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  1. I did thanks..currently in 4 leagues and lookin to join more
  2. AIM: Nickname (if applicable): Barletti Availability: 24/7 Can you host?: no but want to List 4 Team Preferences:NYG KC DET DAL What's your location/timezmone?:EST
  3. hey whats up all def interested in joining the league Aim : Barletti Leagues: NGTL Host: no not yet, been trying a lot. I get in to the P2P window, but cant get connection confirmed. League play is new to me but Tecmo Superbowl is not I am a very fair, honest and reliable player/person. I love to compete and I am dedicated to to being a contender. Please consider me for the upcoming draft. Thanks.
  4. hey whats up all def interested in joining the league
  5. ahh didnt see the link up top
  6. hey hoff. ive been watching the draft you are currently doing so im familiar w the process when my time comes. do you post the teams anywhere on discord after the draft? or somewhere on the website
  7. looking to join a league please help
  8. I'm trying to join a league and play tecmo online can you help me get on a list or point me in the right direction