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  1. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    In addition, the following conditions can be made tomorrow: The big game is going to be New England Patriots versus Pittsburgh Steelers (why this isn't a Sunday Night game, I have no idea). The Steelers would clinch a first-round playoff bye with a win, as well as homefield advantage with a win plus Jaguars loss. The Patriots, on the other hand, could secure control of the drivers' seat for homefield advantage by winning out, and would clinch the division with either a win or Bills loss. Because the Lions have won, the Vikings must defeat the Bungles in order to clinch the division this week. The Jaguars also have a win-and-in condition, though they cannot win the division. Like the Patriots, however, a Bills loss would also guarantee a playoff berth for the Jaguars. The only remaining teams that can clinch a playoff berth this week (well, easily of course) would be the Titans and Saints. The Titans can clinch a playoff berth with a win, plus losses for the Dolphins, Ravens, and Raiders. The Saints too, can clinch a playoff berth with a win, as well as losses from the Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks, and Cowboys. Because of the Lions' win, neither the Rams nor the Panthers can possibly clinch a playoff berth tomorrow. That means we can see anywhere up to 5 teams joining the Eagles and Steelers in the playoffs. With the AFC North and NFC East Divisions already crowned, and with only the NFC North and AFC East left to possibly join them, we can then see three other teams possibly join in--two of which for contention as the AFC South crown as well as a Wild Card slot. Meaning in the AFC, only the AFC West, plus one more Wild Card slot could be remain. In the NFC, there would still be three more seats left to fill, with three teams competing for the NFC South crown, but also another Wild Card slot. Specifically, only the NFC West as well as the second Wild Card slot would be at stake then.
  2. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Elimination Alert: I changed around the elimination conditions for the Bengals and Cardinals today based upon the outcome of today's games. Because the Chargers have lost to the Chiefs, and the Lions had beaten the Bears, there is only one possible path remaining for them to make the playoffs now. The Bengals will be officially eliminated tomorrow if they either lose, or the Ravens or Raiders win next week. The Cardinals, meanwhile, will be eliminated from playoff contention if they either lose, or any of the following teams win next week: Seahawks, Packers, Falcons, or Cowboys. For the Bengals to make the playoffs, they would need to win out; The Bills and Dolphins to split their division series and then lose Week 16 (most likely to happen); Ravens to lose out; Chargers and Raiders to lose out (and then tie during the season finale); and then the Jets to lose at least once. The least likely item to happen by far is for the Ravens to lose out. This would get them to the 6th seed, securing the tie-breaker over the Bills based on head-to-head--both at 8-8. Then as the immediate runner-ups are the Chargers followed up by the Raiders at 7-8-1 apiece. Then we have the Ravens beating out the Dolphins at 7-9 apiece). And the rest is history. As for the Cardinals, they can only clinch the 6th seed by winning out, and then for the following matchups to go their way (luckily for them, they don't need to worry about any tie's--on the contrary, even a tie could kill their season): Week 15: Rams beat Seahawks, Bucs beat Falcons, Panthers beat Packers, and Raiders beat Cowboys Week 16: Cowboys beat Seahawks, Saints beat Falcons, Bengals beat Lions, and Vikings beat Packers Week 17: Panthers beat Falcons, Packers beat Lions, and Eagles beat Cowboys. This would get the Cardinals in at 9-7, while the Cowboys, Falcons, Seahawks, Packers, and Lions all falter to 8-8 apiece. One little thing goes wrong for either of these two teams, they will officially be eliminated from playoff contention. The Raiders also face elimination as well. A loss takes them out of contention for the division, while additional wins from the Titans and Ravens will automatically eliminate them from playoff contention altogether (the Bills might screw things up a bit, but they too could contribute to the Raiders' elimination). Neither the Jets nor Dolphins were necessarily impacted by tonight's games. However, the Jets will still face elimination with a loss, plus wins from the Ravens. The Dolphins, meanwhile, would face elimination with a loss, plus wins from both the Ravens and Titans. The Lions, meanwhile, are guaranteed to live to fight another day. However, tremendous pressure is on both the Packers and Panthers tomorrow. The Packers face elimination with a loss plus a Falcons win. The Panthers, meanwhile, will find their playoff aspirations in jeopardy if they were to lose to the Panthers, but will have a shot to secure a playoff berth with a win. Big matchup too with the return of Aaron Rodgers versus Cam Newton. The Cowboys, similarly, also risk elimination tomorrow should they lose and the Falcons win. Though their matchup--the Oakland Raiders--isn't going to be as difficult as the Packers. That's pretty much it, really. The Cardinals and Bengals are the only teams that could win and still get eliminated tomorrow. The Packers, Dolphins, Jets, and either the Raiders or Cowboys, however, are all at risk at joining them should they lose. Personally, I'm gonna predict 5 teams facing elimination tomorrow--Bengals, Cardinals, Jets, and either the Raiders or Cowboys seem all but certain at this point. I'm leaning more towards the Dolphins to be the 5th, but the Packers also have a much harder game by comparison (plus, if the Titans were to lose, the Dolphins would still technically be alive).
  3. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Not really. I'm predicting a Patriots victory here.
