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  1. If somebody can teach me how to attach pictures so that I can show proof of my success in these Tecmo Super Bowl roms, I can prove to you guys how well I am doing. Last I checked, I started on the 1980 season as the Atlanta Falcons--but am also playing as the Saints. In 1978, the Vikings defeated the Steelers in Super Bowl XIII in a high-powered shootout, and Fran Tarkenton ended his career Super Bowl MVP. In 1979, it was the Philadelphia Eagles that won the Super Bowl, this time against the Dolphins. I'm trying to get the Atlanta Falcons into Super Bowl XV, though I am also trying out the Saints to see how far they can make it into the year. And it is hard to score when only the QB is any good, and all your receivers have butterfingers, and your running game is useless. Not to mention that disgustingly awful defense.
  2. It appears the Patriots struggle the most in the Super Bowl when they must carry the burden of history on their shoulders. Though nobody in their right mind would have predicted a Super Bowl blowout against the Patriots. The only person I can think of that objectively predicted a blowout was Rush Limbaugh, and even then, he leaned more towards the Patriots due to said history (although he did mention that the Falcons definitely matched up well against the Patriots). Looks like Matt Ryan will be the very first player since Kurt Warner to win both the League MVP and Super Bowl MVP in the same season--18 years ago. Also the first time since the 1999 St. Louis Rams to feature a team that would win both a League MVP and a Super Bowl in the same season. Edit: And just a heads up, no, I do not have a dog in this fight. This is the first football game that I've got around to watching in well over a month. And it shows; all the politics involved with this game is ruining any reason that I care to have in it. I skipped the opening ceremonies and the Half Time show since I had no patience with that kind of crap. I'm only watching the game because the Patriots historically have given us incredible Super Bowls, win or lose (well, mostly win because over half of their Super Bowl losses heading into this game were routs, but still; Tom Brady and Bill Belichick usually equals great Super Bowls win or lose). But it's not over yet.
  3. How are you able to post pictures? I've tried inserting pictures here several times, and they always turn up as links instead.
  4. I'm gonna go and pick the Broncos to defeat the Raiders.
  5. @BoltI just got the Packers and decided on the Chargers to win.
  6. Lost track of the time. For this series of games, I'm gonna go with Rams, Saints, and Packers. Will have my Titans/Chargers pick in a few.
  7. I already decided on the Ravens.
  8. I already decided on the Ravens.
  9. Okay, here are my morning picks: Dallas Cowboys @ Cleveland Browns: The Cowboys win this one. End of story. Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs: Until the Jaguars fire Gus Bradley, I'm just going to pick against them. Chiefs win. New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins: Tough call, but I'm gonna go with the home team this time around. Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings: I suppose the question remains to be seen on whether or not the Vikings are heading towards a collapse. Still, they still appear to be the safe pick this week, so that's who I'm going with. Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants: One of the fiercest and most bitter or NFL rivalries. And on top of Eli Manning's having struggled mightily against this team in the past, they ironically enough look like they are possibly the worst team in the division right now (as in, the deck appears to be most stacked against them out of all the other football clubs). I just have a little feeling here that the Eagles are going to win this one--even though I'll be rooting for the Giants. So, my toss-u[ pick here is going to be the Eagles. Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens: A tough one. After a very strong start from the Ravens, they had stumbled across four straight lossess--all by narrow margins. But they'll be hosting the Steelers, and it remains to be seen if Big Ben will be 100% or not. Very tough call, though given the Steelers got swept by the Ravens (who won two of their five games against the Steelers), and thus the Steelers are losers of four of their last five matchups, I'll perhaps have to wait until just before gametime before making my decision. Right alongside the rest of my afternoon and evening picks. Edit: I decided to go with the Ravens to win this one.
  10. Gonna go and pick the Falcons to win tonight. Am also gonna make the rest of my picks later on in the week. Though for whatever reason, I don't really trust the Falcons much. Still haven't proven themselves capable to me.
  11. Internet Explorer. Apparently, there's something funky going on wih the pictures. At least I would know this if I could find a way to insert pictures onto my comments. It's probably a website thing.
  12. Hey, @PockyCandy! Can you by any chance fix whatever the hell is going on whenever you post a tweet that causes the screen to scroll downward forever? It's causing some problems here!
  13. Gonna add in Atlanta, Dallas, and Minnesota to win as well as the aforementioned picks.
  14. Gonna make the following picks: Pats, Browns, Colts, Seahawks, Raiders, Panthers, Lions, and Broncos. I'll make my remaining picks later.