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  1. RT @AbdulElSayed: It's time to move beyond thoughts and prayers #GunReformNow https://t.co/yL2bCm9p3r

  2. Friendly reminder to NOT use TurboTax for your taxes. They charge you more for taxes than sites the IRS recommends.… https://t.co/pnFxW9q36a

  3. @jwing09 Both are great. I watched show first. Couple seasons in can be tough bc there are a lot of stories going o… https://t.co/gmdyeKUbJI

  4. RT @Topgolf: Want to win a $100 Topgolf Gift Card for #ValentinesDay? RT this. Want to purchase one on your own? We're offering something f…

  5. RT @AbdulElSayed: Yes, I’m 33 years old. Yes, I’m Egyptian-American. Yes, I’m Muslim. Okay. Now let’s start talking about solutions to prob…

  6. From a brand perspective, there is such a thing as too much exposure. They've diluted their product so much that no… https://t.co/Ept7GvEkyn

  7. Worst part of doing taxes in digital age is seeing in real time my refund start really high and just keep going dow… https://t.co/6pmY2aS8j6

  8. RT @CMUAthletics: Initial renderings of the Chippewa Champions Center show a multi-use, year-round facility for several campus units. Seati…

  9. Still hard to believe that I'm presenting solo at #macul18, but getting excited now to see the conference schedule… https://t.co/r3JxS7xZXj

  10. @Thadstradamus Well most week nights I am on around 830/9 PM and play til 11ish. Most nights we get a few people on. Look for us.

  11. RT @ericcurts: Join me for my free webinar "Supercharge Google Slides with Add-Ons" Feb 6th. Details here: https://t.co/tD4ln0TSos #edtech…

  12. RT @517EdTech: Why are we so excited for the #517EdTech Winter Gathering next week? Because our Two-Minute section is loaded with folks l…

  13. https://t.co/OrNE5rescq

  14. RT @AbdulElSayed: Oh, here he goes again with the #WarOnDrugs. That doesn't work. The solution to the opioid epidemic is about empathy, bui…

  15. @RyanSchuiling Figured as much. Youve done a great job through all of this. Was just curious if you had a gut feeli… https://t.co/AGHnJ7wSEv