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  1. I hope Tundra Bowl won't turn into an intense brawl like this:
  2. I just registered. I expect I'll be able to match my 2-2 and 5-5 results from Tecmo Madison and Milwaukee.
  3. I really liked it. I also liked ep 7. I watched Star Wars and Empire back in the day too many times to count. I don't care for Return of the Jedi. After seeing 1-3, I thought the franchise was fubar. I say Star Wars movies have four wins and four losses. I am glad to see Disney has a two movie winning streak.
  4. JJ abuser has no ring to it at all. The correct term is jj slut. Actually, I just prefer slut. Me: You name the teams. Other person: CLE vs GB Me: You slut!
  5. I am guessing this starts at 11 AM tomorrow? I don't see a time for the start of festivities anywhere.
  6. I told her I plan on winning the Milwaukee tournament next weekend.
  7. I have decided I would like to participate in this event. I sent an email. I'm hoping there is a spot available.
  8. After watching the Kia ad, I'm feeling the love Koreans have for us Tecmo Bowlers.
  9. Just saw the Bo and Bosworth commercial during the Packer game. LOVED it. That commercial connects very well with a small audience. But the other 98% of the country has no idea what the heck they are looking at.
  10. Bummer that Badger Bowl is going away. Maybe rent out Turner Hall? 3001 S Stoughton Rd
  11. I have decided that this game is better than Tecmo Super Bowl. I would like to get an online game in once in a while. The only time I'm ever on is on the weekends, if you see me on discord feel free to hit me up for a game.
  12. Regina, rhymes with v_____ I'm also fond of towns that someone might not say correctly the first time: Mahtomedi Mukwonago Ochlocknee Schenectady
  13. If any of you are League of Legends players, the word "pentakill" means something to you. In Michigan I saw a plate that was something like PENTAKL, maybe it was PNTAKIL.
  14. I have decided to come out of retirement for this tourney. I think it's been six years since I played Tecmo online. I am looking forward to getting whooped.