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  1. @mauroranallo @anthonyfjoshua @Klitschko I just watched the Klitschko joshua fight. I miss hearing your voice on Sm… https://t.co/mnjLn0olIJ

  2. @WWEDanielBryan @BellaTwins brian, I think you're an infj. I don't think it's depression. :)

  3. I just snapped a new picture: https://t.co/OwefiZ6dZL

  4. Q: Hey what's up with you A: Sleepy: https://t.co/qC0ECc2ueR

  5. @bcondotta why was Tharold Simon cut? Was it because if injuries and penalties?

  6. Can someone send me the rom? I do not want to download anything from the windows store. Edit: I figured it out. I played it. Jordan Hil got cut by the Seahawks. He is IR now
  7. First off men, telling a woman about what you would like to do to her sexually withou...: https://t.co/wpu55seJ3U

  8. @RoryKarpf @CMPunk @AJBrooks I want to see what was so bad about it. It's just a penis.

  9. Can someone send me the file? It wants me to install the Nesbox emulator. I do not want to. Pr you can wait until the rosters are completed.
  10. @TheDBronson how did you do on your wwe tryout?

  11. I wonder if you can please help me. I want to see my son to see him forming into a go...: https://t.co/SrLJMdvsvs

  12. Q: Yeah but I don't sleep around though think wh... A: Then why did you offer it to me?: https://t.co/huHKp64s5f

  13. Q: I don't think you should judge me before you ...A: You wanted sex without knowing me and wanted ...: https://t.co/SpH5cD9EDm

  14. Q: Hey how are you A: ¯_(ツ)_/¯: https://t.co/yrnbcwjMhK

  15. @sheeds214 @caseybake16 @ryan_boser can't be traded.