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  1. Things that make me sad: Asking for ketchup for my fries in the drive-thru and getting 2 packets, yet I literally got 8 napkins....

  2. @herobyclicking @jack_p @ExtraLife4Kids @RoosterTeeth Going to start preparing for 2018 and starting January 1, we… https://t.co/bVm1ta6KXL

  3. @detroitbadboys #4. Was an hour to the Palace, now 90+ minutes plus traffic PLUS the price hikes. Can't park for ch… https://t.co/utK3kimqRU

  4. @jwing09 Totally got away with it last winter. I have a sneaking suspicion it won't work out this winter.

  5. RT @OwossoNow: VOTE NOW!

  6. RT @Kay_BlackSimba: #FireUpChips #ChippewaForever https://t.co/gH0Ao1TImU

  7. @RealMikeBennett Favorite wrestling moment as a fan?

  8. RT @petemaniez9: Corey Willis TD to beat Western Michigan with Titanic music is as good as it gets. #FireUpChips https://t.co/PntXUrPHPf

  9. RT @AlfordCMUAD: The Cannon is coming home to Mount Pleasant! Congrats to @CMUCoachBono and @CMU_Football!!🔥👆🏻Chips!! https://t.co/M5nloJs…

  10. PMJ Live was amazing. Everyone was great. Super excited @RobynAdele was there!! You guys killed it. #PMJTour https://t.co/AZ28ECxGGy

  11. #FireUpFriday Always proud to be a Chippewa. #FireUp

  12. @ryweiss Nothing wrong with that. Makes life interesting. IT world is full of them too. That and its Owosso. We are… https://t.co/iHckcQl0uA

  13. @RyanSchuiling 10 years ago? Sure. Now? Not a chance. Bob Quinn knows better. They have high character guys now. Br… https://t.co/FyNtGwPYTc

  14. @LularoeStacyL Actually I have not. I have not been in a retail store in almost 2 weeks.

  15. RT @CMUniversity: As a CMU Chippewa, your family includes over 220,000 alumni. Stop by the @CMUBookstore for this free decal with any purch…