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  1. NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Congratulations, Philadelphia Eagles for ending your 57-year championship drought and taking Super Bowl LII. Might as well start this new thread for a new season, since Maynard seems to have vanished off the face of the earth at around the time of the Super Bowl. Hope he's doing well. So discuss the current NFL season here.
  2. Philly Commander Wave

    Next thing we know, the Vikings will win the Super Bowl. And then the Jaguars. And then the Texans. And then the...Browns? That's three seasons since going winless, right? And yes, the Bucs and the Lions both reached the playoffs three years following their respective winless seasons, so I guess that's one thing the Browns can possibly feel optimistic about.
  3. NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Bridgewater is becoming a Jet. I'm gonna go out of my way to suspect that unless whatever rookie QB the Bills end up selecting in the draft is able to thrive, that they're gonna get royally screwed. I'm all but guaranteeing that the Browns will select a QB in the draft, even with Tyrod Taylor in their roster. Because that's all the Browns are good for; destroying the careers and reputations of countless QB's everywhere. Then again, given that the Browns have well over a hundred million in salary cap space and they haven't spent a dime of it anywhere, it's become especially clear that the Browns refuse to actually invest in any actual talent and that Jimmy Haslam is simply hoarding the money for himself. Not that most highly respectable players would even want to be a part of that organization. Teams that still need a QB? AFC East: Tom Brady won't be playing forever. The Jets should at the very least consider finding a replacement for Teddy Bridgewater in case he is incapable of staying healthy. The Bills literally have nobody to lean on. And while the Dolphins may have Jay Cutler and Ryan Tannehill on their roster, they can still do better. As for who should select a QB in the first round of the draft, I'll go with the Bills since they're the one team that doesn't have one. AFC North: Similar to Brady, Big Ben isn't going to be in Pittsburgh for very long. Joe Flacco is pretty mediocre, though a new QB isn't entirely necessary (if they're going to draft one, do so at the third or fourth rounds at the worst). And the Browns? Hah! What they need is a new owner, GM, and coach, and to blow the entire organization up and rebuild in a few years. The upshot is that the last two teams to go winless wound up making the playoffs three years later though, so perhaps it's not all bad for Cleveland. Honestly, the only team that really shouldn't be fishing for a new QB is Cincinnati. Ultimately, I think the Browns will select a QB first overall unless they're delusional enough to believe that Tyrod Taylor will be their lord and savior. AFC South: Shockingly enough, all four of these teams look good. Though if the situation with Andrew Luck looks pretty awful, the Colts might consider looking for a new QB. But they probably won't since this isn't exactly a Peyton Manning-type situation here. AFC West: The Chiefs already drafted a successor to Alex Smith, and the Raiders have Derek Carr as their long-term solution. Like with Brady and Roethlisberger, the Chargers might consider drafting a successor to Philip Rivers. Even with the acquisition of Case Keenum, the Broncos should still consider looking for a QB in the draft--even if they believe Keenum is enough to hold the fort for the season, at the very least, trade up so that you can acquire a QB as a secondary concern. NFC East: The Eagles have both Carson Wentz and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. The Cowboys look set longterm with Dak Prescott. So that pretty much leaves us with the Giants and Redskins. Like with Big Ben, Brady, and Rivers before them, the Giants should consider looking for a successor to Eli Manning. That just leaves us with the Washington Redskins, who are now royally screwed like no team has ever been screwed before. NFC North: The Vikings have scored a major jackpot in Kirk Cousins. Don't fuck this opportunity up! The Lions look pretty secure with Matthew Stafford. And the Bears already have their guy in Trubisky, who wasn't terribly awful in his rookie year, albeit played cautiously. And while Aaron Rodgers can still play at an elite level, some concern should be made for a possible successor to Rodgers, or at the very least, a feasible replacement in case he breaks his collarbone again. NFC South: The Falcons and Panthers already have their QB situations secured. Drew Brees is one of the very best QB's that have ever played the game...and even then, more than anybody else other than the Patriots, the Saints probably need to consider looking for a successor to Breesus. The Buccaneers? Eh...they probably should consider finding another QB, but not in the first round in the draft. NFC West: Off the top of my head, there are only two NFC teams that absolutely need to pick up a QB in the draft, and five teams in the league altogether--the Jets, Bills, Broncos, Redskins, and Cardinals (I'm not counting the Browns since what they need is a coup d'├ętat to usurp Haslam from power, and a roster that doesn't look like 53 giant pieces of shit with orange hues here and there). The 49ers, Seahawks, and Rams already have their men in the foreseeable future (although the 49ers spending habits this early on in the rebuild is rather alarming). The Seahawks are royally screwed in the foreseeable future as well, unless they manage to arrange an elite offensive line to protect Russell Wilson (because he clearly wasn't the issue with the Seahawks last season--on the contrary, he was pretty much the only reason the Seahawks were still in the playoff hunt heading into Week 17) and find a kicker who isn't haunted by a chipshot field goal whiff. So teams that really should prioritize in finding a QB are the Jets, Bills, Broncos, Redskins, and Cardinals. And maybe the Browns, though they pretty much need to fix everything, including the front office and owner. Teams that ultimately should consider finding successors are the Patriots, Steelers, Chargers, Giants, Packers, and Saints. The Dolphins, Ravens, Colts, and Bucs should consider other QB candidates, but it shouldn't be their top priority. And the Bengals, Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Chiefs, Raiders, Cowboys, Eagles, Vikings, Lions, Bears, Falcons, Panthers, Seahawks, 49ers, and Rams all look good to go as far as the QB position goes. So, yeah! Half the league doesn't even need to worry about the QB position at this point in time.
