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  1. The Island: A Longing to Be Real in a World of Inequality - Christ and Pop Culture via @christandpc

  2. @TheAlanNoble The Ocean at the End of the Lane by @neilhimself . I need to experience wonder when I am drowning in…

  3. @deray @DavidDark @FiveThirtyEight @FiveThirtyEight also cautions against assuming too much. Some have resisted on…

  4. @davemark Is there a chance I can share this note with you through Apple Notes? It includes my thoughts, screenshots, and weblinks. (6/6)

  5. @jonlovett @nikkihaley My 3 yr old is a girl of action. She does it quickly and without much thought. We excuse it…

  6. @davemark @AppleMusic Song Shift is super simple to use.

  7. RT @christandpc: The problem with being a person is that we are impossibly, irreparably unable to sufficiently meet another’s needs. https:…

  8. @bradleychambers I thought you would find this article about a local school being hacked interesting…

  9. @audreyassad I second the owl. I work for a lawn & garden company and recommend them for “non-combative” control.

  10. RT @BenSasse: .@TomPerez Your profile says you fight for the little guy. Please check out this little fella -- special, isn't he? (He's 12…

  11. RT @drmoore: Amen. We've got more crosses than they can burn.

  12. @rjchamp @MichaelRWear I loved this book and was encouraged by its handling of faith and politics.

  13. @ismh I remember buying a little sticker that repositioned the iPhone name to be viewable.

  14. RT @reakhtivated: Has to be the best story I've ever read on Reddit Today you.... tomorrow me

  15. RT @bj116: Connect diversely. Read expansively. Reflect regularly.