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  1. @MattWhitmanTMBH I used to attend church with someone that was convinced John 6:66 “After this many of his disciple… https://t.co/Slf4LIkOER

  2. @AlanLCross We can't live holy lives in which we hold loosely to worldly things and speak boldly about the gospel w… https://t.co/3ag8lI4HMo

  3. @APfeifer24 Mark Lemke

  4. @MattWhitmanTMBH ESV or CSB are all the rage in my neck of Evangelicals

  5. @bradleychambers @jcenters I use both and have to give Apple credit on the videos that the memories sections puts t… https://t.co/rM48F3gDJc

  6. @KrisCamealy @KSPrior @TylerDaswick @AnnVoskamp @ChristiePurifoy @DeidraRiggs @RELEVANT Twitter has been a portal t… https://t.co/myLmlsKVUF

  7. @MichaelRWear I was reading about William Wilberforce, his motivation for political good, and the failure of ethics… https://t.co/gXCJIE1La1

  8. RT @brandonacobb: “Whoever says ‘I’m just here to collect a paycheck’ is forgetting Creation shows us work is an absolute good (Gen.1). Who…

  9. @DominicMGeehan @bradleychambers I've had much better luck with I'm feeling lucky radio. I've 👍🏻 over 1000 songs wh… https://t.co/DlTJCpjCgJ

  10. @MikeCosper @desiringGod There is no reason a ministry with the reach and impact of Desiring God should forget link… https://t.co/VwXOoz1Uua

  11. @abbyjperry My three-year-old complained today that nobody gave her dessert with her breakfast. #raisingahobbit

  12. @TheAlanNoble This section from Piper’s book on him was especially relevant to me and what I am seeing in our curre… https://t.co/8TkHTy5ukn

  13. @bradleychambers Audiobooks now too which is a space that needs competition.

  14. @edstetzer On the political side I would highly recommend @MichaelRWear, on the creative side @MikeCosper has been… https://t.co/X4WOiIIuNZ

  15. RT @Joel_Searby: Kennedy pulling out every identity politics play in the Democratic book. This isn’t unifying, it’s more of the same. The…