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  1. @BDCLE29 Yessss you are correct

  2. @Babylonian finally, someone says it!

  3. @SonderBirb

  4. Indians part of the condo

  5. Wow, uh, holy shit Ramirez

  6. @PixelTailGames Loving Tower Unite! Get Candlestick bowling in there!

  7. RT @TeeHaitchGee: How Jason Jordan was made

  8. @ArtyVibes And ham

  9. @dominos guys this is unacceptable I'm so sad

  10. @BitrateNate is actually for real sawing logs

  11. @MasonAnimation He's a tool

  12. @El_Scrumpo I guess since Art Decade can't draw different things besides BEARS LOL he's gotta appeal some other way

  13. RT @satoshiksutra: Ron Howard narrator voice: It was, in fact, a swastika.