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  1. Maybe that could be arrange. Just consider that the BRowns helmet has no logo, so just the color change. BTW, what players do you want 95 Browns or 96 Ravens?
  2. I try to make the ROM more realistic. Obviously the factor fun must be in there, and at the end with the return of Lynch I probably gonna rate his attributes much like a regular FB with a little more speed, but not like it 2013. The rookies are a mistery. If you look to Clowney he suppose to be a sack machine and injuries changed that. Goff was a complete deception for the Rams and no one thought that Prescott would have so good numbers. At the end I´m very cautios with rookies attributes, and thats the reasaon I release the version at the beginning of the season and a final version after the SB with accurate attributes.
  3. Personally I use the stats from the season and according to these, I put the values to players.
  4. Yes, of course. The graphical aspect is the most complex Thanx.
  5. If you find it someplace slim, could you share it please? Thanx.
  6. Yep. Im there. Good thing!
  7. 2016

    View File TSB3 NFL 2016 FEBRUARY 17, 2017. THE FINAL VERSION OF THIS ROM IS HERE Accurate rosters Attributes according to the 2016 Season PRO BOWL 2016 Rosters and uniforms 2016 NFL RECORDS New FA Values (Thanx to DRUNKEN HONKEY) Super Bowl LI Season 2016 is here with TECMO SUPER BOWL 3. Changes over the league have happened and now the season kickoff is real. First of all Thanx to Drunken Honkey for all his advices, and help without you man this couldn't be possible. The TSB3 Bible. Tons of people that developed TSB3 Roms before. Pro Football Reference Bleacher Report ESPN NFL.COM Over the Cap The valuable information helped me to create the ROM, ttrying to be very accurate in attributes. Remember I'm not good at graphics, I do my best but I still suck... Fine. The game itself. 30 Teams as you know, hope a 32 version arrives sometime soon because there's people working in this so difficult task, but in the meantime we have this. The ROM contains every original team in TSB3 except for the Oilers. The Ravens are instead. A complementary ROM will come in a few days with the Titans and Texans, removing Ravens and Browns. Features: Real uniforms, including cut scenes. Attributes completely customized for every player. Rosters updated to September 08, 2016. Free Agency Points according to the salary of each player. (This means that you could have a very good player, but his FAP value is low). Playbooks customized for maximize the attributes of the offenses. Offensive schemes designed for obtain the best of the players. Defensive schemes according to real. 2015 Pro Bowl rosters and unifors (the uniforms shouldn´t take so serious). Real Free Agents in the pool. (Mark Sanchez is here because I suppose that Romo will be back, not for much; so he is in the Cowboys roster, and Prescott will be starter, so if you want to have Sanchez, go for him in the Free Agency). Complete new Hidden Players took from the 1966, 1976, 1986 and 1996 drafts. I took the best I could from every position from these 4 drafts. Just enjoy it and let me know anything you notice. Be happy... FOOTBALL IS BACK! Submitter Fernando 49 Submitted 09/08/2016 Category SNES  
  8. AWESOME!!! Thanx a lot DH
  9. Already working on the schedule fix.
  10. 2016

    Enjoy it man!
  11. Do anyone has a copy of it? I made a long research and couldnt find it.
  12. 2016

    Ok. Final version is up. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
  13. Don't worry man. I know the Legacy League is playing. Personally I had some problems in life, but are fixing at the moment, hope to be everything OK for Christmas. But Im playing my 2016 version and working in a massive project for TSB3. (Well massive for me)... Oh and BTW, if you include the videos here that's fine, however I´ll check them wherever they are... Congrats...
  14. Absolutely.
  15. ALL TRUE!!! And this site could be the Coffe 80's.
  16. SWEET!!! Thanx a lot!
  17. 2016

    The one that is up man. just download ot and you´ll see the rosters changes
  18. 2016

    Enjoy it!
  19. 2016

    OK. The midseason update is up now! Rosters changes, IR designations, update at some attributes, most accurate to the season. Enjoy we are at midseason, so, the best is ahead of Us!!! Thanx!
  20. 2016

    Great you like it man. Stay tuned this week, cause it's the midseason and the trade deadline. So an update is in the way. thanx a lot!
  21. Impressive, no undefeated teams!
  22. And the Raiders are a great team now. The only problem is their defense, they receive so many points.
  23. GREATEST LOL Because it is true.
  24. And the 9ers were defeated again with 3 turnovers
  25. I hope the KC DEF is awakening finally!