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    Thunderdome IX: Sign Up Thread

    I need my hotel room paid for in Madison. jebigred is in also...please sign up CasualT Thanks!
  2. @RetroNathan work on your fg units 😀 Not that I was cheering for Kyle to lose or anything
  3. Jebigred

    S37: Wk 15: IND @ MIA

    That happened to me also. Called a bunch of plays and Eagles just ran out of them. It doesn take some skill to do that 😀
  4. This was a fantastic game that went back and forth. One of those games with 0 turnovers for both teams. Game opens up with Montana hitting Reed on an 80 yard JJ as Derrick Thomas is standing at midfield looking up at the ball as it zooms over his head. Indy drives down only to get stopped on 4th and goal by the bears D. After a mild wimper by coach Drake about the JJ....lol....Bears drive down the field more realistically and ends up settling for a FG after Beebe drops a wide open TD pass. Indy drives down the field and scores to cut it to 10-7. Montana wanted another JJ to end the half, but Indy calls all 3 pass plays to end he half. Indy gets the ball at half and drives down the field and hits Keith Jackson to go up 14-10. Bears get the ball and after seeing Fenerty, Reed and Beebe in bad, Tim Worley comes off the bench for a 2 huge runs. This sets up a nice CC TD catch by the all impressive Ironhead and his 25 REC 😀 Indy gets the ball and Eagles turns into a masterfull escape artist. Bears called what seemed like 6 straight pass plays including a 4th down pass play. Indy goes on to score with 24 seconds left. Indy kicks deep and Ironhead runs out of bounds at the 5 yard line with 1 second left. Next play Derrick Thomas gets popcorned trying to rush Joe. After scrambling around, Joe throws a perfect pass and hits Reed in stride at the 15. Reed walks into the endzone to win the game. Bears go to 7-5 and still alive in the playoff race and division! Really amazing game Drake. GLTRW Jeff
  5. Jebigred

    HSTL S38 Draft Format Vote

    I would officially like to change my vote to option 1. After thinking about it a little more, it would be nice to do something different. Either pick 1 offensive player of 3 defensive players. Nice and tough decisions to make.
  6. Jebigred

    Wk 14 Colts @ Bears- More Montana Magic

    He was covered by the DB. I am 100% shocked that the DB did not jump up and knock the down. Reed caught it at the 15 so I did not have enough time to get it all the way to the endzone. Still amazing and got pretty lucky all the way around. Reed was in BAD to boot.
  7. Jebigred

    Wk 14 Colts @ Bears- More Montana Magic

    You for sure did the right thing trying to rush considering I was at the 5 yard line. Probably should have blitzed around the line instead of going through it. Lots of luck for sure on my part. I slept good last night 😀
  8. Montana had an amazing 2/14 passing effort until his 88 Yard JJ to Reed at the buzzer! Bears were trailing 14-3 heading into the 4th quarter. The D stepped up and blocked a fg. Offense drives down to score to cut the lead to 14-10 with 1:35 left. Seattle recovers the onside kick but the Bears defense holds to a punt with 30 seconds left. First play is called and Joe takes the quick sack. Next goes for 88 yards on a perfectly timed pass to Reed as he jumps in the endzone to win it as time expired. Joe still sucked big time going 3/15. I was cursing his name all game, but he made up for it. GG Man!! Bears still in the playoff race sitting at 5-5.
  9. Bears finish off a sweep of the Vikings with a 24-21 FG with 2 seconds left. Key play- Clifton INT on Moe's final drive of the first half keeping the Bears lead at 14-7. Bears get the ball tied at 21-21 and just like the first game,made a clutch drive in the final minutes to set up the FG. Bears double their win total from last season and go to 4-4!!! GG Moe....I hope you and the Packers beat on each other!!
  10. Jebigred