  4. Honestly, I would like to know which teams having winning records against whom. If I have to take a guess, the Cowboys own a winning record against teams like the Buccaneers, Saints, Falcons, Lions, and Cardinals. But that's about it. I know the Broncos own a winning record against the Browns.
  5. (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 1970-1994 seasons

    I already downloaded. It turns out that I needed to extract the files or else I would have just gotten the 1970 season. Here's a little bit of an added bonus: When I first simulated the 1970 season, the Browns made it all the way to the Super Bowl, but lost to the Over-the-Hill Gang. To be fair, the Browns did make the playoffs in 1970. But still.
  6. (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 1970-1994 seasons

    Currently, I only have the 1970 season. When will the other seasons be available?
  7. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Hm...where is Maynard anyways?
  8. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Yeah, that's wierd to consider this. The Chiefs seem to have a habit of picking out our Super Bowl contenders/champions in recent years, haven't they? They did so back in 2014 when they beaten both the Seahawks and Patriots, and they were halfway there in 2015 when they beat the Broncos in the rematch (don't remember the outcome of their game against the Falcons in 2016--if I have to guess, they probably won that one, too). Speaking of which, if we have a Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Falcons next year, who would win? The franchise whose history is built on choking versus the head coach whose entire legacy is cemented as the bonafide Heimlich patient?
  9. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Apparently, the Cowboys never won a Super Bowl without controversy. Their 90's dynasty had quite a bit drama both on and off the field, and most of it stemmed from the strained relationship between Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson. Not to mention in the early 70's, Tom Landry decided to experiment on a two QB system that was so bloody dysfunctional that it nearly cost them the entire season, and it was only because he ultimately decided to stick with Staubach that they were able to finally get over the hump (that, and Duane Thomas, in spite being a transcendent RB talent, was a complete locker room cancer). The 49ers also had its fair share of drama in the late 80's due to the most notorious and storied of QB controversies between two future GOATs in Joe Montana and Steven Young. Although said controversy only ever took off because Montana was quite prone to injuries. And Al Davis and the Raiders dynasty was always in of themselves controversial. Long story short--they are the one type of dynasty that could never again exist in the current NFL landscape. All based on the way that they played. The Redskins had a little bit of controversy in the 1987 season, which like the 49ersm was also related to the quarterback controversy. But otherwise they were quiet on that front. Honestly, only the Packers and Steelers didn't generate that much drama (well, outside of the Emaculate Reception, which, no matter how you look at it, was entirely a product of dumb luck). The drama that mostly follows the Patriots mostly just comes from people that hate that they are able to succeed and dominate for nearly two decades in spite the salary cap being in place. And every time they remind us how incredible their success has been in the salary cap era, it always reaffirms my notion that the whole reason behind the salary cap was to stamp out dynasties to begin with. For this reason, we constantly hear stories about a divide between Belichick, Brady and Kraft; we have Deflategate; Bountygate; the locker hating their head coach because he traded one of their best players not named Bledsoe to the Buffalo Bills shortly after Super Bowl XXXVI (and really, those trades were mostly just to open up a great deal more cap space, which was why Belichick didn't particularly like Bledsoe since he had became a giant albatross on the franchise). Really, the drama from those other squads really came from those other squads. The drama that comes from the Patriots for the most part really only come from the sports drive-bys. Which is why aside from the Garoppolo trade to the 49ers, I do not believe one word about the chasm between Brady, Belichick and Kraft. The downfall of the Patriot dynasty if anything will be Brady's retirement. And the end of the winning culture will probably then following with Belichick's departure, and presumably Kraft's death/retirement (curious to know just how old he is--he looks older than Clint Eastwood).
