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  1. MadTown SpliffStars Im able to host CST Very flexible. Usually weekday mornings/late night. Limited avail on weekends at times
  2. NGTL S3 Draft

    Is barletti's pick valid? If not i want nagle
  3. NGTL S3 Draft

    shit sorry not on google doc CINcy rb ball and wr rembert
  4. NGTL S3 Draft

    DEN RB reggie Rivers/WR Derreck Russell
  5. NGTL S3 Draft

    New K/P/LB vincent brown/CB Granby
  6. NGTL S3 Draft

    Cle d dl burnett/lb jones/ cb walls
  7. NGTL S3 Draft

    Ill take cle rb tommy vardell/wr mark carrier
  8. NGTL S3 Draft

    Hou d sean jones/lee williams/bubba mcdowell
  9. NGTL S3 Draft

    Packers take mia o-line
  10. NGTL S3 Draft

    Bills rb davis/ wr beebe
  11. NGTL S3 Draft

    Raiders qb hosstetler/te horton
  12. NGTL S3 Draft

    Madtown 1st rd: Sea DL Kennedy/porter/robinson