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  1. A year ago I didn’t even know @ClayTravis existed. Now I listen to his podcast at least three times per week. https://t.co/9HqdTtfk2x

  2. We’re not even that “dangerous”, @AnnikaSkywalker, and it might time for us to @getongab more often. https://t.co/bWnAsJrpEs

  3. RT @Timcast: "You also may not affiliate with organizations that use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes," - Twit…

  4. RT @astros: #EARNED Congratulations to @JoseAltuve27, your 2017 AL Most Valuable Player! 🐐 https://t.co/jyJqiQ4H0Z

  5. RT @WhitlockJason: We live in a world where the Tweet is more newsworthy than people's actions. The media cover Twitter rather than reality…

  6. RT @AP: BREAKING: UK tells citizens in Zimbabwe to stay indoors amid reports of 'unusual military activity'

  7. RT @Sierra_2015: Dude was showing the gorilla pictures of female gorillas and he for real is like "next one please" https://t.co/o2FPjCJPMb

  8. RT @shoe0nhead: >says physical violence is okay >immediately cries about words on the internet i'm still not convinced this person is real…

  9. RT @ClayTravis: This is the greatest Tweet in the history of Twitter. https://t.co/z4y8TxB0f5

  10. RT @CheekiScrump: When people mourn Gawker, show them this: https://t.co/WYsqg3HGHO

  11. RT @josh_hammer: Intersectionality makes you stupid. cc: @ElliottRHams https://t.co/D66NopXfVi

  12. RT @CatTheUndying: Holy shit Bill Nye is just getting destroyed by this AMA. https://t.co/MDkCG8tqWu

  13. RT @DLoesch: All that is missing now is my 20 gauge mounted bedazzler #ChainsawBayonet https://t.co/dr5batFetZ

  14. Lol, that @RubinReport is such a good sport is why I love what he does. Not even mad at his moderating this dumpste… https://t.co/cVOsp5eONS

  15. @EscapeVelo How so?