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  1. The next month will be a very interesting one but I'm determined to make this transition as smooth as possible.… https://t.co/FvuAuQWips

  2. Thanksgiving is less than a week away, time to get my #diabetes game plan together https://t.co/5wFTSL13i1 https://t.co/A1uR4sCNp4

  3. RT @teamnovonordisk: What an honor to share the #ChangingDiabetes message around the 🌍 for #WorldDiabetesDay! 👉 @emanuelmini in Argentina…

  4. The diabetes landscape has changed!! Each person living with diabetes is taking control and living their dreams.… https://t.co/dDfHRBp9cp

  5. RT @nuunhydration: Start the new year off on the right foot (literally): Nuun Year Dash is back! Run with friends or fly solo, on your own…

  6. What do you do for lows while on the bike or running? https://t.co/2tDXUAEsaz https://t.co/u5EThLS90x

  7. RT @teamnovonordisk: "Fear doesn't motivate me, getting the most out of life motivates me to manage my #diabetes really well." Lauren Adams…

  8. It’s ok to say I need a break #diabetes https://t.co/3cbSCVJNmh https://t.co/H5NdwbX2Af

  9. When this team makes the @LeTour in 2021 it will be the 2017 season that we look back on.... https://t.co/VvWQlwehdR https://t.co/L0aX9MnNxy

  10. I want to run the NYC Marathon again!! https://t.co/xUN2skqYpA https://t.co/lxCQHyZUS7

  11. RT @SamNBrand: Thank you all for the support over the 2017 season and joining me for the ride ✌🏻#cycling https://t.co/Wmadu4rPWj

  12. RT @teamnovonordisk: Thanks to all of our fans and sponsors for an amazing year of #ChangingDiabetes! 💪 https://t.co/jx5C3RsR4y

  13. RT @teamnovonordisk: "We are tired and need to focus on recovery to get ready for tomorrow and the last stage.” Umberto Poli at #TourOfHain…

  14. It is amazing what life gives us, it challenges us and the challenge is tough https://t.co/OTvOEvAWCf https://t.co/jJNZH3DipO

  15. RT @TT1foundation: #ReachYour100 levels the playing field so everyone can compete and find their 100%, regardless of fitness! 👉👉 https://t.…