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  1. RT @InsidersABC: In case you missed it, here's Bob Katter's alternative view on the #samesexmarriage debate. Thanks for watching. #Insiders…

  2. RT @YahBoyCourage: December 1st 12:00 AM https://t.co/ttQjTLcIIp

  3. RT @luggin_: the year is 2008. the time: 2:30 AM. you awaken in a sweat. a light illumates your dim room and a sound penetrates the area…

  4. RT @Patriots: Happy #PatsHatFriday! RT to enter to win an On Field Knit @NewEraCap. Rules: https://t.co/aGUCFodYSO https://t.co/emoMfSMmUD

  5. RT @HarrisBueller_: Every day we stray further from God’s light https://t.co/HcUKc6LkBG

  6. @Hershy69_ https://t.co/aYRsEqIfBr

  7. Gruden just had a cat scratch fever segment about a player on Monday night football. There is no god.

  8. RT @WillBrinson: Brock Osweiler just assassinated a man with a football. https://t.co/7KQlnoFtIn

  9. RT @stuckinaportal: nietzsche: who's a good boy? nietzsche's dog: [thinking] what does it mean to be good? can i accept the paradigm of an…

  10. RT @UncleChaps: Will they be able to play in 1/4 inch of snow? Only time will tell. https://t.co/eqPOEPocHo

  11. RT @Patriots: Winter is coming, but #PatsHatFriday is here! RT to enter to win an On Field Knit @NewEraCap. Rules: https://t.co/VClruELuu…

  12. RT @Phil_Lewis_: I’m really trying to imagine the kinda hell you have to raise in order for them to land the whole plane https://t.co/yf7GA…

  13. @Hershy69_ https://t.co/zjTsMdQ2Ir

  14. RT @BlSCUlTS__: i’m online https://t.co/0iw5sAiDR4

  15. I'm not even mad, you guys deserve this @comcast