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  1. RT @dandakich: You know what time it is, that's right, #RaceOfTheDay presented by @coronaextrausa on @1070thefan at 2:45. RT now to be ent…

  2. #rolltribe ready for opening day @indyindians https://t.co/ZHPCmp5fhP

  3. #pacersgamenight Let's go pacers!!! https://t.co/uzgbOvD8TR

  4. #pacersgamenight let's go pacers https://t.co/DS5Dt2pnHt

  5. @JMV1070 He looks alot thicker too, putting weight back on, not "Looking Smaller"

  6. @jakequery @Schultz975 I was at Ball State 89-90 in college, the village was absolutely crazy after those games. A… https://t.co/IO5P9Q3ogW

  7. @TheDonStuck @q95 That guy was the greatest. How does one get that good? he must have just jammed 24 hours a day.

  8. @Grady you have to watch biathalon, color commentator is awesome, races are great

  9. @Grady you gotta rewind and check this camera man take one in nads, poor guy, last field goal as it goes through https://t.co/vDwBAyDeZX

  10. @Schultz975 Now his goals are different? So I guess he wasn't trying to win a championship for the @Pacers all abo… https://t.co/Rn3E1J8Mwx

  11. #pacersgamenight let's go pacers!!!! https://t.co/DcjuCllxWa

  12. #pacersgamenight go pacers https://t.co/flcNahfABQ

  13. @Schultz975 tthe band hansen on Dr Phil after commercial break

  14. @JMV1070 I remember when I was in 7th grade, back in like 83 or 84 in an arcade watching a guy do the bee no fire c… https://t.co/tjelSQ3X7V

  15. @jakequery @Schultz975 became an iu fan listening to national champ game on radio on road trip with my dad, Isaiah Thomas year