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  1. Why this dude wearing a full Lakers pregame warmup uniform and an apron while he's mowing?

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  3. RT @Horse_ebooks: Unfortunately, as you probably already know, people

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  6. RT @nycsouthpaw: What a year this week has been.

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  9. RT @waitbutwhy: If all the atoms in your body were totally disassembled, then perfectly reassembled, would you still be you?…

  10. Oh yes

  11. RT @tbhjuststop: I CANT STOP LAUGHING AT THIS 😁😁

  12. I call bullshit on anyone who claims this. Sure they weren't that good, but everyone still ate them.

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  14. RT @ruinedpicnic: impeachmint 53.6k retweets 126k likes

  15. Me to Comcast: "Hi I need internet for 2 people, 4 devices at most being used at a time" Comcast: "Okay so 150mbps…