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  1. 2016

    Enjoy it man!
  2. Do anyone has a copy of it? I made a long research and couldnt find it.
  3. 2016

    Ok. Final version is up. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
  4. Don't worry man. I know the Legacy League is playing. Personally I had some problems in life, but are fixing at the moment, hope to be everything OK for Christmas. But Im playing my 2016 version and working in a massive project for TSB3. (Well massive for me)... Oh and BTW, if you include the videos here that's fine, however I´ll check them wherever they are... Congrats...
  5. Absolutely.
  6. ALL TRUE!!! And this site could be the Coffe 80's.
  7. SWEET!!! Thanx a lot!
  8. 2016

    The one that is up man. just download ot and you´ll see the rosters changes
  9. 2016

    Enjoy it!
  10. 2016

    OK. The midseason update is up now! Rosters changes, IR designations, update at some attributes, most accurate to the season. Enjoy we are at midseason, so, the best is ahead of Us!!! Thanx!
  11. 2016

    Great you like it man. Stay tuned this week, cause it's the midseason and the trade deadline. So an update is in the way. thanx a lot!
  12. Impressive, no undefeated teams!
  13. And the Raiders are a great team now. The only problem is their defense, they receive so many points.
  14. GREATEST LOL Because it is true.
  15. And the 9ers were defeated again with 3 turnovers