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  1. @joshuah714 @serial66 @MarkMaddenX Ok. But where's the joke come from?

  2. @DejaHiott Actually, he cost himself the chance to reach his full potential because he couldn't stop smoking weed l… https://t.co/hxBNoNk5mf

  3. @Rexadelphi @FlyingHigh28 @orangeandsass Yeah, you're not creepy or anything. 😳 Dear god

  4. RT @dee_allinder: Not typically a sucker for marketing campaigns but put a Penguin logo on a case of beer and I buy it ten times outta ten.

  5. @mikeaul18 The dog legitimately outweighs @mattmurray_30.

  6. @FanMorningShow I would've said no...until I watched them play Cleveland in the World Series.

  7. @colin_dunlap What are you talking about? Team USA destroyed Trinidad and Tobago in the Junior Goodwill Games.

  8. RT @DarrenDreger: The Stanley Cup has arrived at the White House. https://t.co/igInOcI4GF

  9. @justinxreese @fsmikey You can't say that definitively. No other coach has had his job to prove how much better they could be.

  10. @JoeStarkey1 @nrarmour @937theFan But, hey. Keep spewing liberal trash and keep losing listeners like the NFL is losing viewers.

  11. @PensPoints Hmm...hopefully the kinks get worked out. My account keeps randomly resetting to 55 points. And how abo… https://t.co/ZhrHl0bnjR

  12. RT @keeperofthecup: There is a lot of #stanleycup bling around Pittsburgh these days. @NHL @HockeyHallFame @penguins https://t.co/tcN2oJxFcW

  13. RT @FoxBusiness: #StockAlert: U.S. markets since the election https://t.co/1kwamJuizO

  14. @UniWatch Man...I love your coverage. But couldn't disagree more about most of your opinions. Those Patriots color… https://t.co/VwS0Fw8RqP

  15. RT @keeperofthecup: Starting the day off..surprising the front office. We're early, nobody is here yet..great photo. #stanleycup @NHL @Hock…