  10. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Oh, boy! 1. The numbers of IR or the nature of said players on IR doesn't matter a hill of beans. Carson Wentz was a superstar quarterback and Tom Brady was the GOAT. Aside from Hightower, the only noteworthy player I could think of that was on IR was Julian Edelman. And even before much of the Patriots' defense was ravaged by injuries, they were still trash. Much of the Eagle players on IR were linemen and guards, including a future HoF player. 2. You neglect to mention Brett Favre, who was also a transcendent talent all the way up to and including his age 40 season, and unlike Brady, never missed a season due to injury. And he still fell off a cliff in his age 41 season. All it takes is the same to happen to Brady, or worse, a serious injury to be inflicted upon Brady, and that would be it for him. This isn't being a biased hater of the Patriots--it's facts. I may have been wrong about when he's gonna fall off multiple times, but that's because past age 37, those concerns begin to pop up. And unlike with John Elway, there is absolutely no reason to suspect that Brady would retire at the pinnacle of his career, either (as I recall once hearing him that he'll retire when he sucks). 3. Are you saying that there were Patriot players on IR that were in serious contention for League MVP? I'm assuming that was the "shoulda-coulda-woulda" that you're referencing. 4. How about 7 touchdown passes with 0 interceptions in a game during the 2013 season--a season where the guy single-handedly turned around what was looking like an abysmal Eagle squad around under Michael Vick? And that was in spite the fact too that the Eagles that season were a specialized running team. The only reason to doubt Nick Foles leading up to the Super Bowl was because his team looked very suspect underneath him in all but the Giants and Vikings games. Especially on the offensive side of the ball. That was partially the reason why I continuously picked against them in every playoff game (that and because I've always assumed that Brady would pull another hax move to win yet another Super Bowl or something--not accusing them of cheating or anything, but that offense and that one pick play looked like some sort of cheese you would see on All-Madden). And I keep hearing how Belichick's ego was his own undoing. It's the same sort of thing I keep hearing from the experts who instead of marveling at the game plan of the winning team and the providing feedback to the losing team, they instead bitch about the losing team as if they had no business losing the way they did (the only team that probably warranted this sort of treatment was the Falcons--and possibly the Seahawks as well). What is football ultimately about? First and foremost, it's about the coaching staff trying to outsmart the other team. Then it's about the players executing the plays to the best of their abilities. No matter how flawlessly both teams end up playing, one team is gonna be outsmarted or execute their plays better in the end (and even in, say, the divisional matchup between the Vikings and Saints where the coaching staff didn't make any huge errors from either end, the experts still found something to bitch about against the losing team). The final thing to consider is luck. May it be freak plays, or injuries--for better or worse (see Tom Brady). So no matter how well both teams execute their game plan, one team is gonna look stupid by the end of it. Even in a fairly average scoring game with zero turnovers or sacks from either team, that's still going to end up being a series of mistakes from one team's part just because they were unable to generate any turnovers or sacks at all. Just imagine how much things could have changed in Super Bowl XXV or XXXIV had the losing teams actually managed to generate a crucial turnover--may it be a strip sack or an interception? We might be talking about a Buffalo Bills dynasty or the Titans as Super Bowl champions. We might not even have any acknowledgement of the Greatest Show on Turf to this very day. Heck, we might be talking about Jeff Fischer as a future HoF coaching genius instead of one of the worst (or at the very least, most overrated) head coaches of all time had the Titans forced just one turnover. Or we might even be talking about the Titans and Bills as Super Bowl champions today had they not missed that one crucial field goal kick apiece. People don't remember this, but the Rams scored their first touchdown of the game to go up 16-0 following a missed Titans field goal attempt. I'm not talking about "shoulda-coulda-woulda" here. I'm talking about logistics. No matter what happens, in a game of tactics and strategy, one team is always going to look stupid and have their judgments second guessed following a loss. Unless you're the 1972 Miami Dolphins; the only thing that really went wrong for them was that field goal gaffe in the Super Bowl. But given that they won that game anyways, it's fine to laugh about it.
  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Well, that was quite a hectic week to say the least. My modem died so I was without WiFi for a while. Anyways, time for my final Power Rankings. I may consider taking on the best players in each team's roster, but I'm struggling a bit with a few teams. But be as it may, here are the final Power Rankings based on everything we knew about each team: 32. Cleveland Browns (0-16): Record speaks for itself. Now watch as they lose 14 or 15 for the third straight season. 31. New York Giants (3-13): Hopefully, the firing of Ben McAdoo will finally free up this team's offense heading into the offseason. 30. Indianapolis Colts (4-12): No Andrew Luck at all this season. This pretty much left them with two close victories against two abysmal ball clubs (Browns and pre-Jimmy G. 49ers), and a sweep of a Texas squad that lost all their best players due to injury--including rookie sensation Deshaun Watson. At no point was this team ever good. At least the Giants overachieved once or twice. 29. New York Jets (5-11): I will give the Jets props for greatly overachieving in spite having next to nobody worth a damn on either side of the ball. Just imagine if Todd Bowles had a REAL team to work with for once? 28. Denver Broncos (5-11): Honestly, this team could have been ranked lower, but the Colts and Jets both lost pretty big to the Broncos, so they clearly get a bit of a break for once. Also, if we are going to get Kirk Cousins, we better be willing to clean house in our Salary Cap so that we don't continue having a porous roster. Von Miller is one thing, but we need to get rid of Demaryus Thomas, and maybe Aqib Talib, and start over from scratch. And finally, we have Vance Joseph, and absolutely inept head coach if I've ever saw one (well outside of Cleveland, anyways), and he is allowed to stay. Honestly, I don't see this ending well, but who knows? 