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  1. @Al_Horford You see the difference?

  2. @FanSided @ATLHawks TIL: 26th in attendance = "invested"

  3. @bioreconstruct That looks horrendous

  4. EDIT: Braves ONLY sensation is 'The Freeze`

  5. @briangantt1 @MichaelGTBuzz @BChill728 No one, I repeat NO ONE, will want to pay Kent f'n Bazemore - 17 mil per yea…

  6. @KEEMSTAR Bud Light -🚮🚮🚮🚮

  7. @FinnFromNY incredible! buying one now!

  8. @waitrewindthat @TrubaneVirgo True. Prob traded in '19 or '20.

  9. @BTRowland

  10. @DutchLombrowski when hot takes are so hot - they become dumpster fires

  11. @briangantt1 @MichaelGTBuzz UT been prepping for the option for 200+ days. That's never a good thing for CPJ.

  12. @HuckelCommaSean @lanenichols @CaptMichael87 @ThemeParker104 Right, but ATL > Philly. I think we can all agree on that.😉

  13. @TrubaneVirgo Just disappointed in my self for initially saying Warriors in 5. Shoulda called the sweep tbh...

  14. no. please god no.

  15. @KLChouinard Steph Curry