    HSTL S38 Draft Format Ideas

    QB RB RB WR WR TE Oline/all backups/kicker/punter Dline Top Linebackers Bottom Linebackers Corners Safties Every pick is important and we will not have 2 or 3 rds drafting scrubs FYI....this is how the first ever hstl draft was done I believe 😀
  11. Week 4 game was an awesome game. Both teams made clutch plays. Bucs drove the field in the final 2 minutes and doinked a FG as time expired breaking my heart to win 24-21. Week 6- after Coach Bigred made the entire defense run stadium stairs between games for their lack of creating turnovers, the bears forced 2 fumbles by Johnson and 2 ints from Peete. The defense also grabbed a safety to win 29-14. After a 2-14 season last year, Bears match their win total from last season and sit at 2-2. Good luck to the Bucs the rest of the way!!!!
  12. Jebigred

    Milwaukee, WI - 11/05/2016 - Dead Man Walking

    Would love to come but there are some things Tecmo is behind and that is college football. Nebraska @ Ohio St on Nov 5th. Nothing will keep me from watching that game.
  13. Jebigred

    Bears on Vacation

    I will be gone from July 29th-August 6th. Thanks! Jeff
  14. Really tight game down to the final JJ heave!!! Vikes go up 7-0 on a Graddy TD grab. Joe and Reed hook up on a CC TD to tie at 7-7. Back and forth defensively until the Bears break the tie on a doink FG to go up 10-7. Vikings come back to take a 14-10 lead heading into the 4th. Led by Joe and a clutch drive, the Bears score on a 15 yard TD rush by Gil!! Bears defense holds off one final JJ launch to end the game. Only took my 18 games to post my first victory recap. Feels good. Good Game Moe. See you in a few weeks for the rematch. Jeff
  15. Jebigred

    HSTL S37 Divisions

    You can include me in the old timers division.
  16. Jebigred

    Des Moines, IA - 08/13/16 - Iowa Tecmo 3

    I will be on 1460 KXNO (Des Moines Station) tonight at 5:45 central talking a little Tecmo Super Bowl and the Iowa tournament coming up in 3 weeks! You listen on the iHeart radio app. Jeff
  17. Jebigred

    S37 NFC Central Draft Review

    Nothing wrong with a 2-14 team that clearly knew nothing about this game even playing it my whole life seeking out draft advice. I would call it good, smart team management that puts the fans and city before my own ego! I thought about getting another WR to go with Reed but I really did not want to have a horrific defense like I did last season. Just have to hope Beebe and Blades and come through!
  18. Jebigred

    HSTL S37 DRAFT: Round 10 - COMPLETE -

    Per discord/ Steelers taking falcons linebackers 1/4 with their 10th rd pick
  19. Jebigred

    HSTL S37 DRAFT: Round 10 - COMPLETE -

    Per message from Drake, the Colts would like the NE wr 2/3 Hart Lee Dykes and Greg McMurty
  20. Jebigred

    HSTL S37 DRAFT: Round 10 - COMPLETE -

    Bears will take the Jets Linebacker 1/4 per the request of Kyle Clifton.
  21. Jebigred

    HSTL S37 DRAFT: Round 10 - COMPLETE -

    Per discord...Browns take Hoge/friend of Pitt. Rb 1/4
  22. Jebigred

    HSTL S37 DRAFT: Round 9 - COMPLETE -

    Bears welcome:. Pitts Rb2/3 worley/williams Maybe one of you two Steel City Men can push Fenerty for some playing time!
  23. Jebigred

    HSTL S37 DRAFT: Round 8 - COMPLETE -

    Bears welcome aboard: Giants Dline
  24. Jebigred

    HSTL S37 DRAFT: Round 8 - COMPLETE -

    Per discord...rico picks sammie smith and friend
  25. Jebigred

    HSTL S37 DRAFT: Round 7 - TIMED 7/14 -

    Bears will select Saints RB's Fennerty and Craig "IronHead" Heyward. You can just call him Devin Hester JR!!!