  4. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    To be fair though, Alex Smith had spent pretty much his entire career as a quarterback for some incredibly lousy 49er teams from 2005-2010. He wouldn't get a chance to shine until he was finally surrounded with talent and was given a really good coaching staff to work with in Jim Harbaugh--and later on, Andy Reid. I think it is much safer to say that Alex Smith is the type of quarterback who is good, but not great. The great quarterbacks win games even if their team's overall talent leaves much to be desire. This is in part the reason why quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, John Elway, Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Roger Staubach, and Dan Marino frequently enter the conversation of greatest QB's of all time in spite lacking the jewelry of Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, or even Terry Bradshaw, Bart Starr or Troy Aikman--who few people even think of ranking on a list of greatest QB's of all time anyways, especially since the first two spent their whole careers behind elite defensive units. The six quarterbacks in question have spent a great portion of their careers having to win all their games on heavily deficient teams. Of the six, Favre was the only one with a reputation as a self-saboteur in big games. Manning to a lesser extent (his Colts teams his first few years were quite awful, in spite their winning records), though there's also plenty of instances of bad luck involved as well. But of the six named players, Dan Marino was the only one who never got the much-needed help that could have gotten him that elusive ring. Peyton Manning needed some good luck to win both of his championships, as well as an all-time great defense the second time around. Staubach was the only one of these named quarterbacks who always had an elite team behind him, but was frequently on the losing end against teams like the Vikings and Steelers--who had their best eras of pro football during that time. John Elway needed an elite team with a ton of elite playmakers to finally get his elusive first Ring, and were better than ever when they defended their title. Aaron Rodgers' team had a ridiculously great scoring defense backing him up, and then combined with his playmaking abilities, scorched the earth in the 2010 postseason. Brett Favre's team was the best team in the league across the board when he won his only Ring, and the only team he would need to worry about--the Denver Broncos--got eliminated that year, thus postponing their worries until the following season. Alex Smith seems to fall somewhere between Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers. He's good; he's consistent; but he's not the kind of guy who can carry the team on his shoulders. One has to wonder how great Brady would have been if he were with, say, the Cleveland Browns. He definitely has the ego and competitive makeup that makes the greatest of all time the greatest of all time, however; and his will to win is pretty transcending all things considered, a trait that is exceptionally rare and hard to find in any human being (Super Bowl LI was quite a statement that all but validates him as the greatest of all time).
  5. WEEK 15 Pickem

    This time, I'm gonna seriously analyze these teams: Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts: The first of many toss-up games this week. The Colts are quite notorious for defeating us regardless of the skill level between the two teams. Both teams are horribly coached, however, the Broncos at least have a talented assortment of players (keep in mind that all three QB's that we have are capable of winning big games, and the Jets are proof positive of this). I'm leaning more towards the Broncos winning this game; the Colts are simply pathetic, and the Broncos have greatly underachieved this season. It only took until everybody here gave up on them altogether to get a win, much less a resounding win. Now don't fuck this up! Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions: The Bears have demonstrated that they have the potential to be stun opposing teams (heck, three of their four wins all came against playoff contenders in the Steelers, Ravens, and Panthers). Luckily for Detroit, they're the home team. Unfortunately, they're notoriously awful in the month of December. Be as it may though, the Lions are a safe pick this week. LA Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Heh, didn't realize we'd already be having games play on Saturday Night. But I digress. The Chargers have the momentum, while the Chiefs have homefield advantage. This is definitely a tossup with serious playoff ramifications. But for right now, I'm leaning more towards the Chargers; the Chiefs win seems more or less a product of poor production from the Raiders than the Chiefs really lighting it up. Still, the Chiefs offense blew up when Andy Reid stepped away from offensive play calling duties, so we'll see. Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants: With the loss of Carson Wentz for the year (and presumably for quite some time next season as well), this is now Nick Foles' team. Luckily for the Eagles, they really only need to win one more game, and then for the Saints to lose afterwards, in order to clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Their next opponent is also the lowly Giants--what an oxymoron to say that. So even with the handicap, I think it's safe to say that the Eagles will still win. Besides, at least Nick Foles single-handedly guided the Eagles to a playoff berth a few years ago. So there you go. Cincinnati Bengals vs. Minnesota Vikings: Let's make this our Survival Pick this week, because it's pretty clear that the Bungles have given up. I simply do not see a scenario where the Vikings lose to the Bungles. Vikings clinch the division this week. Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns: Even though the Ravens no longer face a team with a winning record--much less a shot at winning another game again--this is clearly going to be a trap game for them. Why? Because all the Browns' offensive weapons are coming back, that's why. Also helps that they are still 0-13. They're probably are either going to steal a win against Baltimore, in Chicago, or get giftwrapped one by the Steelers (provided they secure homefield advantage throughout the playoffs by that point in time). Still, until I see it happen, I'm not picking the Browns to win. Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington Redskins: I would like to make sure what the weather is going to look like in Washington before making my predictions (the Bills were fortunate to be playing in a blizzard last week). However, if the weather is clear, then the game clearly becomes a toss-up. Personally, I'm leaning more towards the Cardinals winning this game. Green Bay Packers vs. Carolina Panthers: The Panthers are very fortunate to have gotten that big win against the Vikings. Because they will need to win two out of their next three in order to make the playoffs. They can help their chances further by defeating the Packers this Sunday, essentially killing their playoff hopes altogether. However, Aaron Rodgers is cleared to play, and I expect him to carry his team across the finish line. I'm going with the Packers here. NY Jets vs. New Orleans Saints: The Saints stumbled last week on a short week no less. I think the Saints will redeem themselves against the Jets and set themselves up to clinch in the very near future. Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills: The Bills better hope for some cold weather and for Tyrod Taylor to return healthy. Because the Bills are going to need all the help they can get in fending off a now fully motivated Dolphins squad. It'd help for Jay Cutler to return to his old ways again as well. I'm expecting a series split between these two teams anyways, so I'm gonna go with the Bills to win this week. Still a tossup though. Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: My second recommendation for your potential Survival Pool pick this week would probably be the Jacksonville Jaguars. LA Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: A huge game with playoff ramifications galore. Winner controls their own playoff destiny. Loser, on the other hand, must pick themselves up and try to salvage their season however they can. 11 wins gets either team to the postseason. However, I doubt the Seahawks can survive off a 10-6 record unless either the Falcons, Saints, or Panthers seriously stumble down the line. If I have to make an educated guess, my thoughts are leaning more towards the Rams winning this game (how they didn't last week after Carson Wentz was taken out of the game remains a mystery to me). Tennessee Titans vs. San Francisco 49ers: A game that on paper looked like a lopsided match suddenly looks more like a toss-up. Why? For several reasons; This is a trap game for the Titans; the 49ers finally found some sense of offensive rhythm with Jimmy Garopolo; and the Titans, for an 8-5 team, consistently looked pedestrian. I'm still leaning on the Titans, because they absolutely must win this game if they are to have any hopes at making the playoffs. New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Yet another tossup between two Super Bowl contenders. A win here for the Steelers would guarantee them a first round playoff bye. A Patriots win (or Bills loss earlier in the day), on the other hand, would finally give them the AFC East--taking quite a bit longer than usual for them to win, btw. The Steelers, however, are constantly finding themselves playing catchup against significantly inferior opponents, and they haven't beaten the Patriots in almost a decade. I'm probably going to pick the Patriots, though I'd be happy to be wrong just the same. Until we know for a fact that there's something seriously wrong with the Patriots, they're the safe pick to make. At least we'll know the Steelers won't be running blitz packages against them. Also, why was this game flexed out of Sunday Night Football again? Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland Raiders: Another tossup game. Though the Cowboys currently have the momentum. So I'm gonna go with them. Also note that if the Raiders lose, and then the Chiefs, Bills, Ravens, and Titans all win, the Raiders would be officially eliminated from playoff contention. Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I'm gonna predict that the Bucs won't win another game the rest of the year. Simple as that. So, if all my predictions hold up, then the Patriots, Vikings, and Jaguars will all clinch playoff berths, with the former two winning their divisions outright; the Jets, Bengals, Cardinals, Dolphins, and possibly Raiders would be eliminated from playoff contention; and the Saints, Falcons, Titans, Ravens, Bills, either the Chiefs or Chargers, and either the Rams or Seahawks will all have clinching scenarios after this week. If the Panthers defeat the Packers, however, then they'll also have an opportunity to clinch, while the Packers are eliminated from playoff contention altogether. Also, my picks are subject to change.
  6. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    An Eagles win plus Saints loss would pretty much guarantee that the Eagles will clinch a first round bye. Similarly, the Steelers can also clinch a first round playoff bye with a win against the Patriots (as well as homefield advantage with a Jaguars loss). If the Chiefs beat the Chargers on Sunday, they'll most likely make the playoffs. If they end up matching up with, say, the Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card Round, they're going to win another Playoff Game (heck, anybody matching up with the Titans is going to kick their ass, including the Bills and Ravens). I'm probably am going to pick the Titans to win this week, too (since, you know, 49ers and all), but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the 49ers defeat the Titans as well. Then they get the Rams; they're gonna get pulverized. And then they're gonna get a vengeful and highly motivated Jaguars squad. If they somehow do make it to the playoffs, it's only because other teams like the Chiefs/Chargers, Raiders, Dolphins, and Bills somehow do not muster up the Games Against Common Opponents. But they still have to win this weekend. Simple as that. In fact, the Titans can for sure clinch a playoff berth this weekend with a win, plus losses from the Dolphins, Raiders, and Ravens. That's as good as it gets.
  7. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I think instead of power rankings, I should simply rank the teams based on tier lists. Super Bowl Contenders Locked-In: Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers Win-And-In: Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots Playoff Contenders Could-Get-In: Carolina Panthers, LA Rams, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans Win-To-Set-Up: Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, LA Chargers, Seattle Seahawks Chopping Block Longshots: Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders Death's Door: Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets Eliminated Dead: Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins Nonexistent: Cleveland Browns, New York Giants That's All I have to say about this week. Maybe I can make fun of every team's deficits and shortcomings.
