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  1. I’d love to hear something from @chrisrenzema on the next episode of @utrmedia Gourmet Music podcast.

  2. RT @bcloritts: The most humbling sight I see every Sunday is my wife on the front row taking notes as I preach because she sees me trying t…

  3. RT @KatelynBeaty: "As the country has become more polarized the church has become more polarized, and that’s because the church is not diff…

  4. RT @thomas___mcfall: Hey guys, I know I usually just post shitty jokes on my Twitter but bear with me because I wanted to share something.…

  5. RT @MarildaTuomala: @WhiteHorseInn Not motivated by duty but by love for God.

  6. @MacKungFuTips @davemark Yep. You can close all tabs this way as well.

  7. RT @BethMooreLPM: A plea to believers in their 50s-80s. Reflecting on Hezekiah‘s careless end. He’d been a godly leader until he was seduce…

  8. @bwitt722 @TheRichardClark My 3 year old daughter and I watch an episode every night after she is ready for bed.

  9. So, so good and timely. Ring the Bells https://t.co/UtsZzHrPqa @JOHNNYSWIM @drewholcomb

  10. @stevecullum The characters all had the names but none of the depth. Aech and Wade weren’t believable as friends. W… https://t.co/diH02jZcuZ

  11. “The Lamb of God slain for us is alive and ready to roar.” https://t.co/SXgMszbFlu

  12. @stephen_smith Just remove the apps you don't want. You can do that in the watch app on your phone or by using the… https://t.co/1SdBUxz59b

  13. I wonder where they got this idea? 🤔@OvercastFM @marcoarment @atpfm https://t.co/swllul2mY7

  14. @CTmagazine We should also be praying for the other person’s life he may have ruined. Him - yes, his wife - yes, hi… https://t.co/OBApEXBMQe

  15. RT @SayersMark: As cultural Christianity fades, it becomes harder to build & sustain churches with management techniques & the satiating of…