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  1. Thanks for the inspiration Ziur.....Ol' Dirty T just proving to you that thru optimism and using a little skill that anything is possible it is not about you eating your own words, but a challenge for me. The Falcons are currently sitting at 6-3 and looking to improve, my last game vs Ziur was not my best showing I mistapped on a few plays and gave up a few bombs (all part of tecmo). -I really enjoy playing with Ken he is a great fit for my style of play. Lott and Waymer really are fierce competitors on that football field. I will be drafting Ken for the next few seasons just to have a lot of fun and use that wonderful pass speed!! -I will continue to post here, and give each and every game my best shot leaving everything on the field. Nothing is personal just fun competition between everyone. Hopefully I can make the playoffs! #PRIME#
  2. 1989 signups...

    Count me in
  3. Update: -Atlanta is currently 5-3, with Ken O'brien leading the league in passing yards and throwing for 22 touchdowns. - I have a lot of faith in my team, my last 3 games were all tough against Rico, Barletti and DarthRockman. Lott and Waymer I must say are great to utilize when their conditions improve. -My OL is ridiculously awful, I have to escape the pocket and get off passes. As long as they hold for a few seconds I can live with them however, I will not be drafting TBs OL ever again! Everyone help me keep this alive. All games will be recorded and or streamed and recapped if possible. #PRIME#
  4. -Game 2 against Nos was a brutal beat down. He scored first and I elected to go for it again on 4th down. What happened? I failed to convert, and Nos strikes again with his great offensive skill set. I did not run the r&s against him because he thrives on it. - My OL doesn't hold long, but I am going to continue to work my strategy and get thru it! I am still content with my team as I split my first 2 games at 1-1. Ready for the next rom drop. No adjustments will be made to my team. I will stay as is, and play my game as usual! Stay tuned and follow my thread this season. Please post, all feedback is encouraged and needed to keep the thread hype! #P-R-I-M-E#
  5. Update: So as far as scrimmages go I went 3-2 and most of the wins were very dominant! Hoffnasty played well but could not stop my pass attack during 2 games (2-0), joeygats got me in game one however, I played him in game 2 up 14-0 and he resorted to JJs. So he ended up winning, his DL made my OL look non existent. Very bad for the Falcons. - Ol dirty won't reply but I will during our scrimmage he was no match for me. His team really was no threat, his secondary is arguably the best in the game (Chicago) but I sliced them up like Swiss cheese. The win was very convincing, as of now I feel content with where my team stands. I kept everyone in their OG position because I'm playing off of skill, and not relying on studs but balance rather. Positions matter but when you have balance, you can play from any angle in my honest opinion. 1-0 on the season, the opener was against Cubsfan it was a back and forth game that went into OT. The injury to Warren Moon sealed his chances of winning the game. Again, I'm very excited about this season and look forward to challenging each and every one of you. #PRIME#
  6. - Success will be all predicated on the strength of my schedule. I will run the run and shoot, and occasionally switch to a new offense to keep my opponents guessing. -I plan on losing 6-7 games this season. - Playoffs is always the goal and yes I do plan on making the playoffs. - Yes I have much faith in my team in any quarter, I excel using quarterbacks with decent pass speed (O'brien 56 ps) and 50 PC is pretty good to handle. Clayton, Duper and Roy Green will catch a lot of passes this season. - I saw Ray Childress but I elected to pass on him for this reason...I prefer balance over studs, that's just how I like to play and it makes me more content knowing I have more options as supposed to the one star. People may disagree but it's all opinion based. - Yes I am going to honor my commitment and bring much hype to this thread! I want everyone to know that it's not all about what people think or how they foresee your team. But skill matters most to me, half the time tecmo takes over games anyway, not to mention conditions and play calling. Good luck to everyone. I will post all my videos, stream when I can and post recaps as much as possible. The Atlanta Falcons will be the team to watch this season , I may do voice also! #OPTIMISM#
  7. HSTL S41 Draft

    DL/K/P Jets
  8. HSTL S41 Draft

    Cardinals backups
  9. HSTL S41 Draft

    Mark Clayton
  10. HSTL S41 Draft

    Mark Duper
  11. NGTL S3 Draft

    Rod Stephens and Patrick Hunter (Seattle) - John Kasay (Kicker) - Rick tuten (Punter)
  12. NGTL S3 Draft

    Frank Reich and Pete Metzelaars
  13. NGTL S3 Draft

    Dan Saleaumna, Tracy Simien and Charles Mincy.
  14. NGTL S3 Draft

    Harvey Williams and JJ Birden
  15. NGTL S3 Draft

    Jets OL