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  1. 26 years since I sat in Westerly hospital as a little boy not knowing what had just happened to my world..… https://t.co/YMIQxiFZw8

  2. RT @teamnovonordisk: Congrats to Umberto Poli on making the @Milano_Sanremo breakaway- from everyone at @teamnovonordisk- thanks for the in…

  3. RT @teamnovonordisk: From @cyclingtips: Youngest rider ‘in seventh heaven’ at aggressive @Milano_Sanremo debut #MSR 🇮🇹 📄: https://t.co/PS8…

  4. @RoddyRiddle you're an inspiration!! Great job conquering the @6633ArcticUltra https://t.co/QOt2fQSADR https://t.co/bpIcrqVLsT

  5. If I can almost pass out and run a race with bronchitis then I can finish any race no matter the distance… https://t.co/eH6h9GK8oC

  6. RT @teamnovonordisk: "I train hard, race hard, manage my #diabetes and never abandon my dreams." @PlanetCharles #ChangingDiabetes https:/…

  7. RT @teamnovonordisk: Watch neo-pro Umberto Poli recap making the breakaway at today's @Milano_Sanremo... #MSR #ChangingDiabetes https://t…

  8. RT @teamnovonordisk: .@Milano_Sanremo kicks of tomorrow! 🇮🇹 #MSR RACE PREVIEW: https://t.co/gPrCDPELSu https://t.co/yu24BC6BgC

  9. RT @teamnovonordisk: Next up for @teamnovonordisk, we return to the prestigious @Milano_Sanremo! 🇮🇹 📄: https://t.co/0VxVh5sN7n #MSR https:…

  10. One day I will start a diabetes rehabilitation center to start helping those that are suffering from diabetes denial https://t.co/2IRqySpOA6

  11. The #diabetes #blizzard2017 checklist is back!! https://t.co/b0ZQRXL5hi https://t.co/oLB8LmCue1

  12. Can't wait to see (maybe in person) @teamnovonordisk racing at the Tour of California!! https://t.co/6nNAITWJNT

  13. RT @teamnovonordisk: .@AmgenTOC Announcement: @teamnovonordisk will race to inspire 29 million Americans with #diabetes at #amgentoc! 📄: h…

  14. RT @teamnovonordisk: "We’re looking to be aggressive and to make sure people know we are here" @FabioCalabria recaps today's @TirrenAdriati…

  15. This may sound a little strange but I wish I could conduct interviews to find the perfect endocrinologist for me. https://t.co/gr48xhzhj7