27. Chicago Bears (5-11): I'll give this team props for victories against the Steelers, Panthers, and (albeit slightly tainted) Ravens. But when Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone again, they couldn't win. They couldn't win against a Falcons team doing everything they could to choke the game away. They couldn't win a single game against their division rivals. They couldn't beat the 49ers (and mind you, this was before we realized just how much success the 49ers would have with Jimmy G.). They overachieved in parts, and swept the AFC North. But otherwise, they sucked. 26. Houston Texans (4-12): Yes, this team got swept by the Colts, but I'm pretty much gauging overall merits of each of these teams. The Jets and Bears had slivers of hope but were otherwise consistently bad, and the Broncos had a terrific start but fell off a cliff when we realized that Vance Joseph couldn't coach offenses to save his life. The Texans at one point was 3-3 and were a force to be reckon with. And then the injuries kicked in. Other than a quality win against the Cardinals, they couldn't do anything right once Deshaun Watson tore his ACL. God, 2017 was a lousy year when it came to injuries. And trust me; this won't be the last time you'll hear of this concerning other teams on these Power Rankings. 25. Miami Dolphins (6-10): The next group of football teams are fairly difficult to sort out, but ultimately, I decided to go with Miami to round out the eight worst teams in the league. Why? Well, because after Ryan Tannehill tore his ACL during training camp, Adam Gase decided to sign Jay Cutler to the starting lineup. Then they traded Jay Ajayi to the Eagles--and knowing how this season ended, we know this was a terrible mistake on Miami's part. They derped to victory against the Chargers, had split their regular season records with the Jets and Patriots, upset the Falcons (who choked away YET another big lead), and bested the Titans and Raiders when they were without their star quarterbacks. Aside from beating the Patriots, they never really had a quality win that demonstrated that they were indeed for real. Maybe next year, they'll bounce back. Provided Tom Brady isn't an ageless immortal or a sparkly vampire. 24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11): They may have finished with a worse record than the Dolphins, but they did win the head-to-head match up. Not that it matters when you judge an entire season on a pedestal. Unlike a lot of other teams ranked so far, the Buccaneers mostly had trouble dealing with a brutally tough schedule. They were a last place team in a division that sent three teams to the playoffs, and had all finished with roughly the same records as well. The fact they managed to steal a win and almost stole another from their division rivals definitely demonstrated just how loaded the NFC South was this year. We'll wait and see if their miserable season was a product if being in a shockingly good division or not. They've beaten the Saints, Jets, Dolphins, Bears, and Giants--the latter very narrowly. So we'll have to wait and see where things go from here. 23. Green Bay Packers (7-9): This team early on looked like one of the premiere franchises in the league and a surefire Super Bowl contender. They were 4-1 and riding high. And then Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone against a brutal Vikings defense, and everything went to shit from there. The reason they rate this high in spite of this? Because they still managed to beat the Bears, Buccaneers, and Browns without him, so at the very least, it was safe to say that the Packers were marginally better than them even without Rodgers. Needless to say, had Rodgers not gotten hurt, the Packers would have rated much higher. And who knows just how much of an impact the NFC Playoff bracket would have had had Rodgers stuck around. 22. Oakland Raiders (6-10): Honestly, the Raiders probably had no business being as bad as they were this season. Sure, Jack del Rio deserved much of the blame. But want to know who else deserved the blame? That offensive line that after Week 2 decided to fuck off and leave Derek Carr to be massacred all season long because Carr didn't like the political nature of the National Anthem protests. Who knows how the John Gruden experiment works. But given just how much they had to pay the man, chances are, the Raiders aren't going to have much to work with. 21. Cincinnati Bengals (7-9): Following an 0-3 start, the Bungles won their next two games before the bye. Then they pretty much fluttered the rest of the season. The only reason why the Bungles rate this high in spite of this is because they ended up overachieving, eliminating the Lions and Ravens from playoff contention in back-to-back weeks, even though they themselves were already eliminated. Unfortunately, that pretty much meant that Marvin Lewis got to sign an extension. At least it was just a two year extension, so we pretty much can assume that he is on thin ice as it is. 20. San Francisco 49ers (6-10): Jimmy G. pretty much single-handedly redeemed what was arguably one of the three or four absolute worst teams in the league all season long into where they are. If forward momentum is any indication, we may very well see the 49ers make a quick escape from the basement heading into next season (especially since the Legion of Boom is getting on in years, and the Cardinals have become a retirement home). So if I were doing a Power Ranking based on how each team ended their season, the 49ers would be in the top ten. But one still has to remember that this team at one point in time made the Houston Texans post injuries look like the Super Bowl champion Eagles by comparison, and that was in spite losing six consecutive close games during that time frame. It was so bad that fans were pondering if they would join the Browns and go 0-16 as they were the last team to get a win in this season. 19. Arizona Cardinals (8-8): Honestly, this was another team that spent a large majority of the season among the worst teams in the league. Granted, they were nowhere near as bad as the 49ers were. But they barely were able to escape with wins against the Colts and 49ers (who they would eventually sweep); and it wasn't until Carson Palmer was lost for the season that the Cardinals started finding their way again, as both Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert managed to generate more wins than Palmer could. Of course, like the 49ers, they bested the Titans and Jaguars during that time, but they narrowly lost a defensive blunder bowl against the injury-ravaged Washington Redskins. Unfortunately for them, unlike a ton of other teams in the lower half, the Cardinals look to be in a really dark and unpleasant place in the league in the foreseeable future. 