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  1. Denver Broncos HSTL S41 Recaps

    Week 12- Broncos-Seahawks 37-0 Broncos roll from the start.....nothing to really recap here except Denver runs for over 300 yards for the sweep of Seattle!!! Moves to 5-6 on the season! Coach Bigred
  2. An instant classic in Denver. Bengals get the ball in OT. Haddix and company stopped Meggett about an inch short on 3rd down. Coach Bigred dialed up the QB Sneak playcall on Defense and guessed right! Ottis takes it to the house to give coach Bigred his first 1-0 start in HSTL history!! This also give the Broncos a 6 game win streak dating back to last year! GG Arn
  3. Denver Broncos HSTL S41 Recaps

    Week 7- Rams @ Denver Total Domination in this game. Haddix with 4 ints Defense with a fumble return for a TD Defense pitched a shutout as Rams only score was a 90 yard fumble return for a TD. Denver had a masterful gameplan. Used ball control as the Rams ran 1 offensive play in th first half. 4-4 baby! GG Rob
  4. Denver Broncos HSTL S41 Recaps

    Game 1 vs Seattle- Anderson rushes for 243 yards. Haddix with 2 ints and a forced fumble Wins 31-21 Game 2 vs Chargers- Balanced offense as Denver rushes for 165 and passes for 155. On 4th down late in the 3rd, Haddix makes an amazing recovery to knock down Montana's throw to Carter. Up 21-17 with 1:20 left, Jebigred puts in Wilhelm and fakes the run and finds 10th rd 38rec TE Pat Beach for a 60 yard game sealing TD!
  5. Denver Broncos HSTL S41 Recaps

    We will soon find out @toolie as we have a game coming up 😎
  6. HSTL S42 Draft Format

    First option!
  7. HSTL S41 Draft

    Denver takes Pat Beach 😎
  8. HSTL S41 Draft

    Per phone call casualt takes wash LB
  9. HSTL S41 Draft

    Since all teams have a DL before I go: Denver DL/K/P
  10. HSTL S41 Draft

    Sammie Smith for Denver
  11. HSTL S41 Draft

    Denver takes: Bengals backups
  12. HSTL S41 Draft

    From Prime on behalf of Barletti (for real) Saints Dline/K/P
  13. HSTL S41 Draft

    Per list for Drake: tolliver
  14. HSTL S41 Draft

    Steve Jordan for Elway and friends
  15. NGTL S3 Draft

    Braxton/Sullins/Dronett from Denver
  16. NGTL S3 Draft

    Denver takes: maddox/johnson from denver
  17. HSTL S41 Draft

    Denver selects: Bengals Oline
  18. HSTL S41 Draft

    Denver selects: Bengals Oline
  19. NGTL S3 Draft

    I will take the final chargers group: Fields/Anno/K/P
  20. NGTL S3 Draft

    Denver takes: Troy Vincent/Grimsely/ Miami K and P
  21. NGTL S3 Draft

    Denver takes: merril hoge/jeff graham
  22. NGTL S3 Draft

    Denver takes: Cincy Oline
  23. NGTL S3 Draft

    Den takes: Walker/Croel/Henderson from Den
  24. HSTL S41 Draft

    Since Prime already has his QB1. The Denver Broncos are estatic to announce that John Elway will be coming home to Denver! Quote from Elway "I have been waiting for this moment for a LONG time. The chance to lead my Broncos back to the playoffs is a dream come true"
  25. NGTL S3 Draft

    Colts Anthony Johnson/Jessie Hester