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  1. RT @JackBMontgomery: “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them, no ordinary man could be such a fool.” ~…

  2. RT @ChuckRossDC: 1.) Trump colluded with the Kremlin 2.) Well, Russians reached out to the campaign 3.) Russia's American contacts were wit…

  3. RT @JustinVerlander: Goes through Houston. #houstonstrong https://t.co/dXbQRFljAr https://t.co/LDJKA8OHcC

  4. RT @ClayTravis: Props to @nytimes for tackling the biggest issue in today’s society with a front page Style section article: can white kids…

  5. RT @CountDankulaTV: You will never be this level of woke. https://t.co/55eevSfTXr

  6. RT @PfeifferDC: Shit fam, I think ACLU might be white nationalist https://t.co/CrbWDFwYtj https://t.co/hQYySq2eVn

  7. RT @ClayTravis: Nothing like glorifying the families of maniacal dictators. This is insanity. https://t.co/LrlcyIHRUI

  8. RT @OrwellNGoode: In the UK, there is some debate whether the voting age should be lowered; and now this. Really makes me think 🤔 https:/…

  9. Glad to see @Outkick expand. Cheers to @OldTakesExposed, @ClayTravis. https://t.co/110fsXBmJ8

  10. @chevalier__noir According to their conception of the state, yes, more or less in < 280 characters.

  11. RT @stillgray: The tolerant left. https://t.co/cJQS6y48ca

  12. Annika's Afterthoughts From Warski Live Feb. 6 2018 https://t.co/8WtuZeUeWE via @YouTube

  13. RT @AnnikaSkywalker: Now they can melt down the viking artifacts to scrap metal like they plan to do in Sweden. https://t.co/iID2mG2QUU

  14. RT @Lauren_Southern: The failure of South Africa's progressive "Rainbow Nation" is beginning to be acknowledged at the European Parliament.…

  15. RT @benshapiro: I'd take Jimmy Kimmel's pretensions to the intelligentsia a bit more seriously if he ever had a conversation with someone w…