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  1. @Flynner99 Well played 👊

  2. I love all of this https://t.co/juszwmFplg

  3. @Lyricoldrap It's pretty incredible. Let me know what you think if you ever catch it

  4. Let's try this MoviePass thing. Card activated! #howcantheysustainthisbusinessmodel https://t.co/Phc37DM4AP

  5. RT @Steve_OS: NBA on NBC music on NFL game, sooooooo good!! https://t.co/i8ZZHVDDxP

  6. TD. SB XXXII https://t.co/V6xEDdhesg

  7. I saw clowns in my dreams last night. IT -- you got me! https://t.co/Qh3c7qvZu0

  8. OK... IT.... 😱😭😮😱💩

  9. So @jemelehill is everything. But we already knew that, right?

  10. @jamespulsecom Kind of kidding, btw. I'm a flake (duh).

  11. @derdrache https://t.co/tsJSccaU0B

  12. My son's ready! https://t.co/w86itE9Q5X

  13. David Johnson was my number one pick https://t.co/idtuNH8Whk

  14. Buying https://t.co/Hz3VAfmBi7