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  1. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    I quit football
  2. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    I'm flipping out too! Falcons stop trying to lose!!!!!! FFS
  3. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

  4. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    Off work early, off tomorrow, eating free pizza, drinking beer, watching Super Bowl. Touchdown Falcons. This is a great country we live in.
  5. Best GIFs

  6. Random Thoughts

    If you can find a place that makes it with tomato of the green & fried crispy variety, smothered with creole remoulade.. that's a real treat.
  7. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    Damn car broke down today while I was working. At least I got off early and towed home to watch the real Matty iiiice Edit: not to mention our man Juuuulio
  8. World Record Progression: Super Mario Bros

    I finally beat that November 30 last year, still on the original cart and console I got for christmas when I was 4. So it took me about 13,640,500 minutes to see the ending. To be fair I was doing other stuff for most of that time.
  9. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    ATL and N.E.
  10. Nintendo Switch Reveal

    When I saw Mario walking around New Donk City
  11. College Football 2016-17 Discussion

    Hmm the video was removed by the user. It must have been about some recent college football event, right? What has happened recently in college football... can't think of anything offhand.................
  12. Best GIFs

    YOU GOT MOSS'D AFL is great
  13. Which console do you use today?

    Still on my original from 1990
  14. MGK's Videogames Thread

    I finally got PS4, being totally out of the loop this gen of gaming. I haven't really kept up with what's new. I did want to play Fallout 4 so I picked that up for 14.99. Started my first game totally blind on Survival difficulty. Talk about your hostile environment.
  15. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    Ill take Bengals, Colts, Patriots, Bears, Bills, Cowboys, Steelers, Panthers, Titans, Falcons, Broncos, Rams, Chiefs, Seahawks, Redskins, Lions