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  1. (GENS) FIFA World Cup 2014

    Excelent, I remember this game when i was a child
  2. 2017 Season with the Pats

  3. 2017 Season with the Pats

  4. (NES) TFO Football 2016 Final -INCOMPLETE-

    I'm going to play it
  5. (GEN) Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    Awesome, how do you edit with sega rom?
  6. 2017 Season with the Pats

  7. 2017 Season with the Pats

  8. NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    Jacoby Brisett with the pats 1-1
  9. 2017 Season with the Pats

    Week 1: Offensive game
  10. Best GIFs

  11. Graham Gano's Missed FG, Tecmo Style

    No good
  12. (NES) TecmoBowl.org Presents: Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    Hey, I do a Gameplay about the game. (In spanish)
  13. (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    Yes finally, THANKS A LOT
  14. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    So, today I was playing this HackRom. I got this weird bug on probowl. The bug is triggered when a kick returner gets injured. Weird things started to happen after that point. The screen went black after a touchdown. The video attached happens at a pass. Any way to fix it? BUG.mp4