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  1. (SNES) Ken Griffey Baseball 2016

    Okay, here it is. I've copied all of the teams from the 2016 version into the batters and pitchers tabs. I've created templates for Atlanta and Toronto (I'm a Braves fan living in Canada lol). So there's one NL and one AL team shown here. If you duplicate either of these, depending on which league, you can copy and paste players from the pitchers/batters tabs (which are sorted alphabetically) into the tables and edit them easily in different cells per value. At the bottom, I've set it up to auto update the gray area to combine all the cells into a single string, that way you don't need to delete the tabbed over space when you copy it to notepad/whatever txt editor you use. Any issues, let me know and I'll fix it up. I didn't finished Toronto's bullpen...just like them in real life right now. KGB_Templates.xlsx
  2. (SNES) Ken Griffey Baseball 2016

    I've exported all of your teams into .txt files and then copied them into Excel, making a tab for batters and a tab for pitchers, to create a full database of players that are easy to copy and paste to reorder lineup/move players between teams. If this is helpful, I'd gladly send it to you. I am also very curious to find out the pointers for All star lineups
  3. (SNES) Ken Griffey Baseball 2016

    I just found this thread now after having spent the last two days using rosterresource to update to current rosters