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  1. Spots are available and I replied to your email. Currently we are 50 players confirmed. We have another 15 or so players trying to clear their schedules. Appreciate you coming....you'll have a great time.
  2. With a month left we are at 48 players. We also will be setting up the night before. So out of towners we will have Tecmo the night before. If you need Hotel info let me know.
  3. Let me know if you need any help.
  4. I should have this done for you by next week. Will that work for you?
  5. Yes there are spots. Max players will be 64. Email me at tecmomilwaukee@gmail.com
  6. Updated Playing field. This does not include the 23 people who replied back most likely. Aaron L. Al S. Andrew F. DarthRockman Brian S. Chris K. Daniel Patrick S. Eric D. Hank D. Jason S. Jeremy B. Jeremy V. Jim B. Jon S. Coconuts Joshua F. Justin P. Kevin M. Regulator Larry B. Marty S. Matt A. Matt B. Matt M. Michae John K. Mike G. Nate S. Nick S. Patrick C. Rico R. Tim A. Tim P. Tim U. Todd D. Tony M. Travis B. Troy E. Troy F. Troy H. Wes L. Zach N. Zach R.
  7. Outstanding and kudos to you for keeping the dream alive.
  8. Sounds good. Let me know if you want me to send you hotel info.
  9. Ha I actually did look into the games that week. I understand completely but note that that game will be on at the sports bar.
  10. We are up to 30+ confirmed with 3 months to go. Updated player list will be out soon.
  11. We have 20 already confirmed with 10 new players signing up already. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Wish I could make it, but busy that day. Trojan is very efficient and runs a quality tourney.
  13. November 5th. We have 20 Commits already. Spots will go fast.
  14. Tecmo Milwaukee presents "Dead Man Walking" in Pewaukee, WI (Suburb of Milwaukee). Below is the information for the tournament. If you are interested please email me back the registration form that is attached. (email: tecmomilwaukee@gmail.com ) Tournament 11/5 Player field projected at 48 players. Max players cutoff will be at 64 players.Round robin of Division play followed by single elimination tournament. Project Entry Fee is $40Game Rules: Tecmo Milwaukee rulesTeams will be tiered in 4 groups of 7 teams. 7 Lotto balls will be picked from before each game to determine which tier teams will be picked from. (1 in 7 chance for Tier 1 teams to be picked). Coin toss after gives player choice of team or controller. Player can only use a team 1 time during round robin play. Teams resets in tournament play. Entry Deadline is 11/1Email address: tecmomilwaukee@gmail.com Location: Boomer Sports Bar & Grill Address: N29 W24483 Watertown Rd, Pewaukee, WI 53072 Website: www.boomersportsbar.com Email address: tecmomilwaukee@gmail.com Facebook: Tecmo Milwaukee twitter: https://twitter.com/Tecmo_Milwaukee Top 8 places paid out. First tournament was a huge success fielding a very competitive playing field coming from all parts of the country. The venue is fantastic with great service, food and of course Adult Solutions. Our set up is fantastic with game play moving fast and furious. There is large interest already for this tournament. Don’t miss out! Thank you, Jon Stocks "Hardy Nickerson" Tecmo Milwaukee Registration form for Tecmo MKE 2 Dead Man Walking.docx
  15. It was hosted at a Bar in the suburbs of Milwaukee. The place is Boomers located in Pewaukee, WI. They have an indoor volleyball court and that is where we held the tourney. We had 18 stations set up. Our next tournament will be in November.