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  1. Also I could not find the beer in the hotel so if I'm up for a game I'll be at the TGI Fridays next door..
  2. to increase everyone's chance of winning i will be try to "forget" Mort at a random wayside or gas station ..
  3. Aside from my worst Tecmo play ever ,at a tournament, since Tundra Bowl II..Troy ran a great tournament. thanks again troy!!!
  4. Great write up.. good stuff
  5. im fine with giving up steeler if someone wants them
  6. I also would really like the 40 man Milwaukee tournament added.. where some monster unknown tecmoeor won over both miller bros..
  7. ok I really shouldn't ask but is anyone looking for a car pool im suddenly intrested'
  8. why did you skip Milwaukee #1 ill gladly pay. your tournament is definitely worth the admission.
  9. Jon ran a great tournament. New format made for a lot of games. with such a great field of 37 im surprised I took home the title..
  10. carpool???????????????
  11. interested in munoz. take a look send a offer...
  12. any body like the colts? because I dont