  8. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    It has been two years since they lost to the Dolphins though. I honestly could not believe it when it happened back in 2015, as it basically opened the door for my team, the Denver Broncos, to clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. I'm fully aware of the documentation. Though to be fair, the odds of the Patriots missing the playoffs is next to nonexistent. They would need to lose out, and the Bills, Ravens, Titans, and Jaguars to win out (with the Titans winning the division). This is due to conference tie-breakers costing them the division to the Bills as well as a wild card spot to the Ravens. The Bills might be able to pull off the blitz schemes necessary to defeat the Patriots--same too for the Jets. However, the Steelers like to play Zone D--a defensive scheme that pretty much never works in defeating the Patriots. Every team that has ever defeated the Patriots in a big game would know that the key to beating him is to literally beat him to a pulp. Either by lighting up the scoreboards or sending everything you've got defensively at him. And even then, there's no guarantee of it working; you may be able to bust his rhythm, but you cannot rattle or faze him in the heat of the moment. Edit: And just to add in my own little hypothesis, but I theorize that had the rest of the NFL been busy innovating or building their teams around the simple prospect of defeating the Patriots, then the Patriots dynasty would not have lasted anywhere near as long as everybody else. Instead, things like Free Agency, the Salary Cap, political correctness, and out-of-control spending has basically killed all but two or three teams (the Steelers, Packers, and Seahawks have been the only teams during the Patriots dynasty to consistently find themselves relevant all these years, and are still relevant today--the Colts and Broncos were only relevant because of Peyton Manning; that's it).
  9. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Because this week went completely crazy, I think I may need a break from doing weekly power rankings. With a Patriots loss, it becomes quite blurry to figure out who indeed is the best team in football. It can't be the Eagles; Carson Wentz is out for the year. It can't be the Vikings; they just lost to the Panthers. The Seahawks got their teeth kicked in by Sacksonville; the Falcons took down the Saints during a short week; and the Patriots, as soon as I called them the best team in the NFL, are getting murdered by a Dolphins squad having such a difficult and inconsistent time that they are now on the chopping block for elimination. The Steelers are the only pick I can dependably make to be the best team in football at this time; and even then, they still have yet to face the Patriots. And then we have the Eagles, who are probably going to end up winning next week even with Nick Foles at QB. Why? Because their next opponent is going to be the Giants. 'Nuff said. I may decide to rank teams that have been officially eliminated differently from the rest of the league; while teams that clinched will rank differently rather than based on record.
  10. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    How in tarnation is Jay Cutler kicking Tom Brady's ass!? How is it that the Dolphins are winning!? For all I know, the Bills could do the same thing. As too the Jets. The Steelers? Eh, they'll play Zone D like always and allow the Patriots to massacre them by a Super Saiyan Tom Brady. Maybe somebody can come up with a GIF showcasing Brady becoming so pissed off following the loss that he massacres his next immediate opponent.
  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Something else I keep noticing is that Tom Brady keeps turning up on the injury list every week, even though he seems totally fine every week. Maybe Brady is so dedicated to his craft and to his longevity that he is constantly getting medical checkups in spite not needing them? I suppose that would be the best-case scenario for him, especially since to my knowledge, nobody else does this other than those who are either possibly or definitely injured. Eh, until we see any clear signs that something is seriously wrong, I suppose there's no use worrying yet.
  12. WEEK 14 Picks

    Real quickly, I'm just going to pick the Vikings, Bungles, Packers, Raiders, Cowboys, Titans, Jets, Chargers, Seahawks, Steelers, and Patriots will win this week. The outcome of the Colts vs. Bills as well as Lions vs. Buccaneers will largely depend on the availability of the Bills' and Lions' respective quarterbacks. Right now, I'm leaning more towards the Colts and Bucs respectively. Saints vs. Falcons, 49ers vs. Texans, and Eagles vs. Rams meanwhile, are all toss-ups. With the former game being played tomorrow night.
