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  1. RT @timgostony: Obama should resign a day early to make Biden the 45th President just to ruin all of Trump's merchandise

  2. RT @DrJillStein: Ranked Choice Voting ends the politics of fear—it lets people vote for the greater good, instead of the lesser evil: https…

  3. RT @RyanLizza: The president elect has started the Martin Luther King holiday weekend by attacking John Lewis, one of the great heros of ci…

  4. RT @flowers4senate: If Trump and the Republicans move to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would you rather do? #healthcare

  5. RT @SenSanders: The business model of Wall Street is fraud. We need real Wall Street reform. We need to break up the huge banks which domin…

  6. RT @DrJillStein: People of conscience are fighting back against the Neofascism Trump represents—from Standing Rock to BLM, Fight for $15, D…

  7. RT @GreenPartyUS: If @SenatorSessions was found unqualified to be a federal judge in 1986 because of ties to the KKK then he is not fit to…

  8. I see what's happening here. Undertaker enters the Rumble, and Goldberg will be the one to eliminate him. Boom. WrestleMania match! #Raw

  9. @RandPaul Replace it with what Senator? You don't repeal something without offering an alternative to it first!

  10. Chuck Norris once heard someone say nothing could kill him, so he tracked down nothing and killed it lol #chucknorrisfacts

  11. Chuck Norris doesn't turn on the shower, he stares at it until it starts to cry lol #chucknorrisfacts

  12. I love @WWEGraves comparing Enzo & Cass to Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I wonder how many watching got that reference? #Raw

  13. RT @SenSanders: I worry very much about the future of democracy in our country. But I also know there is a strong desire among young people…

  14. RT @SenSanders: Let me take this opportunity to wish all our friends a healthy and happy new year. Let us go forward together in 2017.

  15. RT @FrankConniff: GOP was 100% obstructionist with Obama, but now they've turned over a new leaf and plan to be cooperative and work closel…