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  1. Politics...horrible https://t.co/PN60yCtMwX via @CNNMoney

  2. Ex-officer Michael Slager pleads guilty in death of Walter Scott @CNN https://t.co/F0CieWeIQz

  3. @nick_underhill Why is there no concern about a backup for CJ? All the reps he's taken the past 2 years, he's gotta wear down soon. #Saints

  4. @snoringelbow @SeanOrleans 4 hours? It's a #WWE show, he's got plenty of time!

  5. RT @SouthernbeLLSU: I-20 east of Dallas. https://t.co/VrsmsIQvOQ

  6. @JohnJHendrix @RevDeuceWindham Any other videos you can suggest to make me fall in love with him?

  7. we r filling some needs here Tackle was a HUGE need for us! Just name the 3rd OT on the team #SaintsDraft #Saints #WHODAT #BSnBeer

  8. Bring your kid to work day and Draftmas! @saints #SAINTS #WHODAT https://t.co/MNkxIzaf7u

  9. Why does AJ have to keep wrestling Corbin? Such a waste. #StopPushingCorbin #WWE #SDLive

  10. https://t.co/ygxCLsqd65 https://t.co/n4DDJTMw9c

  11. @TomasMauricio19 @davidsson971 @saintsBS If only you could be the GM

  12. No way @WWEPeytonRoyce got ROBBED! #WWENXT #WWE

  13. @pastormarkevans Lildyce504@aol.com

  14. Racist and should be prosecuted this way. Fresno shooting: Rampage started with slaying last week @CNN https://t.co/7WO3OYZgXO

  15. Another #SDLive and we have not seen the #TagTeamChamps @WWEUsos Shame Shame #WWE