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  1. ...a bit of a departure from the last one, but I didn't mind Phantom Menace so I'll keep watching... https://t.co/2WVnTPTqS0

  2. ...and rightly so. https://t.co/ZHhwlMMmtt

  3. The latest The Sockymon Metro! https://t.co/Rzu1PQ8HYN Thanks to @starwars @steelershockey @nat_bur #repost #dalvsnyg

  4. Finished reading "James Bond : For Special Services," by John Gardner. https://t.co/24ddOWzhUL

  5. Finished reading "Star Wars : Phasma," by Delilah S. Dawson. https://t.co/f810pl7ZK4

  6. My day has instantly got better now 😀 https://t.co/veACoGTQrO

  7. 🇫🇮💯Happy 100th Independence Day Finland! 🇫🇮💯#suomi https://t.co/IuTxfHHZ9x

  8. ...we're going to need a longer bus to fit that on the side... https://t.co/oSmbrQFUEt

  9. The latest The Sockymon Metro! https://t.co/fnUNoha071 Thanks to @emmyloumac @zuzanamiya @Whimzy_ #repost #ps4

  10. @Distortedview "Made in Scotland from girders," as they used to say... https://t.co/NUCj5ELMTM

  11. ...Snowbear, surely...? "Scientists say abominable snowman is a bear" https://t.co/VFckmK0jhU

  12. The latest The Sockymon Metro! https://t.co/dkwBjtptHb Thanks to @nat_bur @comiXology @TheNewEuropean #repost #reviews

  13. ...bad karma follows you around... https://t.co/TZjKJ75QG2

  14. The latest The Sockymon Metro! https://t.co/dXYB37gHH5 Thanks to @NetflixUK @ESPNCFB @Artemio #repost #reviews

  15. *Hello weekend my old friend...* BBC News - A very British weekend https://t.co/PbGaZohwdM