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  1. @BadgerFootball @steelers @_TJWatt Hey @BadgerFootball, we don't want him. Should've come back for his senior year.

  2. RT @steelers: Get your #SteelersDraft hat before you see it on stage tonight. Retweet and follow @SteelersShop for your chance to win. htt…

  3. @NHLNetwork @Capitals @TomGulittiNHL @penguins No.

  4. @stoosh10 @amc424 Never. I hope they suffer forever.

  5. @tydorion @TheCBJArtillery Actually, I think it'll be a pretty tight series. 🙄

  6. @cuzzinfish @JoshYohe_PGH @NHL So, then you're seeding teams against each other who have played an entirely differe…

  7. @Rupper17 how bad to you want to punch Roenick in the face?

  8. RT @BillysManCave: Retweet if you can say the same thing!

  9. Hey, @ROOTSPORTSPIT... Do you care even one bit what your fans want?

  10. @tboothe78 @FanMorningShow @colin_dunlap Why is Sullivan worth laughing over? I'd take him all day, every day.

  11. @FanMorningShow Marte isn't taking innocent lives into account with his mistakes. It's a no brained.

  12. @RealDanaHeinze I say you petition adidas to let the boys wear the gold jerseys as alternates next year.

  13. @WentzEra You didn't? Pretty impressive typing skills for someone less than two years old. 😉

  14. @Nationwide @BlueJacketsNHL @NationwideArena #MarchOver

  15. @icehockeyjunkie @Real_ESPNLeBrun @NHL So that's just "playoff hockey?" Get real. Calvert sucks. It benefits us for…