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  1. No question to be asked here.
  2. Prime wins coin toss, Denver vs San Diego Ngunn selects Denver and I take San Diego, final score Prime- 35 Ngunn-7 Good game Ngunn
  3. Prime- Falcons
  4. Offense- Steve Young Defense- Carl Banks
  5. Prime ✔️
  6. DB Bengals Barney Bussey Lewis Billups---RIP
  7. Falcons select RB- Mike Rozier RB- Tracy Johnson
  8. Falcons select WR John Taylor WR Mike Sherrard
  9. QB Dave Krieg TE Travis Mcneal
  10. Prime: QB- Cody Carlson TE- Tony Jones
  11. Prime: DB- Darryl Pollard LB: Keith DeLong K/P 49ers
  12. Prime: OL Green Bay
  13. Prime DB- Tim Mckyer LB- Cliff Odom DL- Shawn Lee
  14. Prime: RB-Doug LLoyd WR- Curtis Duncan