18. Baltimore Ravens (9-7): Here's a record the Ravens I'm sure wish they did not possess. Granted, they may have won nine games, but they never were able to best a playoff team a single time this year. They played the Steelers twice, the Titans, Jaguars, and Vikings, and lost all five of these games. Now, granted, if their only regular season losses were against these teams, they would have made the playoffs as the fifth seed. But then they had to lose to the Bears and Bungles--the latter during the season finale where all they needed to do was win and then they were in. Given that they are the fifth team introduced so far that never won a single game against a playoff team (the others being the Browns, Colts, Broncos and Packers), this pretty much makes them the best team in the league by far without a noteworthy win on their resume. Did I mention the Ravens were one of the few teams this season that wasn't inflicted by the injury bug? 17. Washington Redskins (7-9): The Redskins were a very odd case. They were an incredibly sneaky good team for a long while, and then the injury bug took its toll, and it gotten so bad that after a quality win in Seattle, they were only able to limp their way to just two victories. One was against the retirement home that is the Cardinals, while the other was the lowly Denver Broncos. Until it was abundantly clear they could no longer overcome the lack of depth on their roster, the Redskins were consistently one of the deceptively good teams in the league. Had the Redskins made the playoffs, Kirk Cousins would have been an MVP candidate. 16. Tennessee Titans (10-8): Honestly, even with the Wild Card win against the Chiefs, I still considered the Titans to be the absolute worst playoff team in the league. 'Throughout the entire season, I kept asking myself the same question over and over again--how are they winning this many games? Following a 7-3 start, the Steelers pretty much caused the Titans to fall back down to earth, and had the Jaguars not develop cold feet over the possibility of playing the Titans in the sixth seed, the Titans would not have made the playoffs at all. Then the Playoff bracket would consist of the Bills and Ravens in the fifth and sixth seed respectively. Seriously, they were by far the most overrated playoff team this year. 15. Buffalo Bills (9-8): Congrats, Buffalo! Thanks to the Ravens eating their own shit in a must-win season finale, you were able to end your 17-year Postseason drought. At least I can figure out what was so great about the Bills. Specifically the defense and the LeSean McCoy (so much so one would have to wonder why he wasn't named League MVP). Unfortunately, that was about all that they had going for them, as the three-game period where the Jets, Saints, and Chargers utterly manhandled them week in and week out demonstrated. Maybe this will be a portent of things to come. But considering that they pretty much gotten rid of all their other offensive playmakers causing people to wonder if they might be tanking the season, it was pretty clear they need to pick up some core pieces in the offseason to rebuild that offensive unit so they won't be so bloody one-sided. 14. Dallas Cowboys (9-7): Well, the good news was that the Cowboys were one of the few teams not to be hampered by the injury bug. They did, however, lose their star running back Ezekiel Elliot to a six-game suspension in the midst of the toughest stretch of games of the season for them. Regardless, they were eliminated when Zeke's return was met with playoff elimination at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks, a team whose entire Legion of Boom was wiped out by the injury bug. Better luck next year, perhaps? Provided they overcome the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles by then. 13. Seattle Seahawks (9-7): Their kicker was Blair Walsh, and the Legion of Boom was wiped out by a plague of injuries in the middle of the season. Had the Seahawks actually made the playoffs, Russell Wilson for sure would have been named League MVP had his team made the playoffs. Needless to say, because of that loss to the Falcons, even had Blair Walsh hadn't lost his confidence from that 2015 Wild Card game and actually made that game-winning field goal kick, they still would have found themselves on the outside looking in. Karma's quite a bitch, isn't she? 12. Detroit Lions (9-7): One bad call from the officials pretty much ended up costing the Lions a spot in the Playoff bracket altogether. Why? Because it took away a game-winning touchdown pass against the Falcons, and that was the reason why the Lions were on the outside looking in. Even had Jim Caldwell not choke big time against the Bungles, the Lions would still be on the outside looking in because of that piss poor officiating job early on in the season. 11. LA Chargers (9-7): Ultimately, it was a tough call between the Seahawks, Lions, and Chargers in where they'd rank in relationship to one another. The Seahawks and Lions both lost to the Falcons which in turn cost them a spot in the playoffs at the end of the day. On the other hand, the Chargers needed the Titans to lose and the Ravens to win in order to clinch a playoff berth as the sixth seed, and they could have found themselves in the driver's seat for the division crown had they won a couple weeks earlier to the Chiefs. Or had ANY of those four losses to start their season thanks to porous field goal kicking went their way. Ultimately, I chose the Chargers, because they were pretty much a 9-3 team the rest of the way. Considering just how bloody close they were to making it back to the playoffs in spite that 0-4 hole they dug themselves into, that pretty much made them the most impressive of the teams on the outside looking in. 10. Kansas City Chiefs (10-7): After a 5-0 start, they went 1-6 before getting their act together and winning their last four to clinch the division. Then Andy Reid did Andy Reid-like things and choked against the absolute worst playoff team this season. Kareem Hunt was at least a beast this season. But when will coaches learn the lesson about defeating the opposing teams in the 4th quarter? Clearly, in Andy's world, the Falcons were the defending Super Bowl champions. 9. Carolina Panthers (11-6): Not to take anything away from the Panthers, but after spoiling Aaron Rodgers' grand return, the Panthers looked very unimpressive. Perhaps a part of it comes from the fact that the Buccaneers were a pretty good team that simply had the short end of the stick because the NFC South was that good. But we know for a fact that the Panthers were a damn good football team in their own right. They simply found the Saints to be their own personal brick wall. Had no idea how to handle a team that could both run and throw the football. 