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  1. @Thom_Hartmann @robb2018 Whoa, a progressive Republican? I didn't know there was such a thing. Glad to see it. All the best to you Reverend.

  2. I wish @WWE would put the Money in the Bank ladder match back into the WrestleMania card where it belongs instead of it's own PPV. #SDLive

  3. @rudepundit It couldn't of happened to a nicer guy lol

  4. RT @LeeCamp: There are 6 empty homes for evry homeless person in America. Capitalism thrives on false scarcity & false scarcity destroys li…

  5. RT @Pappiness: Trump warned that if we voted for Hillary, the President would be under constant criminal investigation. We did. He is.

  6. @kylegriffin1 @TIME I want to see more of this. Don't pull any punches. Tell it exactly how it is.

  7. RT @StephenKing: Remind your friends who support Trump that the press only reports the news. Donald Trump is doing this to himself.

  8. RT @PRESlDENTBANNON: We could fund the wall by broadcasting the impeachment trials on pay-per-view.

  9. RT @jayduplass: Right now any Republican leader could become one of the greats in American history by putting principle above politics & ta…

  10. @LivingBlueinRed Boom, head shot! lol

  11. RT @LivingBlueinRed: President with record low approval rating wants to examine the federal election process... Goodbye democracy.

  12. @LivingBlueinRed That, and a rigged outdated election system that says the person with the most overall votes is the loser.

  13. @beedl70 @LivingBlueinRed You're not a bad person Deborah. They are just intolerant, hateful bigots. They do not re…

  14. @GraceParra360 What do you expect from a ignorant hick governor from Arkansas who pals around with racists like Ted Nugent?

  15. @GraceParra360 That's why most retail companies will cap you to 32 hours a week. So they don't have to pay benefits…