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  1. @Glittertooth @lilgreymouse that's so cute!

  2. Do the numbers seem a little higher up to anyone else?

  3. @Alex49025797 wow edge

  4. @CBJDuck not convinced

  5. @lordvictor That fucking rain delay in game 7 is top of that list

  6. @GamingAndPandas @DCSD_Bryce Not much of a bowser guy in that sense, but I'm a veteran of the scene

  7. @mombot @El_Scrumpo Do you think Tariq needs to remember breathing?

  8. @benshapiro It really is such a shame it's the White Sox.

  9. @lordvictor Remember when they were mad Zarya wasn't gay?

  10. @Wottergate @Erakir @KlonoaPrower Hopefully at least "fill" and "me" and "good"

  11. Watched this and now I feel funny. @Erakir what should I do?

  12. Don't worry @Monte_Colorman this game lasted 20 minutes anyway

  13. @Patashu0 @Erakir Thank you!

  14. @doopypaws whenever they meet a cute boy