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  1. @wesleymjames @DutchLombrowski @joshgonz @IndyinDC We make it a point to visit both DIS and UNI each trip. Both areā€¦

  2. @wdwvacationdad i don't wanna know tbh

  3. @wesleymjames @LenTesta @derekburgan Nailed it.

  4. @aengus @mmomruss @derekburgan @brandglover HOW DARE YOU RATE THIS RIDE BELOW A 4.5?! oh, have you ridden it? no.

  5. @JeffSchultzAJC @devontafreeman

  6. @TomAmityCorless @WDWVacationer

  7. @TrubaneVirgo Was it Daryl Strawberry doing blow again?!

  8. @wdwvacationdad My fav DHS starlord is the one that's 5'4 and chubby, cause f trying to be like movies, ya know...

  9. @natefromsmyrna nash bringing the heat!

  10. @FourVerts @Demetrius82 congrats on making the playoffs in 2007!

  11. @kyriedicuIous @RumorsAllSports Why tf does this look like it was filmed in 2003 tho..?

  12. @mattsinger @slashfilm i like the one where people in the theater say to their seatmates: "that's stan lee"

  13. @LaToi_jai @HitDaBoogiez The word "subjective" comes to mind in this scenario.

  14. @IndyinDC IS THAT CHRIS PRATT!?!?

  15. @DOLLAONE @TrubaneVirgo @ATLHawksPhil True to atlanta