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  1. RT @BethMooreLPM: It will become increasingly vital that we learn to distinguish between what is pro-Christian and what is actually Christl…

  2. RT @MattSmethurst: In May 2000, @JohnPiper gave a message that nobody forgot—even those who weren’t there. https://t.co/TFPzfwbsPE

  3. @_MealsOnWheels My mother took us to serve with MOW several times a year, but always before we ate our own Thanksgiving. Life changing.

  4. RT @lecrae: "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglass

  5. @jdalrymple Read your post. Tried Pandora. It nailed my tastes with first station based off one artist. Much better than Discover Weekly.

  6. @cgpgrey @BradyHaran Not sure if you’ve watched Netflix Travelers, but S1E11 deals with overwriting one conscience with another.

  7. RT @desiringGod: Resist the temptation to dismiss all special consideration of women because some seek it sinfully. https://t.co/KmZk6Djm11

  8. @bradleychambers @ThatEricAlper Be kind, please rewind.

  9. @IslingtonJames Just re-read SOWWL and then started Book 4 of Wheel of Time. Finished Mistborn last month. Love all these worlds.

  10. @BoSaurage @OvercastFM @paulozoom This will certainly be a part of whether or not I renew my subscription.

  11. RT @Qideas: Right this moment, you're able to live into your calling. No matter where you are, your work matters. https://t.co/YwT8P9M2Ux…

  12. RT @AndCampaign: Uphold BIBLICAL VALUES w/ compassion avoiding harshness (&) fight for redemptive SOCIAL JUSTICE avoiding sentimentality &…

  13. @bradleychambers @viticci It has become my favorite email app. 2 wishes: inline images and single email deletion within a thread.

  14. @PFF_Fantasy I assume this is the QB leader, WR leader, and TE leader, not the top 3.

  15. @bradleychambers Have you listened to this yet… https://t.co/c0eEl5TQKe