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  1. Because I'm planning to invite 2 more friends in the future to speedrun against us in this or in different console if 2 of them got new computers; Hamachi is kind of my favorite now to chat. (I know, Skype, but it visually looks satisfying.) Should I just "Turn the power button off" to not let it interfere? Or it can hurt, regardless? Don't mind either way. Aside that, I don't know where is the P2P version.
  2. "For starters, your kaillera clients look different (newer?) than what we use in the Tecmo community. Not sure what kind of effect (if any) that'll have." The file is actually the one I got in here; http://tecmobowl.org/files/file/320-nestopia-nes-emulator-pc/ "I see that the IPs you're trying to connect to are 192.*.*.*, which is most likely your computer's IP address within your local LAN. For connecting to each other, you'll want to use your external IP address, which can easily be obtained." The bold letter? "After that, you'll need to do some port forwarding for the proper port to be redirected to the particular computer you're connecting on." Heres where it get confusing. My router happens to be AT&T. I did went to the guide on this http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53066-guide-get-started-playing-tsb-online-for-dummies/#entry345784(Seen in ONE and TOO pics) The Service Name, I know, any name, but theres Global Post Range, Base Host Port, and Protocol... I kind of got stressful looking up for how are they used. (In case if firewall is going to be ask: ) Packet Filter Off IP Passthrough Off NAT Default Server Off Firewall Advanced On
  3. Okay, me and my friend are wanting to play SuperBowl 2013 Pre-Season just me and him, and we're kind of new to the online NES, and its been weeks stressful to figure it out. First thing we did is getting Nestopia for NES, we have tried version 36, 39, and 40, and finally, the version said 1.3/4. Second, we did what certain tutorial told us about, like getting a replacement for Kaillera, and getting Hamachi, etc. Along with Kaillera server. the only success we can get into is getting a master server and play online with other people, but ping ruin our fun so much, so we try to do 2 players only. We got the 2-Player exclusive Kaillera, and it keep helding us back so much. I test the Kailleraserver myself and try to use it on my other computer, and it got on there, but unfortunately, its not the same thing to my friend. Right now, we got the "Brudtopia" version from this site. It kind of looks like the closest we could get, but it result the same thing. Almost every tutorial we encounter is either outdated or "404 Not found". Any time we try to connect with Hamachi ID and our ID, it just keep having the same problem. The image file that has blue censor bar (for security reasons) is my friend's place, and the red one is mine. We tried using Hamachi, my ID, my friends ID, and Hamachi port, my port, 27888 port, and others, internal IPs. It just got more stressful figuring out certain things. If anyone can help us, it would be so kind for it. Thanks.