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  1. @RumorsAllSports @AndyDemetra Ughhh....

  2. @MichaelGTBuzz Too many points!!

  3. @tylerdyck15 @ItsYaBoiJags @NationalsPls @BleacherReport Just "1 drunk fan", eh? https://t.co/mzKPXVeDm4

  4. Whenever I'm feeling down, I just look at this tweet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/4TITVY2xB7

  5. @CanBeVexing Ok youre right, theyre all at the bars

  6. RT @SportsInAtlanta: giving away two tickets to Falcons-Cowboys game on 11/12. Doing a random drawing. To enter retweet this tweet. Must be…

  7. @BTRowland Even more baffling - announcing 2 DAYS BEFORE THE DRAFT they'd be picking Shelden Hawks: "He's ours, y… https://t.co/BfWlC4OTVO

  8. @CollegeGameDay WYD @ESPN? https://t.co/xiAZ8kOm4n

  9. @bhaynes22 @AphidzGaming @kingbc83 @HailGaryATL @toshamack_ent What has been your favorite Saints win in a "big game" over the last 4 years?

  10. @LarryWilliamsTI oh hey https://t.co/IRa1FDENqT

  11. @waitrewindthat @MBStadium usually those pretzels were $8, but not on arthur's watch!

  12. @BuzzTalkRadio Thats an extremely broad and biased statement. Met tons of great, level headed Dawg fans. Weird and… https://t.co/BJPyeWCYPK

  13. @MattandChuck @680_the_fan @FrontOfficeLos @brianhoyt24 Why'd yall stop posting podcasts?

  14. @ksugiuraajc @DavidLeoni @GTechYJ tbf - 60% of them don't know gt has a football team

  15. RT @LiTiRilla: Should've named it Hurricane Roberto Aguayo. Would've missed Florida wide right and sailed right into the Atlantic