jaeger early today I see lol
  13. Currently what im doing is playing with the crappy teams as well as the mid tier teams most commonly found on the bruddog matchup list and keeping notes of why I like or dislike each team I'm playing with. What are your opinions about the coin toss? I was thinking about deferring most of the time but now I'm not so sure. One of the tecmo Madison videos I watched mentioned something about P2 not getting the same amount of lucky breaks or something to that affect. Also I'd rather pick two teams I really like vs letting someone else pick. I'm not exactly sure how I want to do it yet.
  14. That's great info qb browns. You are right, it's best to focus on yourself first, which I'm trying to do. The tier list definitely helps.
  15. After I signed up for the tournament I found out about this forum by googling "Best teams in Tecmo Super Bowl" which lead me to this thread: Right away I could tell bruddog knew his shit and I've been using his tier list.