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  1. September, you are supposed to be the nice transition month into fall. You have betrayed me. WHY IS STILL SO HOT?!?! #IWishWinterWasComing

  2. @tacobell I got two $5 Quesarito boxes in regular big boxes not the Xbox promo box. Whats up with that?

  3. I love baseball and the Tigers but they have been awful under Ausmus. Need an experienced mgr for these young guys and ship out high $$$

  4. @RyanSchuiling Japan and netting for safety. https://t.co/IetzyGbcCs

  5. RT @CMUAthletics: Embrace it. You are CMU! #DiversityandInclusion #TakingMACtion https://t.co/dCIb36mmiu

  6. RT @Wondermonkey2k: If you’re looking for a #Destiny2 #clan for adults on #xbox, look no further: https://t.co/CMMu47mU7O Steadily earning…

  7. @redveale Love the blue pants. Whole uni set is fantastic....except the grey color rush unis, those are hideous.

  8. RT @Everyday_Genius: If you see this, you're not doing it right. Sign into Chrome... Do it now... C'mon, do it. https://t.co/vP1y8AsdI8

  9. @shoc81 @CMU_Football Everything. Once again looking terrible against Syracuse. WR depth hurts and defense has look… https://t.co/pvY10A0uAA

  10. RT @CMUniversity: What this summer's flood tried to wash away in the Student Activity Center is now preserved on the wall! #FireUpChips htt…

  11. RT @redveale: Ticket sales promotion for Tigers: 2008: "Who's Your Tiger?" 2018: "Who's That Tiger?"

  12. RT @starwars: Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled for release on December 20, 2019. https://t.co/rDBqmuHX89

  13. @consumerist Wow. SUPER click bait-y title. Google Drive isn't going anywhere. The desktop app is closing in lieu o… https://t.co/DoGr9IcDwK

  14. @NE_sports_only @RapSheet https://t.co/qKI6Twz9F6

  15. https://t.co/zFwkYUOZIE