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  1. Get ready to trip balls. Relax & have fun. https://t.co/1HWlsxP47Q

  2. RT @doglab: It takes 3.2 sec to RT and help find missing Joshua, 15 year old has now been missing for nearly two weeks from #Worsley #Salfo…

  3. @SYFY This series needs more CGI. Have you seen the leprechaun run? The beatings this creature would receive.

  4. @ChuckWendig Love Bulleit bourbon.

  5. I’m tired of people hating on things I enjoy. 2018 is now the Year of holding your middle finger in the air. https://t.co/yESijwEVnf

  6. I think Ryu needs to cut down on the steroids in Street Fighter V. He looks like an older Macho Man now.

  7. Back in the game #thedivision #PS4share https://t.co/RIqVdaOeFf

  8. Human Target. Loved that show. Wish it got more than two seasons. Chance will live forever.

  9. @MytiaZimmer I think that is human nature. Feelings always spill out first before thought.

  10. If you like Shadow Run, watch Bright on Netflix. Don’t worry about what reviewers have written & enjoy it for what… https://t.co/aNJG7ApmRA

  11. @ShaunKing @RealLucyLawless And people had a hard time understanding why a NWA song was so popular...

  12. Olli Olli 2 + Spotify mix of Hip Hop in the background is my place of Zen. Everything else melts away and I am just… https://t.co/huySx4C3VW

  13. Snoke is the visual representation of a child molester. He is what I see no matter what they look like on the outside.

  14. Phasma equals boba Fett. An under used character with such potential.

  15. In my next D&D adventure I want to play a sentient bear mage. The bear can speak common and he using a frog compani… https://t.co/45SATC1HG2