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  1. Nwa recorded their first album in Torrance, fitting. Well done. https://t.co/Oh7lchrioU

  2. Good. Then I'll know which schools to NOT send my kids to... https://t.co/xxfIyI4SMY

  3. RT @MarkDice: Liberals are now siding with North Korea after he called Trump a #dotard (meaning an old, senile person). That figures. Lib…

  4. RT @realJakeBailey: @realDonaldTrump The Obamacare nightmare summed of perfectly. https://t.co/ubEP7A8WQK

  5. RT @DrewLiquerman: UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! Twitter caught 📛RED HANDED📛 deleting pro-Trump comments and likes! https://t.co/uaMMRMXQ1Y

  6. RT @DrewLiquerman: BLM rioter on why he is rioting-> "Rich people make a lot of money and they aren't giving me any" https://t.co/SdYMIdVtXO

  7. RT @SheriffClarke: To Maxine Waters. With the election of @realDonaldTrump, now you know how forgotten voters in flyover country feel. http…

  8. RT @BreitbartNews: Funny how that works. https://t.co/b5CUJB65sz

  9. RT @Alba_Rising: Israel has a concrete wall 403 miles long 10ft thick 10ft deep 25ft tall w/ remote sensing And the US paid for it. L…

  10. RT @Harlan: Wtf? Shapiro is ACTUALLY Jewish... not pretending to be. How does the left get away with this kind of thing? https://t.co/O6IQ…

  11. Should we expect the same from Mosques and Synagogues? https://t.co/jkBlw2hsWA

  12. RT @WWE: BEAUTIFUL! With a picture perfect #DivingElbowDrop, @KairiSaneWWE defeats @QoSBaszler to become the inaugural #MaeYoungClassic wi…

  13. RT @Rambobiggs: Hurricane Irma was Hillary's only chance for her books to fly off the shelves.

  14. Praying for you and your family through these very tough times. Stay strong! https://t.co/8jyRkHb6qV

  15. @That_Layman I'm biased, but it's uninfluencing to my research, as science seeks to disprove hypotheses...