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  1. @JeffSchultzAJC Nah, just bring back a W.

  2. @Burlgt @MattThompson87 @THWG_Kenny *have

  3. @11AliveSports 11Alive still based in ATL, or did yall move to Athens. I get it, whoever runs this account is a Daw… https://t.co/4BzKoi0oGm

  4. @ABC https://t.co/IYF3faWvtK

  5. RT @thebasedparker: Kanye is unbelievable https://t.co/JxL3VXiFvN

  6. @Atlantasportguy Who've they beaten that would warrant them being in the top 10?

  7. @Grubhub Hey, thanks for putting TWO doorbell rings in your commercial. Jerks.

  8. @lanenichols Lane! Went to GT/VT, then @Torched_Hop brewpub post game. You should check that place out. Great beer.… https://t.co/kVy6cigZxY

  9. Poe and Grady deserve a ton of credit for creating these sacks.

  10. 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/Xi4tXoSuTP

  11. @christopherrip Would be consistent 3 hour lines

  12. @wesblog at $7200 per, is it too late for me to jump on the bitcoin wagon?

  13. @aengus @litemandhyde he got you a "suicide squad" blu ray. happy b'day!

  14. @ATLHawks @CountOnRyan https://t.co/j162ubsdeh

  15. @briangantt1 betting the mortgage on the cowboys