8. Atlanta Falcons (11-7): The Falcons seem to be transitioning more towards a defensive unit. Unfortunately, all they can really do is Prevent Defense, which isn't very effective in the modern NFL, especially if your offense took a nosedive. The team also had its fair share of close calls just to make the playoffs--bad officiating gave them the game against the Lions; Ezekiel Elliot's suspension began right before the Cowboys were set to play the Falcons; and the Seahawks were not just plagued by injuries, but were reliant half the time on a kicker that has lost his confidence just to attempt the game-winning score...only to fail in the end. Still, they did what they needed to do, and they defeated the high-powered Rams offense in the Wild Card round rather convincingly. In the end, only a brick wall could stop them. It's name was the Eagles. 7. LA Rams (11-6): Yes, the Falcons did beat the Rams in resounding fashion in the Wild Card round. So in that sense, you could argue that the Falcons were better. Personally, I think it was mostly nerves of playing a playoff game in what was essentially a nonexistent homefield advantage that got them in the end. Sean McVay may have won Coach of the Year, but he was clearly a deer in headlights in that game. The fact of the matter is, the Falcons mostly had dumb luck against other playoff hopefuls that helped them make the playoffs, and the Rams mostly scorched the earth against all but the absolute best teams in football. They at least beat the Saints though, and may have assisted in the Eagles' Super Bowl victory. Honestly, 7 or 8 are just about right, and looking at the overall product, the Rams are just about right at home this season. 6. Pittsburgh Steelers (13-4): You barely escaped with a win against the Browns. Twice. You swept your division and made it a lot hard than it needed to. I will give you this much; you were pretty much robbed by bad officiating in your game against the Patriots. But a good idea on how not to get in that position in the first place would probably be to actually convert on 3rd down right at the 2-minute warning! It didn't matter since you were one-and-done in the playoffs and mostly derped your way to 13 wins thanks to a piss-easy schedule. And that was in spite constantly playing down to your perceived notions of your opponents. Especially against a team that utterly annihilated them early on in the regular season. Seriously, their hubris will ultimately prove to be their downfall. Especially since this was probably the last time they could seriously compete for a Super Bowl with the roster they had acquired. 5. Jacksonville Jaguars (12-7): Had the Jaguars properly closed out the AFC Championship against the Patriots, they might have rated higher on the Power Rankings. What ultimately held them back was how their regular season had ended. Following an 8-3 start, the Jaguars pretty much stumbled to 10-6, losing to the Cardinals, 49ers, and Titans. The 49ers were one thing since Jimmy G. really turned things around for them after they looked like utter trash for pretty much the entire season up until he started for them. I have another possible theory that the main reason the Jaguars were constantly being singled out by the refs while the Patriots were largely ignored was because of their blatant concussive hit on Rob Gronkowski, which even back in the heyday of the Steel Curtain would have generated penalties. And as such, the Jaguars defense weren't able to effectively combat Brady and the Patriots without getting singled out for every single solitary thing, even if said thing was entirely inconsequential. Maybe next year, the Jaguars will make the big push for a Super Bowl appearance. Provided, of course, the Texans don't beat them to it. Seriously, if they actually stay healthy, the Texans have the potential to be a force to be reckon with next year. 4. New Orleans Saints (12-6): The next two or three slots, I feel, were really, really close. Ultimately, I decided that the last second loss to the Vikings places the Saints at number 4. That was how close it was between these two teams in terms of the Power Rankings. Maybe the Saints had a more realistic shot at beating the Eagles and reaching the Super Bowl, had they covered Stephon Diggs on the final play of the game. But given how the NFC Championship game ultimately ended, we will never know for certain. That is ultimately why the Saints aren't ranked any higher. The main reason why they are ranked this ridiculously high is due to the nature of their division. Following an 0-2 start in which they were soundly beaten by the Vikings and Patriots, they were utterly dominant for a while. And then they eventually had to play the Falcons and Rams. Yes, they split their series with the Falcons. And then they were stunned during the season finale against the Buccaneers. It is ultimately proof of just how tough the NFC South really was, and that was in spite going 3-0 against the Panthers. So in a sense, they definitely get some lenience from me for not going 13-3 during the regular season. 3. Minnesota Vikings (14-4): I actually debated ranking this team higher than the Patriots for a little while, but given just how badly they lost the NFC Championship to the Eagles, I cannot possibly give them such consideration. But be as it may, they had arguably the best defense in the league alongside the Jaguars, and if not for the fact that their offensive line wasn't very good, the Vikings could have possibly reached the Super Bowl under Case Keenum. Ultimately, they lost to the team with the 2nd best offense and the 3rd best defense. 2. New England Patriots (15-4): So having a defense so pitiful that it made the 2013 Broncos' unit look like the 2015 lineup (just imagine a combination of the 2013 Broncos offense and the 2015 defense; we'd probably go 18-1 losing that one game to the Colts) finally caught up to the Patriots. If not for the fact that Brady and Gronk were practically unstoppable, the Patriots would have lost that game 41-10. Seriously, I've never seen a Super Bowl in which the defense was almost completely nonexistent, to the point that there were more offensive yards in that game than in any other game in history. Regular and Postseason alike. In an alternate reality that Brady had enough protection to not get stripped with 2 minutes and change to play, he probably would have won his fifth League MVP as the first 500+ yard passer in a Super Bowl. The sad reality of the matter was, this was probably the final year the Patriots could reasonably compete for a Super Bowl, especially given just how much Belichick invested in stockpiling his team's roster for possibly one last hurrah at the big game. Brady will be 41 next year; Malcolm Butler is presumably gone; and while it probably won't happen, Rob Gronkowski is already considering retirement. Unless Brady is either secretly an ageless immortal--he probably drank that immortality potion from Death Becomes Her following his torn ACL--or is secretly a sparkling vampire, I somehow doubt the Patriots have another championship in them. Then again, maybe the Patriots build a lethal defense and add a sixth Lombardi on that. Who knows? 