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  1. #pacersgamenight let's go pacers!!!! https://t.co/DcjuCllxWa

  2. #pacersgamenight go pacers https://t.co/flcNahfABQ

  3. @Schultz975 tthe band hansen on Dr Phil after commercial break

  4. @JMV1070 I remember when I was in 7th grade, back in like 83 or 84 in an arcade watching a guy do the bee no fire c… https://t.co/tjelSQ3X7V

  5. @jakequery @Schultz975 became an iu fan listening to national champ game on radio on road trip with my dad, Isaiah Thomas year

  6. @BillyBerkshire7 Your first tweet, nice!!

  7. @Zay_Jack @Schultz975 @jakequery I guess Phelps is retired, although I bet he competes again in the next olympics

  8. @Schultz975 As everyone around the country adjust Fanduel and Draft Kings weekly lineups, taking Deshaun Watson out of starting lineup

  9. @jakequery @Schultz975 I always did the Will Stargel bat around the world thing in our neighborhood wiffle ball games

  10. RT @mterkhorn: @dandakich https://t.co/DlGzWcAxZU

  11. @dandakich can I get in to pool? I'll take dallas

  12. @jakequery @Schultz975 My 12 year old could tell ya Goldbergs and the Middle, hates sports on TV, could tell you 20 youtube channels

  13. @Schultz975 Hell that was a generous spot actually, of course Gore looked like he would have gotten it if they woul… https://t.co/XsluHgZKJP

  14. @Schultz975 Everybody in my section was wandering why no timeouts

  15. @jakequery @Schultz975 does Colts staff make another bad decision with running play with 204 left