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  1. the predators will win the Stanley Cup

  2. RT @TheOnion: Row Of Dusty PlayStation 2 Games Continues Reign At Top Of Book Shelf

  3. @307x I too am a man of gourmet taste

  4. @Indians Still have no idea what Altuve was swinging at but hoping he bites like that again today

  5. @donnybrahgames @2BCProductions Who cares.

  6. This "Arrogant Bastard Ale" spent a lot of time pumping its tires but not a lot of time brewing anything with a redeeming flavor

  7. @driftwoodbern @TheOnlySodo Lol

  8. @SuperChuks10 @ryjacques @ElliotBelliss @jiggz9 @LilSmit35 @espn I just noticed this dude is a big AZ fan lmao

  9. I prefer to rent avocado toast myself

  10. @stephensonmc Oh did this guy get injured and now GS is winning

  11. RT @TomHorsman: Also, you know you're from Cleveland when your phone autocorrects "land" to have a capital L.

  12. How exactly does this work, Google?

  13. @AlisonL Taking 80 through the PA turnpike legit shaves like 40 minuges

  14. @Juggy2times @fat_juice Lorainnnn

  15. Rocket Raccoon is still too cute wow