  13. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Power Rankings: 32. Cleveland Browns (0-12): Back-to-back seasons with an 0-12 start. Sad. Anyways, they're dead now, so bye, bye! 31. New York Giants (2-10): The Eli Manning benching, and the firing of pretty much the entire coaching and front-office staff would make the Giants the most pathetic organization right now, if not for the fact that the Browns are still winless, and may appear to be utterly incapable of so much as winning two games, if one at all. They're dead! 30. San Francisco 49ers (2-10): Good win, Jimmy. But you're still dead! 29. Denver Broncos (3-9): You should be dead, but you are not. You can make the playoffs if you manage to win out, and the Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders tie every time they face off with one another, and then lose all the rest. Because apparently, 7-9 trumps 6-8-2. This is so insanely stupid and improbable that I might as well give the Broncos a mercy killing. 28. Chicago Bears (3-9): John Fox refused to let the 49ers score in spite being in the red zone during the 2-minute warning, and not having any time outs. Even if John Fox did something smart for once and his efforts were to pay off, the Bears would still be dead because the Eagles lost last night's game to the NFL's SJW's. Not only are they now officially dead; they got double-tapped! 27. Indianapolis Colts (3-9): Going through the NFL schedule, the Colts have a much more realistic--albeit still insane shot at making the playoffs. Not only do they need to win out just to secure the 6th seed, but the Chiefs must be the ones that win AFC West by winning out; the Ravens cannot afford a single, solitary win the rest of the season or else the Colts are dead; the Bills and Dolphins must split their regular season matchups but otherwise lose out; the Chargers and Raiders must lose out heading into the season finale, only to end in a tie; and the only wins that can possibly be afforded to the Jets and Bungles are against the Chargers in Week 16 and the Ravens in Week 17 respectively--they literally have to lose every other game outside of their respective exceptions. This means the Colts would win head-to-head tie-breakers against the Bills and Ravens, and be half a game up on the Chargers and Raiders (if either of these two teams win in the season finale, or at any time leading up to it, it pretty much renders the head-to-head matchups worthless), and a whole game up on everybody else. I didn't mention the Texans because winning out means the Colts would also get the head-to-head division sweep over the Texans, regardless of how well the Texans play down the stretch. Ergo, it's time to send this limp horse to the glue factory. 26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8): Because of their overtime loss to the Packers, combined with wins from Carolina and Seattle, the Bucs are now officially dead. One of Johnny's victims in one of the Home Alone movies. Merry Christmas you filthy animal! 25. Houston Texans (4-8): Another team on the chopping block, though at least their shot at making the playoffs is somewhat realistic compared to the Broncos or Colts; they don't need any tie's in order to help them out for one thing. In fact, not only do they need to win out, but because they also happen to have the tie-breaker over Cincinnati, the Bengals are required to lose only one more game (they get the Vikings so that's not too hard a scenario to imagine happening). In addition, the Jets and Dolphins must lose half their remaining games (also realistic); the Bills can only be allowed to win one more game (preferably a season split with the Dolphins); the Chargers must win the AFC West; the Chiefs must beat the Dolphins and nobody else; the Raiders must beat the Chiefs and nobody else; and finally, the Ravens must lose out. Boy, that was a lot to cover. However, of all of these conditions, the least likely to happen by far is the Baltimore Ravens tanking their season. What is, however, likely to happen this week, is a Texans loss to the 49ers. The Texans do technically have the potential to survive Week 14 though, but if one single, solitary thing goes wrong--particularly where the details happen to be so precise, their season is officially over. 24. Miami Dolphins (5-7): You see the remaining schedule for the Dolphins? Two games against the Bills, a rematch with the Patriots, and a battle against the flailing Chiefs. Still, in spite of a slightly easier schedule than the Bungles and a much easier schedule than the Jets, the Dolphins have two things working against them. The first is the wild unpredictability of QB Jay Cutler; and even if they somehow feasibly pull away a major home upset against the Patriots next week, the Ravens still own the tie-breaker over them, as well as a 2-game lead over the Dolphins. Meaning if they were to so much as lose to the Patriots (or to anybody else for that matter), all it would take to eliminate the Dolphins from playoff contention is a Ravens win. This is something that neither the Jets nor Bungles need worry about. Still, this is the only 5-7 AFC team that is officially on the chopping block; one loss, plus a Ravens win, and they are officially eliminated. Right alongside other teams like the Colts and Texans. It's also a much easier and much more likely scenario to occur than the next two teams on the list. Hence, why the Dolphins dropped so low in spite having humiliated the Broncos. 23. Arizona Cardinals (5-7): Welp! Without Adrien Peterson, the Cardinals no longer have much of an offense capable of keeping them in games. They may not be as bad as any of the teams ranked in the bottom 8, but they run the risk of facing elimination this week; either another loss or wins from both the Seahawks and Panthers will eliminate them from playoff contention. As far as a believable shot at playoff contention goes, they absolutely must win out. In addition, the Panthers and Falcons must battle out the remainder of the month to an 8-8 record between them. In addition, the Packers, Lions, and Cowboys can not close out the season with a record better than 8-8. Especially not the Cowboys. It is semi-plausible, but there's just one problem: The impending return of Aaron Rodgers and Ezekiel Elliot. Even if these two do not become a factor, all it takes is either one mere loss (and all I have to say about the Cardinals' remaining schedule is that they have to go to Seattle for their season finale), or a win from Carolina to all but eliminate them from playoff contention. Actually, I spoke too soon; if they lose, and then the Panthers win after that, the Cardinals are officially eliminated from playoff contention (the Cardinals would own a better conference record over the Panthers, who, mind you, have swept the AFC East; the Cardinals, on the other hand, had lost to the Texans). Considering that the Titans are unspectacular, and the Panthers still play the Vikings this week, they may very well survive another week in spite being on the chopping block! 