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  1. RT @bradleychambers: This

  2. @MichaelRWear Have you heard @TripLee preach the gospel? So, so powerful and full of truth.

  3. @LisaDelay @DavidDark To be clear: it wasn’t a criticism. I’ve gotten a lot out of @DavidDark comments, books, and…

  4. RT @BethMooreLPM: We keep empowering the powerful/equipping the equipped/saving the saved/feeding the full/helping the helped & wonder why…

  5. @DavidDark There is no THE EVANGELICALS

  6. @TheAlanNoble She was fantastic in Broadchurch.

  7. RT @audreyassad: New one that will be on the record. #drawntoyou

  8. RT @KatelynBeaty: So in a way I hate to keep this story going, but I'm not sure this video clip is quite the big reveal that it's intended…

  9. @BradyHaran This seems like a very Brady podcast episode. Semi-famous ice explorers.

  10. @viticci Any idea what is happening here? I long pressed on iPad Pro to move icon and got this. Public beta 2

  11. @devinmaddox #hereadstruth

  12. @MichaelRWear Definitely James… “But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” James 1:22…

  13. @SirKenRobinson Chicago 2020 - no post HS plan, no diploma. This seems like a bad idea. Thoughts?

  14. @matthew_loftus congregations to worship with and through. My experience is that most focus only on a couple themes…

  15. RT @TheRichardClark: Grief, sadness, empathy, accountability, are all things we should have in our lives. But they don't have to be on disp…