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  1. @NHL @NHLrussia Careful, you might get raided by Mueller.

  2. RT @RealSaavedra: This "professor" is celebrating the death of Barbara Bush. She reportedly works at @Fresno_State. https://t.co/LkKDFu5…

  3. If Baked Alaska wants to say he's against ALL calls to violence, even super chats... then has he refunded all the o… https://t.co/QerWOZ0tg5

  4. RT @WeWuzMetokur: "How to alienate your audience in just 10 steps" by Baked Alaska. In stores now. https://t.co/tdScMQZsdF

  5. That was an awesome performance. As said before, @Surefour + @Hydration on dps for @LAGladiators is best setup... W… https://t.co/MajhK8NhxF

  6. RT @RealSaavedra: GOP Releases Brutal Video Of Democrats Attacking @Comey's Credibility https://t.co/4vf5Mfr0Vn

  7. No doubts in @surefour being PoTM!!! Fantastic widow performance! #bestwidow #OverwatchLeague #OWL2018 #ShieldsUp

  8. RT @ColumbiaBugle: ROFL Cory Booker slamming Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook not being diverse enough HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA. Always hilarious to…

  9. RT @senatormemes: One week he says he doesn't care about the browning of America Next week he admits that brown demographic change that we…

  10. I'm totes fangirling-out right nows!! 🤩😭🤯 @SureFour https://t.co/JjBdXhQ224

  11. Nurgamgomedov is real good at humping dudes... #UFC223

  12. Well @danawhite , you always wanted the @ufc to be more like the @NFL... You've got your wish, add another felon t… https://t.co/jWvYAYb0mh

  13. Real piece of work, this guy... https://t.co/UuECMDECtx

  14. RT @LAKings: Onto the Stanley Cup Playoffs the LA Kings go! Get all the details and ticket information NOW. #GoKingsGo https://t.co/NzHLhR…

  15. RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: You think there’s any chance whatsoever that a mass shooters hateful Instagram and YouTube channels would be pulled imm…