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  1. RT @jdgreear: Netflix shouldn’t be trying to cure boredom—because it’s not actually a problem. Nor should they be trying to cure loneliness…

  2. Be 1 of 5 Winners! ESV Reader’s Bible, Six Volume Set https://t.co/jzFSs13D7b via @T4Gonline

  3. @between2worlds They are about as helpful as polling your local church over every decision or issue. Knowing what %… https://t.co/9eFi1BO3dl

  4. RT @drmoore: This is why I spend so much time talking about nominal, culturally Christian “religion.” It is predatory, soul-twisting, cover…

  5. RT @mika_edmondson: “a bruised reed he will not break, and a faintly burning wick he will not quench; he will faithfully bring forth justic…

  6. RT @KaitlynSchiess: Church, we cannot continue to contribute to the sexualization, degradation, and marginalization of women by treating me…

  7. @ChurchPolitics Can you share the twitter handles for the journalists you mention on the latest episode?

  8. @TheAlanNoble I am stunned at how many people latched onto this as a legit criticism. It only feeds the wrong narrative.

  9. RT @TrevinWax: Last week's service at FBC Sutherland Springs. https://t.co/vW8kadCkn2 The welcome is 3 minutes in. Lord have mercy, so much…

  10. So perfect https://t.co/D5cJZZXDvE

  11. @bradleychambers The Gray Havens put a new single out on Bandcamp this past week. https://t.co/YREA5pCvL8

  12. A great place to start when you need ideas. Free Online Logo Maker. https://t.co/1X3csC2MSG

  13. @AlanLCross This is part of Breitbarts message to Evangelicals. Just a pinch of truth to keep them leaning in. Bann… https://t.co/7RLScUQSxC

  14. @ismh We love the Withings scale which automatically syncs to our phones and updates the health app.

  15. @imyke @ismh Dark Mode, Custom snooze timer, calendar integration, and syncs with Apple Reminders so tasks show in… https://t.co/LvW5m06oGn