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  1. TFW you go to read an AJC article, but it's behind a paywall https://t.co/c4WeFOoCF6

  2. @connordpeters @STOPFLEXIN Hey @GeorgiaProblemz , whats your favorite tweet you've stolen?

  3. @HoCoHowie @ThankYouKeyzus imitation is the sincerest form of flattery https://t.co/4k1x5USDJN

  4. @lanenichols Ohhhh....where ya goin? What ship?!

  5. @atomant25gt @FalcoholicDW https://t.co/qLpbwiT8Uw

  6. @BriManIU @drubov he just grabbed that man

  7. RT @braddybb: we are all going to die https://t.co/fAUyR2S9hX

  8. @benichols23 @WaltDisneyWorld @MarkWillard85 So this is what transportation looks like at a $600+ a night hotel.....🤔

  9. @bioreconstruct https://t.co/BlElZwkBUU

  10. @ksugiuraajc Finish 52nd in recruiting in football AND have your bball coach accused of sexual assault all in the s… https://t.co/YcHPlBRtWr

  11. @TeranJSports Be honest - how would you have reacted had he thrown a UGA hat, and picked UT?

  12. @Atlantabuzz81 @brianhoyt24 @Sean_Nerny @CelliniNick @chrisdimino @680TheFan uhhh....brad stewart started every single game last year.

  13. Nope, umm....I think it's somewhere else. (pssst........hey @Outkast - plz save us, you're our only hope!) https://t.co/7kMwMVdXhu

  14. @RedSoxRedShoes @DrunkAtdisney I'm a (sad) GT fan, and have watched Buzz's GF destroy my team 3 out of the last 4 years. Woof is right....

  15. @MichaelGTBuzz got any half-empty dodd pics (similar to how it will be this year)?