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  1. Hollywood TSB Rom

    Been a slow go trying to juggle work and working on this project. Could definitely use some help if anyone is interested as I am VERY green when it comes to editing roms so limited on what I can do. Would love to see this get completed. I have added a couple of more rosters, modified the title screen and got 2 large helmets completed since the last time I posted but that's it.
  2. Hollywood TSB Rom

    Added a couple of more pics to my above post showing some minor changes that I have been messing with for the last couple of days. Also I have completed full rosters for Texas State Armadillos, Eastern State Timberwolves, Permian Panthers and the Miami Sharks. Having trouble using TSBTool Supreme when updating the rosters for TC Williams Titans (SF), West Canaan Coyotes (SEA). When editing those teams so far, it messes up the rom.
  3. Hollywood TSB Rom

    Saw this thread and thought it was a pretty cool idea. I've never edited roms before but this idea made me want to try my hand at it. I just started messing around with editing the mini helmets and that's it and it's definitely not the best that's for sure but maybe it will give someone else who knows what they are doing when it comes to editing roms some inspiration to get this project up and running. Also, I edited a 2017 TSB 32 team rom and I don't know which version it was and who created it originally to give credit to them but like I said, I just loaded up a rom and started messing around with the mini helmets. Let's get this project going! This is the list of the teams helmets that I edited in the picture below: BUF - Dallas Carter Cowboys (Friday Night Lights: Movie) MIA - Miami Bucks (Semi-Tough) NE - Washington Sentinels (The Replacements) NYJ - Taft Rockets (Best of Times) CIN - Maiden Browns (The Longshots) CLE - The Unbeatables (Basically an extra team that I made into an All-Star team of all the best players in the rom) Thought it would be fun and a challenge to try and beat them (Ironic that it was the terrible Cleveland Browns too) BAL - Ampipe Bulldogs (All the Right Moves) PIT - Eastern State U Timberwolves (The Program) IND - Polk High School (Married With Children) or could make them into The Guards (The Longest Yard) HOU - Louisiana U Cougars (The Waterboy) JAX - Kilpatrick Mustangs (Gridiron Gang) TEN - Shiloh Christian Academy Eagles (Facing the Giants) DEN - Blue Mountain State Goats (Blue Mountain State) KC - Adams College Atoms (Revenge of the Nerds) OAK - North Dallas Bulls (North Dallas Forty) LAC - Dillon Panthers (Friday Night Lights: TV Show) WAS - South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs (The Waterboy) GIA - The Little Giants (Little Giants) PHI - Texas State Armadillos (Necessary Roughness) DAL - Ridgemont Wolves (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) CHI - Miami Sharks (Any Given Sunday) DET - Bayside High School Tigers (Saved by the Bell) GB - Marshall Thundering Herd (We Are Marshall) MIN - Minnesota State Screaming Eagles (COACH) TB - East Mississippi CC Lions (Last Chance U) NO - Permian Panthers (Friday Night Lights: Movie) ATL - The Mean Machine (The Longest Yard) CAR - Central High Wildcats (Wildcats) SF - T.C. Williams Titans (Remember the Titans) LAR - Dallas Knights (Any Given Sunday) or Notre Dame (Rudy) or T.L Hanna HS Jackets (Radio) SEA - West Canaan High School Coyotes (Varsity Blues) ARI - Park City Pirates (Lucas) Other teams you could use: Heartland Comebacks (The Comebacks), Boston Rebels (The Game Plan), Duluth Bulldogs (Leatherheads), John Hughes HS Wasps (Not Another Teen Movie), Orlando Breakers (COACH), Smallville HS Crows (Smallville), Rydell HS Rangers (Grease), California Bulls (1st and 10)...