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  1. @Original_Turner Favorite all time character?

  2. @ZachRogacion @ramsvelas His hands bigger than classmates heads

  3. In the Christmas Spirit. The ❤️is most vital muscle in the body. Important to push it to a high… https://t.co/DxRXRyi3S8

  4. RT @maleekstuff: Boone winter from above https://t.co/eBieLmKM74

  5. I love Z-Bo https://t.co/GHkIVqJP8S

  6. @davidpollack47 🙌🏽

  7. @theAK__47 🤣. Leigha was screaming pollo loco

  8. @BeavRecruiting check my cousin and get him a ride to Corvallis. LT of the future @Conner_Parsons

  9. @SBNation @SportsSturm The anti Trump!

  10. 🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/fEoGtTdjva

  11. Imagine if @coachsmith_9 would've had @MM2_Era to work with. That duo would've been fire! Needing a McMaryion clo… https://t.co/432nzTFOFj

  12. Bottom Line: Would @AlabamaFTBL ever get thumped by 50 @ Iowa? The answer is NO. Sorry @OhioStateFB , you're out.

  13. That’s beautiful basketball. https://t.co/YMoJYOIKml

  14. @coachsmith_9 https://t.co/IF0T6ZMgoa @Conner_Parsons - kid is low ego, high output and motor. Would make a great LT anchor. Go Beavs

  15. @KyleVC @johncanzanobft I see him here for 20+ years. Then a statue built circa 2040. Four rose bowls and a couple… https://t.co/wXYcLY5dC2