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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for checking this out. Tecmo Bowl is my favorite video game ever, hands down. I've been playing it on my original NES and emulating it on just about every computer, game console, tablet and phone I've ever owned. I'm brand new to ROM hacking but I managed to make a pretty good version of Tecmo Bowl featuring my kids youth football team using information found on this site, thank you very much. I'm looking for some help with a coupe things though, and it seems that Tecmo Super Bowl is the favorite among the Tecmo community so it's hard to find info on the original but if any of you can assist me then please reply. First, let me mention that I'm using Tecmo Bowl Manager and the HEX editor in FCEUX for most of my work. I've also used Tile Layer Pro for some graphic editing. 1) I've edited the rosters, player attributes, and jersey/helmet/endzone colors with Tecmo Bowl Manager and I applied the "NFL" endzone patch with it too. I even edited the code to fix the blank spot in the L.A. endzone with help from member GRG (thank you). But the jersey in the newspaper article after you win is still red (I used San Francisco as my base team). Does anyone know how to change that? 2) I spent hours using Tile Layer Pro to edit one of the helmets that appear in the title screen crawl with the rosters. I managed to piece together San Francisco's helmet and edit the logo so that it was an "S" to represent our team but despite all my efforts the top, right portion of the "S" is green and I can't change it. I'm trying to make it blue. Does anyone know an easier way to edit the helmets? Your site is a great resource, thank you everyone who has contributed! -Ray