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  1. @Hershy69_ a classic

  2. @Hershy69_ Oh no. It's worse than I thought.

  3. When the music from the show that didn't get nominated makes the nomination reveal show seem like a good drama

  4. RT @espn: Carlos Beltran hasn't used his glove in a game in over two months ... so the Astros held a funeral for it. #PhotoOfTheNight https…

  5. RT @FuckingP3U: Oh my god, just watch.

  6. RT @CHIRAQWARMONEY: This shit spoke to me today

  7. RT @obamasquad98: "CaRmEl DoEs nOt WiN bECaUSE oF MOneY oR EnRolLment SiZE"

  8. Yeahhhhhh.. imma stick to nidhogg 1....

  9. RT @YahBoyCourage:

  10. @Hershy69_

  11. RT @jrhennessy: lol mcgregor's suit

  12. Why we still putting whole slices of pepperoni and ham on pizza? That shit needs to be diced every time.

  13. RT @Sanchovies: Locals b like Haha, what a BONELESS tweet, Jared >:D 🔁 3 ❤️ 1 Aye holup... 😳 my shit goin viral☝🏼

  14. RT @dubstep4dads: fuck being sad its 2017 we positive as hell from now on. call up your boy and tucc him into bed. kiss a bird. ride a hors…

  15. RT @boring_as_heck: Lol