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  1. RT @BarstoolBigCat: Yeah that's gonna be a no for me dog https://t.co/URNAIGePH7

  2. RT @deltasportsmag: NCS Division I quarterfinals Freedom vs Amador Valley Friday Nov 17th 7pm @ FHS Support your team! https://t.co/gNaUhF…

  3. Debating whether to start watching Stranger Things or not 🤔

  4. Wetness is a description of our experience of water. Look it up.

  5. RT @WorIdStarFunny: Took him 13 dribbles + a Clear double dribble......Good defense Bron 🤘🏾 https://t.co/WmjhcOMkSq

  6. NCS D1 Playoffs Bracket https://t.co/PFzJlvTkJi

  7. RT @BoonDocksClips: RT IF YOU WANT A SEASON 5 https://t.co/7Tsk6pT6u8

  8. It’s not Christmas yet. Chill 😐

  9. Money=Happiness in this world

  10. Don’t forget Lumpy’s bro https://t.co/9ZXtdOXX3w

  11. Everybody else try to tell you how to live but can’t even solve their own problems 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. OMG I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/fkaXDdki7p

  13. Even if I deliver, it’s not enough for you

  14. (Yawn) ok dude u joined a 73-win team. Only hard work you did was put up with Draymond as a teammate for a whole ye… https://t.co/itHXt7UYeF

  15. Naw Gucci Mane been thru a lot...of surgery to remove that baby in his stomach. https://t.co/sC4RMV2qr5