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  1. MadTown - Browns QB1 Dan Marino QB2 Hugh Millen RB1 Chris Warren RB2 Merril Hodge RB3 Tommie Agee RB4 Derek Gainer WR1 Mark Jackson WR2 Chris Carter WR3 Jimmy Smith WR4 Tyrone Williams TE1 Derrick Walker TE2 Alfredo Roberts OL1 Henry Swayne OL2 Eric Moten OL3 Joe Milinichik OL4 Stan Brock OL5 Mike Zandofsky DL1 Bruce Smith DL2 Jeff Wright DL3 Phil Hansen LB1 John Johnson LB2 Michael Walter LB3 Bobby Houston LB4 Mo Lewis DB1 Mark Carrier DB2 Lewis Stinson DB3 Erik McMillian DB4 Eric Allen K Steve Christie P Chris Mohr
  2. Discord Name: MadTownSpliffStars Team Preference (can be more than one): none Availlibilty: late night weeknights, sundays Can you host: yes Location/Time zone (Helps with scheduling games): Central