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  1. @DaleEArnold @Patriots Law

  2. @SBNation You can't just hand Brady stuff. He insists on earning it.

  3. @LouMerloni Yes he does. That guy wants any attention he can get.

  4. RT @StockMonsterUSA: Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley mock our Great President at #CMAawards while he is being applauded all across Asia a…

  5. RT @AlanDersh: Joe McCarthy would be proud of you for condemning a lawyer based on his client. My career is doing just fine. Can’t say the…

  6. RT @mitchellvii: Amazing that the media portrays Trump as a failure despite a record economy, controlling illegal immigration and kicking I…

  7. Kyrie is basketball Jesus part duex

  8. @Keefe21 @WEEI No need. It's Hoyer part 2

  9. @DougKyed Dear diary...

  10. RT @crusher614: I think Donald Trump Should make an example out of Hillary Clinton! Retweet- if you agree. @realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸

  11. RT @FoxNews: .@JudgeJeanine: "What we see now in the economy with @POTUS is exactly what he promised." @NextRevFNC https://t.co/JzQTclhYDv

  12. RT @President1Trump: An American soldiers widow has share details of her call with @POTUS in April https://t.co/mytQXBvPzV

  13. RT @gehrig38: God help you if this repulsive immoral woman is on YOUR side. https://t.co/cWWCA2xtqx

  14. RT @sweetatertot2: So for 8 years George W. Bush was silent while Obama gutted the country, record debt, record low GDP, ISIS running rampa…

  15. RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: BREAKING: Obama DOJ Allegedly Threatened FBI Informant To Silence Him On Russian Nuclear Corruption https://t.co/fI3vGt…