1. Philadelphia Eagles (16-3): No matter what happens, by virtue of the fact that the Eagles have won the Super Bowl, they are by virtue the best team in football. And it wasn't even like how the Giants derped their way to two championships against the Patriots, or how the Patriots beat the Seahawks or Falcons thanks to some derp coaching decisions from the latter two teams, either. In a game with literally no offense to speak of, the Eagles consistently demonstrated themselves as the superior football team. In addition, they were the best team in football, and had it not been for Carson Wentz's injury, the Eagles would have had the league's best offense. Their defense ranked third in the league as well, and the point differential was the absolute best of any team in the league as well. It was pretty clear that the Eagles were not just an all-time great offense or an all-time great defense. This Eagles squad was one of the best teams in league history, and was one of the most exciting and complete units we have seen since the Greatest Show on Turf. And considering just how much this team was ravaged by injuries, especially with their MVP candidate Carson Wentz tearing his ACL before the season concluded (and thus shifting the MVP curse over to Brady and thus lifting the burdon off Nick Foles shoulders), it says a lot at just how much depth this team had. Clearly, Bill Belichick forgot that Nick Foles actually was a good quarterback--he was one of three quarterbacks in our lifetimes to have thrown seven touchdown passes in a single game, and he did it in the same year as Peyton Manning's record-shattering season. Hopefully, he wins one or two more championships before he retires. It would be nice for him to reach the Hall of Fame someday. Also, one last note. Eagle fans, you were supposed to eat shit after you lose the Super Bowl. Not win it! Seriously, congrats and all on your team ending their Super Bowl curse, but what the fuck's wrong with you guys!?
  12. Supa Bo, pick that

    There is only one reason why the Eagles can potentially pull away with the upset: The Patriots have never dominated in a Super Bowl. All eight trips starring Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been competitive from the first to fourth quarters. Be as it may though, only Eli Manning and the Giants have been able to best them in the biggest stage in the league. And the only quarterback to defeat Brady in a Championship game that wasn't a Manning was Joe Flacco in 2012, on the heels of Ray Lewis' retirement run. As such, I'm gonna still go with the Patriots to win. And honestly, even though I'm not going to give it much attention, that's probably the team I'm leaning on rooting for. Simply because Eagle fans cannot be permitted to know happiness.
  13. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Just go to YouTube and type in these names. Chris Chan specifically even has a wiki dedicated to him called Cwcki. But check him and EDP at your own risk.
  14. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I can go on and on with conspiracy theories as to whether or not the NFL refs are rigging games. I honestly think it's mostly a product of sheer incompetence as overseen by Crony Roger as I will henceforth refer to him as. But was the AFC Championship game rigged? Well, there's two ways to look at it. Yes, but subconsciously because the refs are not going to give the Patriots the same kind of flak as the Jaguars. Why? Because they are scared stiff of the home crowd, and contrary to the frequent snubbing from every major top ten list, the Patriots have one of the harshest homefield advantages in the entire league, rivaled by the 12th Man when the Seahawks were in their prime. Another way to look at it could very well be from up top. I mean, can you imagine just how tough it would be to sell Blake Bortles vs. Nick Foles in the Super Bowl? At least had the Vikings won, there would be the novelty of a team hosting the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history (even though the Vikings would be the designated road team). Just to help sell the game, they would need the Patriots to win because then we have Tom Brady shooting for Ring number 6. How many Super Bowls have we have between two no-name QB's? Honestly, not a lot. You could say Super Bowl XLVII is one, but they already had the novelty of two head coaches who were brothers playing in the Super Bowl, as well as the final rides for the Ravens' Ray Lewis and the 49ers' Randy Moss before both players retired. You could say Super Bowl XL, but I don't count that since Big Ben was fresh off the greatest rookie season ever for a quarterback, and there really weren't anybody of note in the NFC playoff race anyways. Before that, Super Bowl XXXVII had Brad Johnson vs. Rich Gannon, but the latter player won League MVP same goes for Kurt Warner vs. Steve McNair in Super Bowl XXXIV. So what I have to look for is a Super Bowl between two quarterbacks that were complete nobodies when they played, and still remained irrelevant afterwards. The only Super Bowl that immediately springs to mind is Super Bowl XXXV, a most chaotic and unpredictable of NFL years as the landscape was shifting drastically from the old regime at the time. Nobody was fully onboard with the Patriots or Colts yet, and the Chargers were witnessing the disastrous Ryan Leaf. The next closest thing would be Super Bowls XV, XVII, XX, and XLVII, and even then, many of those guys were relevant beforehand and especially during their respective seasons and only eventually fell off shortly after they won (well, Plunkett did win a second ring). But as to whether or not the NFL is rigged? If it is, I like to lean more towards the first option. The refs simply unaware of what they're doing subconsciously, and are merely doing whatever they can to avoid angering the Patriot fans in their home stadium. It makes sense. We haven't seen a team win a conference championship game on the road in five years, so there is plenty of proof here to go around. No more edits. Promise.
