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  1. RT @WeWuzMetokur: New video is up: https://t.co/bLnxIYyKbC

  2. 😂🤣 https://t.co/32pqNmKYvn

  3. RT @WeWuzMetokur: God the media is retarded https://t.co/R4aIlVAFnE

  4. I don't listen to a lot of hip-hop, but I do listen to TH1RT3EN (@13isgodsend) https://t.co/kZCA6CH4vH

  5. RT @ChrisRBarron: I am gay you moron. https://t.co/AtcfUyrh3g

  6. RT @StefanMolyneux: Why exactly did Barack Obama choose Kehinde Wiley to paint his presidential portrait? Kehinde Wiley has a habit of pain…

  7. RT @carlquintanilla: When you sit next to #NorthKorea’s cheering squad at speedskating. #PyeongChang2018 #olympics @NBCOlympics https://t…

  8. RT @charliekirk11: Just because you are in the United States doesn’t mean you are entitled to citizenship

  9. RT @thetolerantman: Oh really? Liberia is a majority Christian country, it's still a shithole. Haiti is a majority Catholic country, it's s…

  10. RT @WeWuzMetokur: Tariq Nasheed isn't just watching Rick and Morty he's eating the fucking DVDs.

  11. RT @Crisprtek: Laughed out loud for real, no joke, holy shit @NickJFuentes is a legend https://t.co/FyXuR6pWmq

  12. If they're "great already" why the charity? 😂🤣 https://t.co/4WM2MWfP9n

  13. RT @PKsbpdl: From "New Avengers" #18... 'Black Panther' is more right-wing than the Israelis or how the media project Trump to be... Wakan…

  14. RT @MattsIdeaShop: Philly fans in about 3 Hours. #SuperBowl52 https://t.co/lhlWWoDdTN

  15. RT @OrwellNGoode: Old, but an amusing headline https://t.co/zHK9AXHwPN