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  1. RT @LivingBlueinRed: Ticket sales for the Trump impeachment hearings could have the potential to solve the national debt problem. Worth a s…

  2. RT @SenSanders: Our job is to improve the Affordable Care Act, not repeal it. Our job is to guarantee health care to all people as a right,…

  3. I prefer the term Undocumented Immigrants, because there's nothing illegal about immigrating to America. Still, I a… https://t.co/HpIqN8j9ud

  4. @DrewWestLA @CheriHonkala @BernieSanders @OurRevolution How about the Clinton campaign accusing Bernie voters of being violent in Nevada?

  5. @CheriHonkala They're scared Cheri. All they have left is fear tactics.

  6. RT @CheriHonkala: Income inequality has been increasing for decades. The lack of food and housing for many is just an issue of hoarded reso…

  7. RT @BernieSanders: Being involved in politics is not just about elections. It is fighting for racial, social, economic and environmental ju…

  8. @LivingBlueinRed The Republicans would have shit a brick

  9. Give em hell Joe lol https://t.co/tzUrxn7njg

  10. @DrJillStein in a deep red state? Wow. That's progress!

  11. There's only two types of men in this world! Sheamus and Cesaro ... you ain't neither of them how you doin? lol. #1Contender #Raw

  12. RT @SenSanders: Republicans talk a lot about freedom and choice. But you cannot truly be free if you can't afford health care or food or me…

  13. RT @ImMattMountain: There are about 4,000 Muslims serving in the US military right now. Zero members of Trump's family have served. #Muslim…

  14. Support the Troops right? Not if you're Republican. You send them to die in wars, then flush them down the toilet w… https://t.co/tfZf8vR6FN

  15. Miz I hate you, Cena and Nikki Bella. The fact that all three of you have a job in WWE should be insulting to all fans. Shut up! #SDLive