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  1. NTFL - Rob vs Jeff 15 years ago

    Back then, I would be up until 2 or 3am talking trades with other players. Now I go to bed at 9pm....lol
  2. NTFL - Rob vs Jeff 15 years ago

    I am still stinging from a OTFL playoff loss to Indy (Ace) He had a 80 yard JJ to end the first half that was a back breaker.
  3. NTFL - Rob vs Jeff 15 years ago

    Yes my daughter is 13. I have a 9 year old boy as well. Thanks for emailing me back!!! lol
  4. NTFL - Rob vs Jeff 15 years ago

    It still is full of BS......I just cope with it a lot better now.....lol
  5. HSTL S37 Draft Format Vote

    I am assuming the draft picks are from the same team. Rice and Waymer for example.
  6. NTFL - Rob vs Jeff 15 years ago

    Looks like clearly dominated this game...lol
  7. Des Moines, IA - 08/13/16 - Iowa Tecmo 3

    My buddy and I were wondering if we could recruit somebody that has a higher tap speed then 8 to tap for us in the doubles tournament 😀
  8. HSTL 37 Draft Format Ideas

    Qb/rb/rb/wr/wr/te/oline w/backups/dline w k & p/outside backers/inside backers/corner duo/safety duo 12 rounds
  9. Where is jebigred's gold star for all 6 games played 😀
  10. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 10 - COMPLETE -

    Bears take Chris Carter/Clark from vikings
  11. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 8 - COMPLETE -

    Bears select houston combo: lb grimsley/db bubba and kicker/punter
  12. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 7 - COMPLETE -

    Bears take seattle trio: woods/porter/glasgow
  13. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 6 - COMPLETE -

    Bears select Buffalo trio:. Seals/Conlan/Kelso
  14. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 5 - COMPLETE -

    Bears select Giants Oline
  15. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 4 - COMPLETE -

    Bears take: noonan:jones:hendrix
  16. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 3 - COMPLETE -

    The Bears select Packer Great Don Majkowski and the great Ed West!!!
  17. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 2 - COMPLETE -

    I mean Anthony Carter/Walker
  18. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 2 - COMPLETE -

    Bears select:. Anthony Clark/Hershel Walker
  19. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 1 -COMPLETE-

    I didn't say run all over you, I said stylin and profilin!!!! In my defense in that game, it was only like my 7th game online in 13 years. You made a few good tackles that game
  20. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 1 -COMPLETE-

    Hey now!!!!! Okoye and Paige will be doing a little syling and profilin all over Waymer!!!!!
  21. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 1 -COMPLETE-

    Okoye/Paige for the Big Red!!!
  22. Got an amazing 8 hours of sleep last night. Feeling great this morning. Look out group 28!!!!!! Go Big Red!!!!!
  23. Jebigred and Casual T will be at the Clarion with an original nes system and an old school tube tv.
  24. Jebigred

  25. Hey Josh,


    I just saw the groups you guys put out and I just have one small favor.   Myself and Casual T are both in group 31.  We are best friends and have been playing each other for 20 years.   With this being our first Madison tourney I was hoping we would have been split up.   


    If there is anyway we could be split up I would greatly appreciate it.   I really didn't think we would be put together.


    Again, dont want to be a pain in the ass here.   If you can't move me or him, I will understand.