22. Washington Redskins (5-7): That Cowboys loss alone guarantees that this team must drop, and not only did they drop; they plummeted. Even though they are technically better than the Jets, Dolphins, and perhaps even the Bungles. This is because in the NFC, any team that's 5-7 at this point have next to no shot at making the playoffs. I've checked, and not only would the Redskins need to win out in order to make the playoffs, but they need an awful lot to go their way. They need to make sure neither the Packers, Lions, Cowboys, Panthers, or Falcons finish with a better record than 8-8 for one thing. It might also help their chances if the Redskins finish ahead of the Seahawks in terms of tie-breaker scenario, but since the Redskins are three games back on the Seahawks, that's kind of unrealistic. Still, that upset win in Seattle, combined with a marginally easier remaining schedule (the Chargers and Cardinals are about as difficult as they come for them, while the Broncos and Giants are as easy as they can possibly get) makes their chances that much more likely than Arizona's. It's just a shame that the Redskins are so beat up at this point that right alongside teams like the Jets, Texans and Giants, I have no idea who anybody is on either team anymore. The only possible exceptions might be the quarterbacks as far as Kirk Cousins and Eli Manning are concerned, but what can one even say here? 21. New York Jets (5-7): The Jets' remaining schedule only really permits one or two more wins; they get to play the Broncos next week, which is a gimme. But then they have to play the Saints, and Chargers before closing out their season with a rematch with the Patriots in Foxborough. And if anything, I'd project the second possible win being from either the Chargers, or from a Patriots squad with nothing left to play for. Just for them to make the playoffs, they would need to win out; the Chiefs to win the division; the Raiders and Ravens to lose twice (the Jets would own the conference record over the Ravens); and the Bungles to lose once more. 20. Cincinnati Bengals (5-7): As I said, the three AFC teams that are currently at 5-7 are pretty much being ranked based on who is most likely to make a run for a playoff spot. That means how difficult their remaining schedule is going to be. For the Bungles, they pretty much are getting dogpiled by a slew of NFC North teams which, if conference tie-breakers are of any indication, isn't going to be helping their cause all that much. It doesn't help matter much that, while the Bears should be an easy win for them, they still have to play the Vikings and Lions. And this is before they have their season finale against the Baltimore Ravens, who happen to look really, really good, by the by. Had they won last night, I could have simply said, "well, all they really need to do is run the table to make the playoffs." This was because by winning out and making it to 10-6, they would secure a divisional tie-breaker over the Ravens (4-2 versus 3-3), as well as a head-to-head victory over the Bills earlier on in the year. But no; like so many teams ranked below them, they pretty much need an endless well of miracles and must overcome the near-impossible anyways (then again, just look at the Chargers). Still, based on raw talent alone, the Bungals are definitely the best 5-7 team alongside the Redskins. 19. Dallas Cowboys (6-6): Yeah, I'm actually kind of surprised, actually. Only two weeks to go before Ezekiel Elliot's return. Fortunately, those two games are against the Giants and Raiders. Unfortunately, even if they beat them both, they still have to play Seattle and Philadelphia during their season finale (and they got killed by Philly when they had Zeke in their team already). What do I think's going to happen? I honestly think the Cowboys will only get one, maybe two wins. I think the Giants game is going to be a gimme, but that's about it. 18. Detroit Lions (6-6): Their remaining schedule is against the Bucs, Bears, Bungles, and Packers. So in spite a very easy scenario where the Lions could realistically make it to 8-8 or 9-7 easy, why do I not have any confidence in the Lions winning? Maybe it has to do with the fact that they are notorious for being quite terrible in the month of December. On top of that, Matthew Stafford's throwing hand isn't exactly in good shape (thank goodness it wasn't broken). Maybe it's the fact that they do not have any meaningful tie breakers to speak of; if they were to win out, their only tie breaker would be against the Packers. They've already faced off and lost to the Saints, Falcons, and Panthers already. And even if the Falcons and Panthers successfully kill each other, the Seahawks and Rams would each own conference tie breakers over the Lions anyways--not that they would factor in at all since both teams are very likely to run the table all the way down to 11-12 wins on the season anyways. That means for the Lions to make the playoffs, they have to win out; then they would need both the Falcons and the Panthers to fail to secure ten wins; and just to make sure, the Cowboys need to lose one more game as well. The path is very much there, except for one problem--if Aaron Rodgers returns from injury, the Lions are fucked. And besides all that, I somehow doubt the Lions will win more than one--maybe two games down the stretch. Just a hunch. 17. Buffalo Bills (6-6): Speaking of a team that gave us a really good scare with its QB. Unfortunately, the Bills are having their own version of the Chiefs' midseason collapse; they started out 5-2 and looked poised to make serious noise heading into the playoffs. Then they lost 4 of 5. Their remaining schedule is manageable though; they get the Colts, Dolphins twice, and sandwiched inbetween, a rematch with the Patriots. Maybe the Dolphins end up playing like shit; the Bills get their heads out of their asses; and run the table. It would help them a great deal if the Ravens were to lose half their remaining games. Either that, or the Jaguars/Titans start fumbling down the stretch and either or both teams end up going 9-6 heading into the season finale only to get eliminated outright (I'm picking the Titans as the team most likely to falter). What do I think? I think I'm looking at an 8-8 team! 16. Green Bay Packers (6-6): Of the 6-6 teams so far, I honestly think the Packers have the best shot by far at making the playoffs. Why? Because their very next game is going to be against the lowly Browns. If they win that, and Aaron Rodgers is healthy enough to return, we might see his return in time to combat the Panthers and make a serious playoff push. They still need a bit of help, but by winning out, the Lions would be eliminated, and the Packers would own tie-breakers against both the Panthers and Cowboys, even if they win out as well! The only real threat then to the Packers' postseason aspirations would then come from the Atlanta Falcons. And even then, the Falcons have to play the Saints twice, and the Panthers again for the season finale. Don't be surprise to see the Packers doing their best impersonation of the 2010 season. 