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  1. With these reviews, it must be a freakin' miracle I'm 4-1 at the moment! haha
  2. randywags25 Vikings QB1 Steve Beuerlein QB2 Kent Graham RB1 Marion Butts RB2 David Megget RB3 Ed Tillison RB4 Lewis Tillman WR1 Mark Clayton WR2 Calvin Williams WR3 Stephen Baker WR4 Mike Sherrard TE1 Terry Orr TE2 Derek Brown OL1 Jeff Bostic OL2 Mark Schlereth OL3 Raleigh McKenzie OL4 Jim Lachey OL5 Ed Simmons DL1 Sean Jones DL2 Ray Childress DL3 William Fuller LB1 Lawrence Taylor LB2 Henry Rolling LB3 Shane Conlan LB4 Michael Brooks DB1 Rod Woodson DB2 John Baylor DB3 Darren Perry DB4 Eugene Daniel K Al Del Greco P Greg Montgomery
  3. Discord Name: randywags25 Team Preference (can be more than one): Bears, Bengals, Cowboys Availlibilty: nights/weekends Can you host: never have but willing to learn how Location/Time zone (Helps with scheduling games): Central