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  1. How did Edmonton go from #Woke to #Joke in a single off season

  2. Artemi Panarin is a SneakyBoi™

  3. RT @307x: aj styles is just so damn good

  4. @alstorotter I’ll allow it then

  5. @BattoKai344 @blizzard_wuffy https://t.co/1Bp31O4HV5

  6. Holy fuck SEVEN YEARS?

  7. RT @CityDescriber: a close up of a building https://t.co/NfHrJh1zku

  8. @Zizi_Softtail Wat

  9. @CatTheUndying Implicit bias is paying $5 for a pint

  10. @Lambent64 Cute!!!

  11. @schwarzcrow94 https://t.co/BNGBBc0ciN

  12. Sick of watching this filth

  13. do you think drybones is actually gay tho

  14. Hey baby I’m sorry to hear that you’re having some bad time you have to go to pick up the boys https://t.co/DxJvGp23H2