15. Kansas City Chiefs (6-6): The Chiefs are in freefall now, having lost four in a row, as well as 6 of their last 7 games to boot! That's one measly win against the lowly Broncos over the span of the last two months! Luckily for them, their remaining schedule could indeed help the Chiefs all but clinch the division crown--in addition to a throwaway game against the Dolphins, they also have rematches against all three of their division rivals. 9-7 could very well be all that it takes to clinch the division. The only question is, are they even remotely good enough to so much as get that much done at all? 14. Oakland Raiders (6-6): The Raiders have a much harder remaining schedule than the Chiefs do; for one thing, they still have to play the Eagles, as well as quite debatably, the Cowboys as well. They still look very unspectacular, but they are winning, and I suppose that's all that matters. The season finale against the Chargers could very well determine the AFC West Champion. 13. LA Chargers (6-6): It can't be stated enough--this team started the season out 0-4. Imagine if those field goals during their first two games of the season were good? We'd be seeing a much more dominant 8-4 Chargers squad compared to this three-way race to be the best of the worst division in football. And considering what consist of their remaining schedule, if they beat the Chiefs, then I'm pretty certain that they'll make the playoffs. Between these three AFC West teams, whoever does the best job at running the table is going to be the one that wins the division. Simple as that (and for the record, the only team to start the season 0-4 and make the playoffs? The same franchise all the way back in 1992 when they were in San Diego). 12. Atlanta Falcons (7-5): The NFC South as surprisingly demonstrated itself as a divisional force to be reckoned with, as all three teams still in playoff contention still have a shot at winning the division! The problem is, due to a scheduling quirk, they all pretty much have to face each other in this month, which if anything, pretty much suggests that one of these teams is going to be left behind. The Falcons remaining schedule has them battling the Saints twice, as well as the Bucs, and then the Panthers during the season finale. The Falcons best shot at rubber-stamping a possible playoff ticket has to come Thursday Night when they play the Saints; if they cannot beat the Saints on a short week, odds are, they're not going to be able to make the playoffs. They need to win three out of four to guarantee themselves a playoff seat. 11. Baltimore Ravens (7-5): You can debate who between the Ravens and Falcons are a superior team, but the Ravens definitely look like a team with the hottest shot at a playoff berth. Why? Because after Sunday Night's game with the Steelers, their remaining schedule is very favorable; they get to play the Browns, Colts, and Bungles. And keep in mind that the Bungles are the only other team that could possibly derail their playoff aspirations. And even then, they would still have a wide array of tie breakers giving them the advantage. 10. Carolina Panthers (8-4): And here's where things start to get complicated. But here's the rub; for the Panthers to make the playoffs, they need to win two more games. And more specifically, they need to beat the Packers, and then one more team (either the Bucs or the Falcons especially would do). It would also help if the Cowboys lost one more game as well. Because between the Falcons and Panthers, a 10-win season will almost certainly clinch a playoff berth. Their remaining schedule? Well, they have the fewest matchups against NFC South adversaries in the War for the NFC South. Unfortunately, those two games happen to be against the Vikings and Packers--and if Aaron Rodgers were to come back, watch out. Then, we'd see a scenario where the Panthers and Falcons battle it out in the season finale for a winner-take-all scenario. That's why they are docked so low. 9. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4): So long as Blake Bortles doesn't kill his own team, the Jaguars are for sure making the playoffs. Unfortunately, their very next game is against a red hot Seahawks squad. Luckily for them, that pretty much means their next couple of games are against the 49ers and Texans with a possible winner-take-all situation occurring during the season finale against our next team.... 8. Tennessee Titans (8-4): While the Titans are currently ranked higher by virtue of their current tie-breaker scenario, the Titans are far more likely to miss the playoffs. Granted, both teams get the 49ers during the next month. But in addition to this, the Titans also have to play the Cardinals and the Rams. And while the Cardinals are not exactly the most dangerous of football teams, they most certainly can pull away with an upset victory. Why? Because the Titans do not really do anything spectacular in any way. The closest thing they do really well is shove it in their opponents faces by needlessly running up the score on the opponent when all it would really take is a single kneel-down. Karma's kind of a bitch, you know? At least when the Seahawks and Cardinals were pulling this kind of crap a few years back, they were really good. Speaking of which.... 7. Seattle Seahawks (8-4): Yes, by virtue of their victory against the Eagles, the Seahawks not only skyrocket well ahead of the Titans, Jaguars and Panthers in the power rankings, but all but validate themselves as playoff contenders yet again. In fact, the path is pretty clear for them to run the table and win the entire division. Their remaining schedule--the Jaguars, Rams, Cowboys, and Cardinals--while tough, is definitely manageable. Worse yet, a 12-4 record also opens up the road to a first round playoff bye. If that happens, one must officially recognize them as Super Bowl contenders. They're not there yet, but they're getting there. Which is a shame because nobody outside of die-hard Seahawks fans, bandwagoners, and SJW's want to see the Seahawks succeed under any circumstances. 