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  1. Race-baiter @JohnBoyega just landed another major role... But he still complains about "not enough blacks in _..." Cute. #PacificRimUprising

  2. My favorite singer has gone. A heavy heart goes out to @linkinpark n their families. You will always be a legend to me #RIPChesterBennington

  3. We all know this. It's not news, but should be covered if we're talking about foreign affairs in our govt...…

  4. RT @StefanMolyneux: Society demands that professional fighters be politically correct when trash-talking. High priority, much important. ht…

  5. RT @MarkDice: Is CNN trying to be a parody of themselves now?

  6. Truth can be rough... But maiming our own people for the sake of including a culture that will destroy ours is not…

  7. Yes! Great job done by #Tucker

  8. RT @JustinRaimondo: "Liberals" getting on board the neocon train. Choo! Choo!

  9. RT @TEN_GOP: Anti-Fascist, Trump protesters applaud speech comprised entirely of Hitler quotes. This is the best thing on the internet tod…

  10. You can't cuck the Tuck. @TuckerCarlson I can't wait for the next episode! #Tucker

  11. So weak... #UFC213

  12. @ufc @bisping @francis_ngannou Congrats @UFC you are #FakeNews !!! 😉😋😂

  13. RT @V_of_Europe: Probably the best American speech on European soil ever. #Trump #Poland

  14. RT @Chet_Cannon: '10 points for GryffinDonald!' #CNNBlackmail

  15. She's 4 years old... I ask her "What country do we live in?".."#America".. "who's our President".."@realDonaldTrump". We're doing sth right!