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  1. @robreiner Rob is there any country out there whose politics America hasn't interfered with on some level? Stop bei… https://t.co/1nkWIA92LN

  2. #PS4share https://t.co/YemIk1DzHQ

  3. @Thomas1774Paine Everything is. Bad day at work? Blame Trump. Car doesn't start? Blame Trump. Bitten by a dog? Bad… https://t.co/En6gmTKD2Q

  4. @Anthellia @kimt205 Once again you're wrong. Take the loss and go to bed. https://t.co/3mVrjXaP2s

  5. #PS4share https://t.co/9eFZ3W9U7Z

  6. #PS4share https://t.co/KlW6DxiIAs

  7. @tedlieu @POTUS More information? It's been two years and you guys have nothing

  8. @TMurph207 You think the Brady family will still kiss on the lips when they're living on Mars?

  9. RT @steph93065: Trump should get a year added to his term for the year wasted on this Russia scam orchestrated by the Democrats, FBI & DOJ.

  10. RT @RyanAFournier: Nancy Pelosi: Americans won’t be able to understand the FISA intelligence memo. Americans: Nancy, if you can understand…

  11. @TomPelissero you shouldn't call @MikeReiss a "kid" I know he's short, but that's just rude

  12. @LauraLoomer I predict the terrorists will take an early lead, but then Brady is as Brady does and the terrorists go home empty handed

  13. Phil Donahue... https://t.co/KTFSglkSBa

  14. RT @sean_spicier: RT if you’re NOT a Russian bot and still want to #ReleaseTheMemo