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  1. RT @WWEDrakeWuertz: .@HideoItami going to #205Live is the best news I've heard all week! So awesome!

  2. #PS4share https://t.co/hFOM3v7FvQ

  3. RT @NINaylor: Still the best! https://t.co/cf4J9eTYyt

  4. RT @MonsieurJairo88: @TheShizNo1 Have you accepted Based Haitch as your wrestling lord and savior yet?

  5. @RAWFShowtime Well no title feud is gonna make sense now with Drew out. Might as well have Cole going for the HW ti… https://t.co/RIYLqbHLsV

  6. RT @judekilgour: If you’d told me at the beginning of 2017 that by years end Okada and Chuck Taylor would be on a collision course, l’d nev…

  7. RT @wojespn: ESPN story on Adam Silver and NBPA's Michele Roberts meeting with NCAA commission on issues that include the shaky status of o…

  8. RT @buffa82: Mark McGwire. Albert Pujols. Giancarlo Stanton. Hitters that you stop what you are doing to watch. Go get him, #STLCards.

  9. RT @JustinRose99: Testing an New 1 iron and Hi-Toe wedge from @TaylorMadeGolf today.... 🇦🇪 https://t.co/0OU8tKZlf2

  10. Oh. https://t.co/d8No7NKYrf

  11. RT @EdgeRatedR: 12 years. Never be another.

  12. RT @AndrewSiciliano: Friendly reminder… Every broadcaster hates your favorite team.

  13. RT @NotThatTomGreen: .@JohnCena Hey, Dave Meltzer said you couldn't move 1700 tickets for an indie show. I'm running a deal in June; let's…

  14. RT @fswisconsin: OH. MY. GOODNESS. 😱😱😱 @Giannis_An34 and @EBled2! What a play! The @Bucks are live on #FOXSportsGO: https://t.co/ovL3dfk5w…

  15. RT @SoDuTw: Emma is getting paid https://t.co/EmRb89hmMC