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  1. @davemark Interesting note on the games icon in the App Store. https://t.co/FA8IWfWrvZ

  2. @ForecasterEnten You may have already spoken about this but I just read this piece and was curious on your thoughts. https://t.co/gAWdV3W0LJ

  3. @bradleychambers We are considering that for our 12YO. The phone will only be an occasional use. Watch for keeping… https://t.co/SSet383lkP

  4. @edstetzer @JoelSeymour Our church welcomes hundreds of pastors every year for an RHMA conference. They’ve been goi… https://t.co/IdJTfrVkyz

  5. @bradleychambers The new EP from King & Commoner is soooo good. https://t.co/wjxaNkFrPM

  6. @BruceAshford Thank you.

  7. @rjchamp @GOMinistries Congratulations Rick!

  8. @davemark Chrome remote desktop is the best I’ve used and works from iOS devices as well. Super easy to set up. https://t.co/khntGh6GXN

  9. @johnvoorhees Just realized my phone is supplied by my employer. Doubt IT will be letting us add Apple Watch data to corporate plans.

  10. @Gen_Zer0 @davemark Same for me and I’m on the latest beta.

  11. @between2worlds @james_ka_smith All of these things help me to expand the sight and remove the ignorance of those w… https://t.co/txweV85rMV

  12. RT @KondwaniFidel: I shed so many tears while writing this I've been slowly dying since I was 10 yrs old: A Death Note Please read http…

  13. @bradleychambers Strange. It cleared it for me. I’ve never had a My Favorites mix show up in Apple Music though. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  14. @davemark @reneritchie Apple TV remote.

  15. @McCormickProf A big reason why being transparent about our struggles can help others. Those who struggle should ne… https://t.co/z5JNdkO4eI