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  1. @THETomSavini Jenna seen your going to be @scareacon she is super excited to meet her idol. She immediately had to…

  2. @scareacon what does the vip ticket consist of ??

  3. @LimitedRunGames night trap info. Wallet is open

  4. @HulkHogan do you have the original hulk rules tanks at the beach shop

  5. @OfficialTAZ he wanted me to share these with you and also asked to show your son

  6. Samoa Joe with take down Brock to win the Universal Championship. What do you think?

  7. @Trey57smg @POTUS @WhiteHouse Yawn

  8. @screamingvill ???

  9. @JayMewes @TheRealStanLee @ThatKevinSmith @RookerOnline

  10. @OfficialTAZ You made his day thank you

  11. Proud to fund childhood cancer research with @StBaldricks

  12. @SirJeremyLondon the k you for spending the time with my daughter and I at @NFComicCon we appreciate it very much

  13. @OfficialTAZ @dennis_jones44 @TazShowLive Do I take the chicken and fries while at smackdown????

  14. @JasonBiggs look who im hanging with tonight

  15. @ThatKevinSmith where the fuck are you???