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    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 1970-1994 seasons

    I was hoping someday that someone will do one for like 1961 and 1963-1965, 1950s or before.
  2. @MishaMayfair katiemurray260@gmail.com is using your pictures and saying that she is you.

  3. @Gen11thAmerican @Kaepernick7 Where was this poll?

  4. @mauroranallo @ShowtimeBoxing @barclayscenter I can't wait. You're amazing. I wish I could work for WWE like you.

  5. @Subdoc101 @BreitbartNews He was adopted.

  6. @E_Reid35 If seahawks offered you for 18 million dollar contract for 3 years, but it only for 3 million for the fir… https://t.co/YAHdBWpNll

  7. @WWEDanielBryan Daniel, I have always appreciated you. You have always been genuine. You seem sincere, honest, and… https://t.co/w8aSBtCxDv

  8. @NiXstyle @RulingSports In millions?

  9. @AndersenPickard Why

  10. @NBowman53 have you thought about the Hawks?

  11. @sreekanthreddyn Look at who had most drops in the NFL last year.

  12. @SnakeBrian21 @THEVinceRusso https://t.co/jK4m2vvZj3

  13. @PeteCarroll Pete, you should talk with Mark Richt.

  14. @realDonaldTrump He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask aquestion remains a fool forever

  15. @JeffRatcliffe @eaglesfan3535 @RosterWatch What is the final score tomorrow?