6. New Orleans Saints (9-3): For the Saints to clinch a playoff berth, not only would they need to win, but they would also need the Cowboys to lose as well. They won't be able to clinch their division though. That may take another week or two to sort out, what with how good the Falcons and Panthers have been. On the bright side, however, if they win this week, and then the Panthers lose; then all they'd need to clinch the division is one more win the week after. Just so you know, their next two games are against the Falcons and Jets. If they lose, however, then things will begin to get REALLY complicated. 5. LA Rams (9-3): If the Seahawks can shut down Carson Wentz, then why can't the Rams in turn take down the Eagles? After that though, they would still need to go to Seattle where they'll definitely be tougher (in spite the Seahawks no longer having Richard Sherman or Kam Chancellor available). But after that difficult stretch, they get to play the overrated Tennessee Titans and Jimmy G! Yeah, the Rams are definitely making the playoffs this year! Speaking of which, in order to clinch a playoff berth, they will need to win, and for both the Packers and Lions to lose. Doesn't seem terribly likely--if nothing else but because the Packers and Lions are both playing dead football teams. Either way, the lurking Seahawks are the reason the Rams cannot clinch the division at all, and probably never will until the season's over, provided that they win out, that is. 4. Philadelphia Eagles (10-2): This will probably make Maynard and other Patriots happy, seeing the Eagles lose as badly as they did. Now what looked like an easy cruise to homefield advantage throughout the playoffs have suddenly opened up a bit. I mean, their next slate of games includes the Rams, Giants, Raiders, and Cowboys. Of that group of teams, the Giants look like the most certain of victories. As for all you Eagle fantards out there, do not fret; all they really need to clinch the NFC East is a win or a Cowboys loss. And given their remaining schedule, that makes the Eagles' playoff berth all but a dead lock at this point anyways. 3. Minnesota Vikings (10-2): For the Vikings to clinch the NFC North, they will either need to win, or for the Packers and Lions to lose. The Vikings play the Panthers this week. And with the defensive juggernaut the Vikings possess, I think it's all but certain. I'm having a hard time figuring out though, between the Bungles, Packers, and Bears who could possibly defeat the Vikings before the season's out. The closest thing hypothetically might be the Green Bay Packers, but that's only if Aaron Rodgers comes back. Either way, it probably won't be too much of a threat to them. A first round playoff bye is all but guaranteed at this point, if not homefield advantage. 2. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-2): I probably should not be ranking the Steelers this high consistently, especially given all the times they've been playing from behind against massively inferior football teams. But until it costs them big time, I cannot dock them for how they win. And their first major challenge is going to be their rematch with the Ravens on Sunday Night Football. And either a win or a tie in that game will win them the division guaranteed. After that, they get the New England Patriots. And if they somehow manage to win that game, then they will become a true Super Bowl contender. 1. New England Patriots (10-2): It took an awful long time, but the Patriots are finally at the very top. All they need to do to clinch the division is one more win (or a Bills loss; that works too). Against the Dolphins, that shouldn't be too tough. After that, we'll get a matchup between them and the Steelers in a game that will ultimately have serious playoff ramifications on the line as far as homefield advantage is concerned--not that it matters, anyways. The Patriots could get their asses handed to them in that game, forcing them to go to Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship, and they'd still end up going to the Super Bowl. Yeah, I'm gonna make a gutsy call here and now. Super Bowl LII is going to be the Minnesota Vikings vs. New England Patriots. The only other team that is likely to play spoiler to the Vikings might be the Seahawks (if they win out, that is). But I digress.
  14. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Because he's black. And because at least he gets to play the Cleveland Browns twice a year. And because they played the Broncos. And the Bills. And the Colts. And because if they win out, they can make the playoffs, if not flat-out steal the division title from the Steelers (only if they lose out, however). Or at the very least, get in before the Ravens based on divisional records. Naw, it's because he's black, and the NFL has been politicized beyond all recognition. Mark my words; even if the Bungles fail to win another game again the rest of the year, Marvin Lewis will still keep his job. I think the only way he'll lose his job is if he either is forced to retire, quits his job, or starts an 0-16 season.
  15. WEEK 13 Pickem!

    Neither did I. I felt I was better off sticking with the safe picks whenever necessary. I only picked the Vikings over the Falcons because of their defensive performance over the Rams a mere couple weeks ago gave me the impression that the Falcons did not stand a chance. I picked the Jets over the Chiefs because of last week when the Chiefs couldn't even defeat the Buffalo Bills (this makes it the first time all year I accurately predicted a Jet victory). And I picked the Bears over the 49ers and failed there because I honestly had no idea what to make of Jimmy Garopolo as a starter. If there's any consolation prize for the Bears, it's that they may end up playing a Detroit Lions squad without Matthew Stafford. And I felt like the Saints were gonna beat the Panthers because I felt the Panthes have a bit of a problematic receiving core and were otherwise a one-dimensional offense (something the Saints most certainly weren't). As for Baltimore over Detroit, and then Green Bay over Tampa Bay, I basically flipped a coin and decided on the winning teams was all. Once I saw Matthew Stafford go down, I knew the Lions were finished. I felt almost certain the Bucs were going to win with a last second field goal or something, but then overtime came and the Packers drove it down for a touchdown to win it. The only game I got wrong this week that I was for sure was gonna get right was the Washington Redskins over the Cowboys. Nope.