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  1. RT @stillgray: Lauren Southern's (@Lauren_Southern) Patreon account was deleted, but IGD's is still up despite how they promote violence ag…

  2. RT @benshapiro: This bulls*** will not stand. Don't worry, Berkeley. I'm coming, one way or another.

  3. RT @stillgray: You don't have room to speak when you hug a terrorist who has murdered children and openly support her violent beliefs. http…

  4. I just published “Elizabeth Holmes: Pride Before The Fall — Make Robots, Not War #3”

  5. A Brief Aside on the Epistemology of Progressive Activism

  6. @Lauren_Southern @shoe0nhead I'm still a pretty liberal guy and even I question the immigration rate of people from…

  7. RT @MakeRobots: Live with @Digital_Heretic and @AnnikaOBrien at #SB4Protest

  8. RT @notwokieleaks: This was written by the wife of a former US diplomat. Ppl worried abt Europe due to 3rd world immigration aren't just ri…

  9. RT @AnnikaOBrien: Greetings from Houston, @gogreen18, where we drink bleach

  10. RT @Some_BlackGuy: Look at this dickhead acting like the logo isn't a fucking swastika hahaha

  11. RT @RubinReport: Never give money to the ACLU.

  12. RT @Imamofpeace: REALLY!? After @facebook banned my Fan Page, they've now blocked my personal account for 7 days for posting a picture of…

  13. Peter Thiel: Entrepreneur, Political Activist…Prophet? — Make Robots, Not War #2

  14. #60Before30 #AstrosWin

  15. RT @AnnikaOBrien: In America we have strict rules for those working with children. Sweden is literally a toilet. 🤦🏼