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  1. (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL MVPS (2.4)

    Week 4, juiced plus version. Everything going wrong all game. Computer runs back a turnover td on the last play of first half. They keep picking my play, I keep running into blockers on defense I usually don't. One of those games the COM seems to get all the breaks. Down 33-21 with 3 and change left. Drive for a td, get the inside kick. Drive down and score again with a minute to go, up 35-33. One last kickoff, minute to go. Been pinning them on the five all game. Of course he runs the kick back to my 30 with time for one last play. I've blocked the last 2 kicks. I get through, but nope, FG through. I lose 36-35, dropping to 3-1. The agony.
  2. (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL MVPS (2.4)

    Great ROM, lots of fun
  3. (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018

    Had a fun start. Beat the Saints as the Titans, 49-31. There was about 6 fumbles in the game total plus an INT. I ran back 3 kickoffs for touchdowns. I picked one in the end zone, got tackled on the goal line and fumbled, they called it a touchback. The very next play I ran 80, got tackled on the goal line, and fumbled into the end zone, called a TD. My D is rusty though, I gave up 422 in yards. Saints would definitely be a tough COM opponent in the playoffs trying to defend Peterson and Brees together. Welcome 2018.
  4. (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    I don't really care for the spin. It's cool and all but you fall down 50% of the time. It doesnt seem to make game play better other than doing a cool move. I prefer to play without it.
  5. Tecmonster's TSB 2018 cover art

    Can't wait
  6. (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    Thanks. They weren't all easy wins by any means. A few comebacks and last second finishes. I like the challenge of tecmonsters ROMS. The enhanced AI with the play calling and pass game for the computer etc. It makes it a whole different experience.
  7. (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    I didn't realize it but I have a 42 game win streak on the 17 ROM. Cowboy season I lost in week 6 but ran the table to finish 18-1. Then went 19-0 with the Panthers and I'm currently 10-0 with the Dolphins.
  8. (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    19-0 perfect season and Super Bowl glory achieved. 34-17 win over the Bengals. Always feels good to win the big game...
  9. (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    NFC championship, blowout win over the Redskins 35-10. Mixed up my defenses, held them to 200 yards less than I gave up last time. The usual juggernaut attack on offense rolling up 450. It was over from the start. Next up: Cincinnati for the Super Bowl and 19-0 glory...
  10. (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    First bullet dodged. Overcame 3 first half fumbles by Jonathan Stewart (losing all 3). Down 14-7 to the Bears, rally back for a 35-21 win. Redskins next for the NFC championship, who I beat 28-24 in week 15, on the last play of the game. They rolled up like 450 yards against me, and they've still got most of their offensive stars in "good" and "beast mode".
  11. (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    I've won Super Bowls with the Raiders, Seahawks, and last one going 15-1 with the Cowboys on the 17 ROM. Just went 16-0 with the Panthers, had to pull out nail biters in the last 5 or so. Playoffs to follow, defense hasn't been able to stop anyone lately so we'll see if I can hang on...
  12. (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    Sorry I think I gave you a negative point by accident when scrolling haha