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  1. RT @starwars: 40 years ago in theaters not so far, far away.... #StarWars40th https://t.co/6rpMMegQUY

  2. 2nd Annual @JamGirlzgaming @Halo Tournament is kicking off tonight. Send Dudes vs. Killer B's. Watch my stream https://t.co/odsGJL3S3E

  3. RT @slickdeals: Linksys AC1900 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Router (Refurbished) $55 + Free Shipping https://t.co/i2gjUoukC1

  4. @ButchBaileyRYP @RedditCFB That would be interesting. I lived in NC for a few years and State was always NCSU. We n… https://t.co/GBsBndUltx

  5. @RyanSchuiling https://t.co/IMEWGEWvCf and tons of sites with streams all over. Cut cable over a year ago, haven't… https://t.co/Le8SRcoqFg

  6. @wilw Welcome to the mitten. Enjoy your time. Great people here. Thanks for coming to MCCC.

  7. @RyanSchuiling Not sure what hurts more, Cornell being gone so suddenly, or hearing its been ruled a suicide. Both give me an empty feeling.

  8. @RyanSchuiling @chriscornell @SchuilingReport His cover of Billie Jean is excellent too. Listen to his solo record… https://t.co/dvdBSXvgRN

  9. @detroitbadboys The way he accentuates his voice makes him sound like he is always putting on a bit. Always thinks… https://t.co/UzhBI52wv9

  10. @detroitbadboys Same. Seems like we dont need a rep at the lotto tonight. We already know who and where we are picking.

  11. @JimCosta_ Hoping to see better relationships built with younger alums and market all sports better for alums to come support on gamedays.

  12. @Cut4 Daniel Norris?

  13. @majornelson All around the strip in Vegas in something fast. #freecodefridaycontest

  14. Annnnnd back to back given up by Sanchez. I can throw BP fastballs too. I'll work for league minimum too and I'll bring the donuts.

  15. @YahooFantasy Had 9 on DL til Gary Sanchez came back and I made another trade. https://t.co/rAWv41lrMX