  15. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Honestly, I don't want to watch this Super Bowl. The Patriots have made the game rather dull and the Eagles...well, let's just say Eat Dat Pussy makes Christian Wheston Chandler look like James Bond as far as their respective fandoms are concerned. And frankly, I do not want to be anywhere near present when either club wins the Super Bowl. Though if I have to make a pick--not just on who is going to win, but also the closest thing to a team I want to win--it probably has to be the Patriots. Because Eagle fans...they just make it tougher and tougher to dictate whose fanbase is worse between them and the Seahawks. At least Patriot fans aren't gonna go rioting in the streets because their team won or lost the Super Bowl. It's pretty much going to be just an average Thursday to them. Or rather, an average Sunday since NFL and whatnot.
  16. Conference Championships, pickem

    Okay, so I changed my pick due to Zone D, but I'm still rooting for the Jaguars to win.
  17. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I found out that Jacksonville plays Zone D, which was why I ultimately changed my pick.
  18. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I'm still making the prediction that the Jaguars and Vikings are going to win tomorrow's games. My dad picked the Patriots and Eagles to win. At the very least, I suspect that at least one of these games is going to go to the road team. It simply makes sense.
  19. Conference Championships, pickem

    Apparently, Brady is favored to win his third MVP. My sincerest condolences, Patriots fans.
  20. Conference Championships, pickem

    Last time, I've predicted the Jaguars and Vikings to go to the Super Bowl. I'm gonna double down on this one this week, and here's why. The Patriots for the most part have gotten off lightly. Other than wins against the Saints, Falcons, and Bills (twice), the Patriots haven't really had to deal with much competition. Especially given that the Falcons choke, the Bills' offense was really bad, and the Saints haven't figured things out yet back in Week 2. The only team worth a damn the Patriots have beaten in that sense would have to be the Steelers, and bad officiating and bad coaching were what cost the Steelers that game (they otherwise were outplaying the Patriots the entire game). Now, am I saying that the Jaguars are certainly going to go? No. The Patriots are still the Patriots, and with one exception (2010), they've always reached the Super Bowl after claiming homefield advantage; and with only another exception (2012), they've always gotten there after hosting the AFC Championship game. I have stated before that this season will pretty much be the final year the Patriots can compete for another Lombardi in the Brady-Belichick era. Even if you remove all the behind-the-scenes drama that I suspect is mostly manufactured by the media with the hopes of dividing the team and possibly killing them off prematurely, the fact remains that Tom Brady is 40-years-old and his strength is waning; with the Jimmy G. trade, the Patriots no longer have a contingency plan to succeed him after he is gone; and both their offensive and defensive coordinators are going to soon depart to pursue head coaching careers. So, through all intents and purposes, this is pretty much going to be their last ride as the league's most dominant football team--even if they manage to secure the division yet again next year. Meanwhile, the Jaguars are one of two clubs capable of defeating the Patriots--the Jaguars specifically are built to take them down on the defensive side of the ball. Belichick and Brady are completely right in suspecting the Jaguars as their toughest adversary yet. The only real advantages the Patriots have over Jacksonville are Brady, Gronkowski, and homefield advantage. And the only real disadvantage Jacksonville has--other than the fact that they have to play in Foxborough--is the fact that their QB is Blake Bortles. But if Mark Sanchez can come in there and defeat Brady and the Patriots in 2010, then Blake Bortles can as well. All he has to do is make the plays he has to in order to help establish the run; and then to beat up Brady relentlessly. As I have nothing to lose at this point in picking the Jaguars, I'm gonna go picking the Jaguars to shock the AFC and reach the Super Bowl. On the other side of the aisle, the only real advantage the Eagles have right now is homefield advantage. Had Carson Wentz not gone down to injury late in the year, I would have gone with the Eagles to win this game handidly on their way to the Super Bowl. But he is not, and the Eagles pretty much only got by because the Falcons are a first class choke job, even against inferior football teams. I honestly think the Vikings have the clear edge, including the league's best defense and a criminally underappreciated quarterback in Case Keenum--a backup, but one of the absolute best backup QB's in the league at this point. Although to be fair, Nick Foles did throw 7 touchdown passes without a pick, and could have possibly gotten 8 had Chip Kelly not called him out of the game by that point. So who knows? So, it's gonna be Minnesota Vikings vs. Jacksonville Jaguars in Super Bowl LII. Even if one of my ballsy picks goes wrong, I'm still fairly certain that the Vikings will be there.
  21. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    No, no! Finger prints!
  22. Divisional Round PredictFest

    Oh, yeah! TecmoSuperFan is the Gold Medalist. Bodom is the Silver Medalist. And everybody but Kaphuna is the Bronze. And that's without looking at everybody else' records. Based on my analyses, literally everbody but Kaphuna, Bruddogg, and MikeMystery were the bronze this week (including myself). Those three were all tied at 1-3 for dead last. And now that I have officially won, I'm probably going to try and make some ballsy picks for the Conference Championships and Super Bowl. So, what do I think will happen? I think that Super Bowl LII will be between the Jaguars and Vikings.
  23. Divisional Round PredictFest

    Holy, shit! The Vikings actually avoided an epic collapse with a miraculous final play! Now to not fuck up in the NFC Championship game like they have done so countless times since the heyday of the Purple People Eaters!
  24. Divisional Round PredictFest

    And...I've officially won the Weekly Pick'ems.
  25. Divisional Round PredictFest

    I understand that, but let's face it; I still need to make my picks, or else Bodom or buck would have a shot at me. Though perhaps I'm just motivated enough to try and get 180 games correctly.